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"Unit 731" by Slayer
My tribute to the great Jeff Hanneman, who was the co-founder and one of the guitarists of the American Thrash Metal-band Slayer. Hanneman died due to a failed liver, at the relatively early age of 49, 2013. His legacy will live on in the Metal Community. Since I only do one cover of each artist i'm covering (except Marilyn Manson, of course) and I've already covered Slayer before - this is an exception. Alongside with Marilyn Manson, Slayer is my favorite band. Regarding the song: Unit 731 was a unit of the Imperial Japanese Army, which researched chemical warfare and such. They also performed human experiments to see its limits and recorded it for scientific purposes. They even did the experiments just for the hell of it. They, for instance, cut open the stomachs of pregnant women and pulled out the baby. What first made me decide to cover this tune, was the very cool sounding way Tom sang the chorus. It sounded so heavy and just cool, like previously stated. It's a very short song, even for being Slayer. The Punk-vibe makes it go even faster and knowing Slayer: It's very extreme and pure rawness to the composition. It was a real work-out for my right forearm, where I hold my pick, due to the almost constant and very, very fast movements. Enjoy.
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"Världens Bästa Servitris" by Lotta Engberg
"World's Greatest Waitress", can this swedish titled track be translated into. Today's my mother's birthday and Lotta Engberg belongs to one of her most favored musical artists of all time. Growing up I've always heard song from this artist, among others. Sadly, however, I strongly dislike the said artist, but it's my mom's birthday and I wanted her to have this. I guess one can call this Swedish Country-music and I really don't like that, but it was a trip down Memory Lane; a trip filled with nostalgia. Easy song to play, once I figured it out. Even the melodies were pretty straight forward. I tried to alter how I played the song, since it became boring. Since the lyrics are in pure swedish, I figured I'd be kind enough to tell you what the song's about. This is directed toward the curious people. It tells a tale about a famous, small café, where this small group of friends gather every day for coffee. And in that small café works a waitress, who has been given the Best Waitress In the World-award. And it continues to share the details of the establishment further and so on and so forth. I hope you enjoyed it and I wish you a happy birthday, mom. Love you. Enjoy.
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"Para Noir" by Marilyn Manson
This is such a cool song. I saw a video where Manson performed this song and the woman-voice that keeps saying "I fuck you...", well there were two women who looked like each other and who wore the same dress. They waled out on stage and said those lines. This is a very heavy song. Enjoy.
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"I Wanna Be the Only One" by Eternal feat. Bebe Winans
Typically out of my Comfort Zone, but I enjoy this song, to a certain extent. Since I've heard this plenty while growing up, it's also nostalgic to me.The song is musically very simple. It's the same chords throughout the song,except for the three-time key changes at the end, which was very cool to play. It had such a nice effect to the song. Subtle, but powerful. I felt that if I did too much improvisations, that it would lose the effect of the song. I had fun playing this. Enjoy.
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"Vodevil" by Marilyn Manson
"This isn't music and we're not a band. We're five middle-fingers on a motherfucking hand". Gosh, I love those lines. This is such a great song, that I simply had to make a cover of it. Luckily this song was not difficult to play at all, but I had to figure out how to play it. I wanted to use my own stuff in it to, but I managed to fix the problem I was having in a few minutes. Enjoy.
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"A Rose and A Baby Ruth" by Marilyn Manson
This is originally a song written by John D. Loudermilk,, that Manson covered. This is so awesome and I love what he's done to the song. Enjoy.
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"The Fall Of Adam" (instrumental) by Marilyn Manson
Such an emotional and incredibly heavy tune. I do not know how Manson does it, but he has an act of writing the heaviest of songs. I love this song, to be honest. It has that feel to it. I already recorded the original a long while ago and i got happy when I found this version, because that means I could re-play it. Enjoy.
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"Fuck Off!" by Nationalteatern (The National Theatre)
This is the very first time I cover a swedish song with only swedish lyrics. The title is actually (Lägg Av) in swedish and means "Stop It (or 'Cut It Out')", but I felt "Fuck Off" had a better ring to it. The swedish incredibly famous band (mostly in Sweden and Scandinavia), was formed in 1968 as a free theater-group and began to add lyrics and songs about politics and showed things out of the youth's point of view. This song, for instance, is about youngster's dislike that the society pressures them to be something and this song supports the youth. Actually, many of their songs supports the youth and are also much about drugs and how they support people with problems with drugs and other issues. This band is an icon in Sweden and has been for a very long time. I actually wanted to cover their song "Jack the Ripper", but I felt this song had a more brutal deliverance. The chorus, roughly translated, goes "Fuck off! You don't get anything. Fuck off! Don't you try doing anything" and it basically means that youngsters don't like society pressuring them as much as it does. I love it. Enjoy.
