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dwm.exe virus - What it is, and How to Remove it.
This video explains what the dwm.exe virus is, and how to remove it from your computer. Directories of components, for Windows 7: User\AppData\Roaming\dwm.exe User\AppData\Roaming\E11E.576 User\AppData\Microsoft\conhost.exe User\AppData\Local\Temp\csrss.exe This is the same for every user. The locations may be different for different version of Windows, these are the locations for Windows 7. Yes, I know I look and sound like a total wreck. 2 days without decent sleep will tend to do that :P If this video helped, please subscribe, like the video, or donate. EDIT: So, nobody seems to understand anything I say in this video, and claim that "DWM.EXE IS A REAL WINDOWS COMPONENT! DO NOT DELETE!!! THIS n00b IS A TROLL!!111!!" Desktop Windows Manager (dwm.exe) is, indeed, part of Windows. dwm.exe is legitimate. And anyone making a virus, won't name it virus.exe. They picked the name dwm.exe BECAUSE it is the name of a Windows component...to fool people like the idiots in the comment section, who are badly rating my video, and posting misleading comments. Little hint: legitimate Windows components are NOT stored in appdata. Appdata is just that - data. Yes, people will say "DO YOUR RESEARCH! DWM.EXE IS PART OF WINDOWS!" And if you honestly listen to them, and research it on your own - you'll realize the REAL dwm.exe is not in appdata. It's a shame the trolls can't take their own advice, so I'm done replying to comments on this vid, done helping any legitimate viewers...I'm just done. Unless this comment section can get it's act together. Also, just on a side note, for the people that say "Google it"...if the best advice someone can give you is "Google it", than chances are good, they themselves haven't Googled it. Donations: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_donations&business=R8QKY4TSS43HE&lc=US&item_name=Bluesy_92&currency_code=USD&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donateCC_LG%2egif%3aNonHosted
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Hangar 18 - Remastered
This is my remastered version of Hangar 18. 128kbps. This version is old - I overpanned it way too much, and in the newer version I made the panning more subtle.
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Enter Sandman - Remastered
This is my remaster of Enter Sandman. Mastered in Audacity (yes, I know Audacity sucks) and encoded at 128kbps MP3 using LAME. If you like this remaster, feel free to be nice to me and subscribe, comment, or donate! Paypal donations: https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_flow&SESSION=JfvsPXYPKp2UcI4j5ZBnnUlpUVoai1SR99_-ruwynyQG8oD9lTBcGinNySK&dispatch=5885d80a13c0db1f8e263663d3faee8deaa77efc63a6eb429928d42bdf5d9d2c
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Black Ops Zombies - God Mode, Inf Ammo, NoClip
This is some Black Ops zombie hacking (solo) shown up to round 5. This was done on PC, using a gamepad. I own a PC and Wii, and I AM capable of this on both - however, I DO NOT hack \in public games. All of my leaderboard stats are legit. Q: Why is the video stretched? A: I recorded in a 4:3 aspect ratio, and play in 16:10. I was too lazy to fix it. Q: Your movement is not smooth, and some parts of the video are choppy. Why? A: I get about 20FPS with Fraps. I know, my PC isn't great. Q: HACKERS ARE EVIL!!! A: My leaderboard stats are all legit. I only hack solo, both on Wii and PC, and see no reason to bother in public matches. I only do it for fun. Also, that was not a question :P On a side note, during round 5, I used a sniper rifle. It was a PITA with the low framerate, but I still did decently for zombies :-) If you like my videos, please feel free to be nice to me and subscribe, comment, or donate :-) Paypal donations: https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_flow&SESSION=JfvsPXYPKp2UcI4j5ZBnnUlpUVoai1SR99_-ruwynyQG8oD9lTBcGinNySK&dispatch=5885d80a13c0db1f8e263663d3faee8deaa77efc63a6eb429928d42bdf5d9d2c
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Fortunate Son - Bass Cover
So, this is a cover of a song that every musician should learn. It's easy to learn, fun to play, known by everyone, and a hit at open mics and parties. Anyway, some stuff about the video. -This was recorded by running an XLR line out to USB. The quality sounds nothing like my amp, but it is tolerable. -I DID NOT have the song in the background, it was overdubbed after the recording. This is because my webcam software can only take one sound input at a time, and I was using my PCs sound card to play the song, rather than recording from it. The sound IS out of sync by about half of a beat, and this is most noticable during the intro. I know :-/ -This was recorded after drinking 3 energy drinks. Ignore the tenseness and twitching :P -The bass is a 2008 Fender P-Bass (modded) and the cab is a 1973 Peavey 215. The intro is basically repeating one note throughout the whole thing, so skipping ahead might stop you from getting bored :-) Anyone who has heard my last bass cover (For Whom the Bell Tolls) knows my recording was even worse quality, there was no video, and the song was not overdubbed after the recordig. That cover sucked. Horribly. So, I may re-record it.
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One - Remaster
This is my remastered version of One - Metallica. Definitely not my best, far from it, but still decent. Somewhere along the line, random clicking appeared. Please, ignore the clicking :P
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Ring Wars - Beta Progress (3/5/2011)
This shows the new "dynamic grid" feature, created using a concept designed by TheSnidr. Unfortunately, I still can not run this, with Fraps, without lag. Settings, copied from the config file: [display] framerate=30 aspectratio=4:3 [graphics] sparkdensity=medium sparkphysics=enabled grid=dynamic Although I have less time to work on it now, I am still making progress :-)
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Monster Cans
Don't even ask.....jus't don't....
