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Clips from the weekend of racing at manfeild
The 2KCup Manfeild round 2018, a great weekend of racing, kicked off with a test day on Friday, followed by the racing on Saturday. Clip 1 - how to get it wrong on turn 1. Clip 2 - how to get it wrong on the 2nd hairpin. Clip 3 - The start of the reverse grid, 8th to 1st. Clip 4 - Getting overtaken on lap 14 ? Clip 5 - Just hanging on to 2nd place (by about 1/2 a metre) !
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Fastest lap so far 1min 30.4
My fastest lap (yet) of the Hampton Downs track. The two cars in front (red and silver) had not let me pass on the previous laps and kept holding me up. As the session (15mins) started to come to an end - about 13mins, I decided to back off and give the slower cars some distance and then see if on the next lap I could get a faster time. It worked. Next stop sub 1 30.
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Hampton Downs in the wet
My second track day at Hampton downs with FTF Racing. This time if was raining. Look out for the spins. Not my spins, I mean, I drive like a nana. The car ? A toyota levin.
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FTF Lower Suspenson trailing armv3
Time lapse of team FTF changing the lower suspension trailing arm - (LH) on one of our toyota levin 2KCup race cars. Music - Jens East ft. Henk: Daybreak https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Jens_East_ft_Henk/Daybreak_1040/
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More Longbay (Sorry)
Still learning to shoot (video), match audio and edit ! Awesome music - Hachiko (The Faithtful Dog) by The Kyoto Connection
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Longbay December 2017
Learning to drone
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Learning to fly a drone part 1
Basic shots taken whilst flying a DJI Spark. trying different cinematic ways to take video.
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