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"Wrapped In Plastic", by Marilyn Manson
At about 2.22 I saw that my older brother and his friends opened my door and stood and listened. I was so surprised, that I lost my place. But it was nice, though. I had the biggest problem with the main-riff. It took me ages to learn. I tried to eventually look it up in a tablature, because i couldn't hear what was being played - however, I noticed that the tabs were wrong on some places. So I had to try to listen for it, anyway. Eventually I figured it out. Enjoy.
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"Ma Baker" by Boney M
Disco-music is typically not my scene, but I've always liked Boney M. I had a difficult time deciding which song to perform by them. I considered "River of Babylon" and other tunes. But I liked the dark tone, so I eventually went with this one. The song had almost the very same set of chords throughout the song, so that part was not that complicated, even though I messed up. But I had to listen and figure out the melodies. Enjoy.
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"I Have To Look Up Just To See Hell" by Marilyn Manson
That is one long title. I really dig the heaviness of the song, though. It has that deep, angry feel to it. I like that a lot. Enjoy.
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"Cruella De Vil" by Dr. John
One of the more famous tunes from Disney's "101 Dalmatians". This was really interesting and very fun to play - yet proven to be a genuine challenge. But I like something to challenge me, because if I can pull it off somewhat well, that means that I might also have grown a bit as a musician. All the tabs I found on this, except for one, were all in the wrong key and the wrong chord-playing. That made it very difficult and I had to figure out all the melodies myself, which also took a little while. Enjoy.
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"Shitty Chicken Gang Bang" by Marilyn Manson
From his very early work as a solo artist. I believe it's on the EP "Smells Like Children". Either that or his first solo-record "Portrait of an American Family". I should have done some research. I had to scratch my head when trying to decide how to play this tune. So I decided to make noises with my guitar instead, so one could appreciate the recording more. Enjoy.
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"Into the Fire" (alternative version) by Marilyn Manson
I covered the original a long time ago and I wanted to play this version. The guitar solo is very nice and emotional. This song has a nice feel to it and I liked playing it once more. Enjoy.
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"GODEATGOD" by Marilyn Manson
A dark, dark and evil song. Short, as well. I thought it'd fit the video, to make the video itself as dark as possible. Manson has this amazing ability to be dark and heavy at the same time. Very cool song.
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"Fucking Children Poom Boom" by Marilyn Manson
This hidden track is from Manson's "Smells Like Children"-recordings. It contains two songs. The first one is a slower version of "Shitty Chicken Gang Bang" and the second one is a reversed, distorted and pitched-up acapella version of "I Put a Spell On You". The latter tune is an audio experiment, named "Poop Games". I also wanted to do something new, so I decided to film my pedal when I use my foot switch and just make noises with my guitar. Turns out that the distance to film the entire pedal was a challenge, so I had to put my large guitar case on top of a chair and then it went fine. Enjoy.
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"Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes (Kill Your God)" by Marilyn Manson
For some odd reason, I thought that I had already recorded the original version of this great song, but it turned out that I had actually recorded the demo, in previous videos. So, this is the actual original version. I love when Manson writes about how stupid the human race is and you can feel his anger. I love that. Enjoy.
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"Bad Girl" (live) by Marilyn Manson Feat. Avril Lavigne
This is technically an Avril Lavigne-song and Manson is just featured in it. The do a small thing of Manson's "The Beautiful People" before and after the song, which I thought was kinda cool. It tends to be demanding to cover a song performed live, due to the volume-levels. However, I think I pulled it off fairly well. Enjoy.
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"The Tourniquet Prosthetic Dance Mix" by Marilyn Manson
This is off Manson's own remixed versions of his songs and this is the remixed version of "Tourniquet". The cd is called "Remix and Repent" and was released during 1997. Nice remix, but I found myself confused more than once, while learning this. That was due to the different riffs of the song that didn't come in when expected. But I like challenges. Enjoy.
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"Snake Eyes and Sissies" by Marilyn Manson
For some reason I had the biggest problem hearing what to play on this song. So it took me a while to finally get it with helps of tabs. After a while I finally heard it and the rhythm was found in me. This is such a cool song. He's just so creative and I love that about him. Well, that's one of many things I love about Manson. Enjoy.