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AssaultCube Montage - Smile for the Camera!
My third AssaultCube montage. My framerate sucks. Dedicated to the EBH clan, from my time playing Black Ops. I miss it. Song: 4 Words (To Choke Upon) - Bullet for my Valentine If you like this montage, feel free to be nice to me, and subscribe, comment or donate :-) Paypal donations: https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_flow&SESSION=JfvsPXYPKp2UcI4j5ZBnnUlpUVoai1SR99_-ruwynyQG8oD9lTBcGinNySK&dispatch=5885d80a13c0db1f8e263663d3faee8deaa77efc63a6eb429928d42bdf5d9d2c
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Ring Wars - Color Transition Test.
Testing the new "color transition" on the grid. First new feature I've added in a while, but I plan on returning to this game :D In this vid, I played in 16:9, but recorded at 1024x768 (the resolution of the game) so the aspect ratio is wrong. Please don't kill me :P If you like my channel, you can donate to my paypal: http://www.youtube.com/redirect?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.paypal.com%2Fcgi-bin%2Fwebscr%3Fcmd%3D_donations%26business%3DR8QKY4TSS43HE%26lc%3DUS%26item_name%3DBluesy_92%26currency_code%3DUSD%26bn%3DPP%252dDonationsBF%253abtn_donateCC_LG%252egif%253aNonHosted&session_token=GqfrJ6jxqNzYsKhcOMl2ziraePJ8MTMxMjQ5MjIyMkAxMzEyNDA1ODIy
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Ring Wars - early Beta
I call this a "beta" because it is finally a complete game - the game now includes a menu, and the enemies are balanced enough to be fun to play. The game itself is far from complete, but I believe it is now good enough to be beyond the "alpha" stage. Changes: -Enemies now each require a minimum score to be reached before spawning. -Enemies will speed up based on score. -Enemies now show a large "shadow" effect, alerting the player before they spawn, and spawn farther away. This was necessary to prevent the player being trapped unfairly when the enemies start speeding up. -There are now "waves" of enemy attacks. The minimum score required is high, so none are shown in this video. I didn't last that long. -There is now background music. This is just a placeholder until I create an midi, find a sound engineer, or replace it with a public-domain midi file. Currently, the game plays "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day. -Although this is not new, I figure it is worth mentioning. All resources pre-load into RAM. There are no loading screens. Hopefully, a the final beta (the one that will have all the features and modes of the full version) will be released within a week. This will be a closed-beta for testing and polishing before the public release.
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Tom Sawyer - Rush
Tom Sawyer by rush, from the album Moving Pictures.
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Joystick Movement Test 2010 08 17 21 18 30 48
This is a work-in-progress. I'm controlling the black dot. The large circle is the stick, the small one is the deadzone. The red dot shows the position of the analog stick. When it is outside the circle, that is from my cheap controller -.- X^2 + Y^2 = 1 at the edge, if the joystick is perfectly calibrated...meaning that if the joystick is perfect, when it is at the edge it will always be the same distance from center...but it goes further than the edge when you try to go diagonally. The pythagorean theorem should work in theory, but in practice, with a GameStop brand controller...not so much. It is not a problem with my program.
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Recording Test
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Give em' Shelter - An AssaultCube Montage
Made with less than an hour of footage. Song is Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones.
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AssaultCube Montage - Scream, Aim, Fire
This is my first montage, although I may make more if it goes well. It is relatively short, because it was made in one day, however there are alot of good clips on it, and I'm hoping for a good rating. If you like this montage, feel free to be nice to ma and subscribe, comment, or donate! Paypal donations: https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_flow&SESSION=JfvsPXYPKp2UcI4j5ZBnnUlpUVoai1SR99_-ruwynyQG8oD9lTBcGinNySK&dispatch=5885d80a13c0db1f8e263663d3faee8deaa77efc63a6eb429928d42bdf5d9d2c Song: Scream, Aim, Fire by Bullet for my Valentine
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For Whom the Bell Tolls Bass Cover
I learned this song witout useing tabs or sheet music, by playing by ear and a bit of watching videos of Cliff to see how he played it, so if you askl for tabs....sorry, I can't help you. I recorded by micing my amp, and using Audacity to record. My mic is very sensitive, so you can hear my fingers against the strings, and the peaks of the powerful notes have been cut off (you can hear this in the intro.) Since I do not own a wah pedal or distortion pedal, I bent the notes to get as close as possible to Cliff, but the loud ones that cut off are hard to tell. I know the sound quality sucks, so don't be too mean :P Gear: Modded 2008 Fender MIM P-Bass (pics show different stages, from new to modded :P) 1973 Peavey 215 cab Peavey Max 160 head Feel free to comment on my gear or my playing....just not the sound quality :P Also, this video was downrated. Alot. If you skip to 35 seconds (after the opening) the clipping is not nearly as bad, and sounds much better in general. Also, the repetiveness is the way the bass line is done - without the full track, the bassline isn't exactly interesting. And this was recorded using an XLR line-out into Audacity - not exactly the best qay to get good quality. So, before rating, please consider the circumstances of this video. Thank you :-)
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