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3D Anaglyph Lightwave Hoop & Ball USE RED/BLUE 3D GLASSES
PUT ON YOUR RED / BLUE 3D GLASSES ! View FULL Screen. Music copryrighted NYM Arts 2011 - loops may be purchased, 3D anaglyph Lightwave 10.1, nymarts.com, I enjoy dabbling in moving color and composing music when I'm not creating works of art for Antique Lighting in the studio of nymarts.com :o)
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Rock Fountain Waterfall water feature
I made this fountain with my own hands :o) The purpose of the fountain is to induce a meditative state. I use 2 waterfalls and a deep echo chamber along with depth in the 2 pools. The sound MUST be random, deep, low, and cheery. Artfully hiding the return tube is SUPER important to a natural effect. Positioning as to allow enough sunlight to help in the creation of moss adds to the effect as well. I fashioned a Copper Snout and PVC Down Tube at the entry point from the old hand pump. Choosing the Perfect Dripstones cannot be over emphasized. Search EVERYWHERE until the mission is accomplished. I use TACKY WAX to hold the dripstones in place and I put Bread behind and around each dripstone as a temporary seal so I can get an accurate read on how the water will look coming over it. If it doesn't look just right, I throw it away and try another one. When I finally settle on the correct one, then I kick out the bread and cement it in using the Small "T" Level. I make it perfectly level Left to Right, and I put the Level Bubble EXACTLY where it was when I got the proper drip (front to back).
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Part2 Obama is now The Man
This is a Comedy Chronology of Obama's tenure in the White House.
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BooBoo Kitty Cat from My Perspective
Cats are the greatest thing. It's no accident that they are here on Earth with us. Humans need to "hear" these precious little babies. They want us to be happy. A cat is a Good Loyal Friend. Always treat them with respect and love. Teach them simple words. It's like teaching a child, eventually they come to understand them. "Icecream" is her wet catfood. She has chosen to eat on top of the dishwasher since Day One :o)
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Part 3 Obama is now The Man
This is a Comedy Chronology of Obama's tenure in the White House.
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Obama is now The Man
This is a Comedy Chronology of Obama's tenure in the White House.
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3D RED / BLUE Lightwave 10 Anaglyph Animation
GET YOUR RED / BLUE 3D GLASSES ON ! Music Copyrighted NYM Arts 2011. Loops may be purchased. nymarts.com I like experimenting with moving color and various effects. Lightwave 3D 10 has the Best array of animation tools available. It's how I relax in between making my Special Lamp Shades for Antique Lamp Bases :o) nymarts.com
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