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"Dogma" by Marilyn Manson
You can hear he's pissed off in this song and you can therefor sense his spark. I love when he's pissed off and makes music out of those emotions. Enjoy.
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"Wight Spider" by Marilyn Manson
Manson has this awesome ability, to make a simple song and still make it cool - like this one. I was debating in my head whether I should do a small solo, but I skipped that this time. Enjoy.
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"God Help the Outcasts" by Heidi Mollenhauer
From Disney's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame". This was one of those Disney-tunes where I had trouble hearing what I played to and what chords there were. Luckily the first tab I found were 100 % correct. Due to me starting to learn this song relatively close to the time I recorded this, I had more trouble with remembering when the chords came in, and so on. Although, the melody at the intro, did I not find any tabs to - it was all me and I hope that also sounded alright. Enjoy.
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"Fundamentally Loathsome" by Marilyn Manson
One of the most awesome songs I've heard from Manson. This song just has that "it"-feeling. I love the outro and the general feel of the song.It's hard to explain, but this song really sat well with me. Enjoy.
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"'D' is for 'Dirty'" by Marilyn Manson
This song was originally recording during the "Antichrist Superstar"-album's recorded sessions and is an unreleased song. It also contains lyrics from other Manson-songs. I thought it was really fun to play and I really "got" the music and it gave me plenty of room to improvise, which is always fun. Enjoy.
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"Fuck Frankie" by Marilyn Manson
I don't remember all details, but this recording is dedicated to an old manager that Manson had for his previous band Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids. He stole 20.000 dollars from the band and this is their revenge. I've heard this track before, but didn't know how to add a guitar to it, until today. I had it in my head and I worked out the rest. I think it worked out great, personally. Enjoy.
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"Breaking the Same Old Grounds" by Marilyn Manson
This is a really beautiful ballad. Manson seems to manage to write awesome songs all the time and his ballads are incredible. I will not dive that much with my whammy bar, because with changing several strings, it's been lowered into my guitar more and more. The spring that holds it, might perhaps break and if that happens I have to not only perhaps buy a whole new Floyd Rose Original-bridge and they are very, very expensive. And I have to wait until they get one. Or I have to wait a few days probably, until they fix it at the store. So I'm just going to let them level it back and that's a good prize on it. Enjoy.
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"Golden Years" by Marilyn Manson
Originally David Bowie wrote this and I must say, after hearing his version - Manson did it better. I decided to improvise a lot in this cover, but I felt I didn't go too far with that. It took a little time, until I had a feel for this song, but after I did, it went much smoother. Enjoy.
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"Into The Fire" (Demo) by Marilyn Manson
This song is about Manson cutting himself with a razor blade 158 times, for each time his call to his ex-girlfriend, Rachel Evan Wood, got unanswered. Without knowing that, people thought it was an optimistic song, when it's actually one of his most desperate ones. Originally he thought it'd end the album, The High End Of Low, but he changed his mind. The album is about Lucifer falling from heaven, losing his wings and wanting to fall for a mortal. It's about the inability to love and therefor wanting to destroy everybody else's. The guitar solo made him cry and he said that Twiggy really shined as a guitarist. "I thought this was the way the record has to end, that this is the way my life is, at the edge of no real hope. I've become a cold-hearted monster", he says. Very beautiful song. The solo, itself, is easy to perform. However to make it sound like it should be and not change it too much, is a bit harder. Enjoy.
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"Eyes of the Insane" by Slayer
Due to Jeff Hanneman's death, I wish to pay a tribute to him, by playing a Slayer-song. He was the co-founder and co-guitarist of Slayer and he has written at least 50 % of the entire band's arsenal. He died due to liver-failure. Alongside with Marilyn Manson, Slayer's my favorite band. I only do one cover of each artist I'm covering (with a few exceptions. Manson being one of them) and since I've already covered Slayer before, this is an exception. With regards to this song: I love this song, but I had some trouble playing it. it's in Drop B, which is a very low register. Having a Floyd Rose Original-neck, my guitar has trouble playing this low, because the strings physically gets too close to the actual neck of the guitar, which makes them at this point close to impossible to get a clean note. But I managed it. Enjoy.
