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Our "Thrift Shop"
Me recording my friends dancing to Thrift Shop.
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Smoke bombs home made (first trial)
I decided to make some homemade smoke bombs and i give great credit to ongwehonweh, DXvsHardyBoys, and slyscafe.
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Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies Funny
I was playing the new zombies map Moon, and when the look-a-like zombie spawned, he glitched somehow and ended up staying there until I died. All it did was stand there, wave, and not move. I didn't bother getting close because I didn't want to glitch him out and attack me. All I did was: 1. Kill him at the end of the previous round. 2. When the zombies spawned I jumped on the yellow pannels. 3. While I was in the air, I went prone on each one. 4. I landed on the mattress in prone, and he just spawned there.
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