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"Lay Down Your Goddamn Arms" by Marilyn Manson
This is one of the two songs I recorded in one day, due to visitors coming the day before and time just flew by. The rhythm of the main riff was a bit tricky to figure out and just to make sure I had to look it up and it turned out I didn't have to change anything. That was fortunate. I like this song. I typically do not enjoy tuning down my guitar this low, or in general because I have to unlock stuff and tune down strings and whatnot and then I have to tune again and tune again because the strings hold up the bridge. It's more technical, than it might seem, with a Floyd Rose Original-bridge. But this song was just plain cool and I didn't mind. Enjoy.
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"Superman Theme" by John Williams And The London Symphony
The classic "Superman"-theme. I bet many fans from this genre, may recognize this piece. On a side note: I hadn't heard the entire tune before, only the signature-melody. I therefor were relatively surprised of the advanced sections. Even though this may be a somewhat short, or at least a shorter tune than it might seem to be when hearing it, it contains several key-changes and other elements, which took a longer time for me to learn and memorize. But I had a very great experience playing it. Enjoy.
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"Everlasting Cocksucker" by Marilyn Manson
From his 1995's album "Smells Like Children". The line "I am the God of Fuck" strikes me as really heavy and awesome. I really like that most of his songs are angry and really challenging, when it comes to ideas, for instance. I also thought I'd do an interesting thing on some paper and show the camera. It turned out to work pretty fine. Enjoy.
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Alone On Stage. Rock Medley.
Here I am at a anniversary for a famous sports-team from Sweden, who is celebrating its tenth year. Now, As you might notice at the end of the video, the D-string on my guitar broke during my performance, and since the strings are holding up the stable on the guitar, all the strings get way out of tune, so I had no other option, but to say my thank you's and walk off stage. This is a small medley I put together, so there's no cd, just me and my amplifier. I was going to play more sections of songs, but the D-string prevented me to. Here's the setlist I play in this video: 1. "Hall Of The Mountain King" 2. "Beat it" 3. "Kashmir" 4. "Enter Sandman" 5. "Thunderstruck" 6. "Highway To Hell" 7. "Crazy Train" 8. "Orion" 9. "Master Of Puppets" 10. "Smoke On The Water" And yes, I make some mistakes here and there, but please, do try to still enjoy the video and also try to look past those mishaps. Enjoy.
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"Overneath the Path Of Misery" by Marilyn Manson
Started off by playing some part of Slayer's "Mandatory Suicide". By the way, I hope it sounded alright, because I just learned it. I love Slayer, but since I'm only doing one cover of each artist, excluding Manson and I've already done "Raining Blood" several months ago, I throw in some licks here and there. But to this song now: It took me a while to actually figure out what key this song was in and what tuning. Especially tuning. I finally realized it was in E Flat. It's a pretty easy and straightforward song. It basically only have that one riff to it and another one that shortly comes in at a few places. The slightly difficult part playing this, was that the riff was played differently at several places and when I thought I had it covered, it jumped to different places so I got confused. Hard to explain. Enjoy.
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"Angel With the Scabbed Wings" (Demo) by Marilyn Manson
Such an awesome song. I recorded the original a long time ago and I happened to come across this version a while back, so I wanted to cover it. One of the few songs from Manson that are tuned in E Flat. Enjoy.
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"Minute Of Decay" by Marilyn Manson
This was one of two songs that I recorded, during those two days (which was during a weekend, which were the day before I uploaded this video, which I'm doing this day) where my internet-connection was completely down - which, obviously, made it impossible for me to even get out on the internet. But since I am determined to record a video for YouTube every day, I still recorded. I therefor had no way to check out the tablature to the songs I were recording. Luckily they were easy enough. Enjoy.
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"The Proverbs of Hell" by Marilyn Manson
This is a poem by William Blake, that Manson read in front of a large audience. I thought it'd be very interesting to do and this is my first poem that I'm adding music to. Enjoy.
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"Organ Grinder" by Marilyn Manson
I did a cover some time ago, of Manson's "Kiddie Grinder" and that was actually a remix-version of this song - which would make this song the original. "Kiddie Grinder" was difficult to play, because I couldn't understand how to play it and make it sound good. This song is easier, though. Enjoy.
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"Murderers Are Getting Prettier Every Day" by Marilyn Manson
There is a slight part of Rage Against The Machine's "Killing In The Name" at the beginning of this video. That song is s cool and I covered it months ago and I missed it. I was planning to do the songs by order, on that "Born Again"-record, but when I heard this song, I got too excited. The simplicity and heaviness of this song, musically, was just way too cool. I also wanted to try something different. I always move to song like this one, but I tried my best to be as reserved and cool as I could. Enjoy.
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"Redeemer" by Marilyn Manson
This cover was originally written by Jonathan Davis and was for the film "Queen of the Damned". I actually haven't heard the original, but I hear that people prefer Manson's version. Go figure, because he's amazing. Due to me having trouble on a few places in the song of hearing what's being played, I looked up tablature after tablature, but none of them seemed to be accurate when I played alongside of the track. Hopefully I managed it. Enjoy.
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"This Is Halloween" by Marilyn Manson
Happy Halloween. This was one of the first Manson-songs I wrote down as a suggestion to do a cover of and it has been written down for months. I saved it for Halloween, because it was so very appropriate. I love his version of this song. Since this was a special occasion, I wore a black shirt, black jacket, a black "suit-vest", a purple tie to have at the spot where the vest starts to spread and a white/silver tie. I also had tremendous problem hearing what to play on this song, even with tablature, because they didn't show many parts. So I had to listen very carefully and then improvise on other parts. Enjoy.
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"Antichrist Superstar" (Rare Promo Version) by Marilyn Manson
200. This is the 200th cover of Marilyn Manson that I've recorded on this channel. I wanted to do something special for this number. For my 100th cover, I played "Smells Like Children". This time I felt this song was perfect. As far as I know, this song is close to be identical to the original, excluding perhaps sound and the voices at the end. I only found two videos of this version on YouTube and both of them had too low of volume. I tried downloading this version, but it didn't work. Desperately trying to find a way, I realized that I could put the computer closer to the microphone and it worked. The song, itself, is very easy and doesn't require much effort, but to be as tight as possible takes a bit more effort. I also wanted my performance to not be over-the-top, which took some planning. This is one of my favorite of his tunes. It's just so extremely heavy and I love heavy. This is not the end for my Manson-trip. Oh no, I plan do many more covers. Enjoy.
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"Paranoiac" by Marilyn Manson
This is actually a remix of Manson's "Para-noir" and it was done by Madonna and Wayne Gacy. It was featured in his album "The Golden Age Of Grotesque". It also contains guests vocalists that are referred to in the liner notes of the said remix, named Mindy and Monique. Enjoy.
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"The Director" by Linus Kjessel
Here's a song I wrote to my previous band, Ammo Angels. Since the the singer and the creator of the band like a different type of rock than i do, I had to make this song as easy as i could. But I wanted to make it difficult at the same time. The song is about a control freak; a person who HAS to have it ones way, otherwise that person will go BERSERK. We recorded it in an actual studio. Now, i hope this clip will be in its originally pace, because when i uploaded a clip from my webcam, the clip got sped up. I have NO idea why, so if that happens here too, I do apologize. Hope you like it.
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"15" (alternative version 2) by Marilyn Manson
This was recorded and written on Manson's 40th birthday. On this day he sang the song, but no lyrics were written down. Instead he sang what he felt that day. He said that it was almost like an end-credit for him, kinda like the music you hear from walking away from a movie theatre, in an interview. He continued by saying that the song was very odd and that it was the most important song of the band, at the time. This is the third version of this song I cover. I compared the first alternate version and the original version to this version and this version is, indeed, different. However not that much, but so much that one will notice it. I decided to therefor change things up a bit, by playing new things, so it won't be something that I just repeat from the other versions. Very fun stuff. Enjoy.
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"Deformography" by Marilyn Manson
This is one of the songs I recorded, while not having internet-connection at all for those two days, but I still recorded. And due to me not having access to internet and obviously not access to any tablature, I therefor had to use my listening-skills. I hope it still sounds alright. Enjoy.
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"Born Again" by Marilyn Manson
Oh, hell yeah. The chorus is so angry. I love it. Manson always delivers, in some shape or form and he's done it again. The lyrics are really pissed off and the song has a Punk-feel to it. This is more of a good old Manson-tune and you can really feel his rebellious attitude and how angry he is. This is so awesome. Enjoy.
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"Insect Pins" by Marilyn Manson
Written by Manson's previous band, Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids. I've heard several songs from this group and they are (well, they were) incredibly creative and talented. I admire that about them. Not to mention how good they are. It took me some time to perfect the song to this stage and I felt to semi-improvise the solos and certain parts in the song. Enjoy.
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"Iron Man (Sam, Son Of Man)" by Marilyn Manson
Rumor has it, that this is Manson when he first started to record music. It's Black Sabbath's classic "Iron Man", but he changed the lyrics completely, into his very own. This is a...very interesting take, but I'm always happy to record this song again, even though it's a different version. It's awesome, nonetheless. Enjoy.
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