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The Property Show - Investments in Saccos
Our Property journey introduces a new narrative - We take a look at different ways to invest your money capturing the difference between savings and credit cooperatives (SACCOs), microfinance institutions and commercial banks.
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The Property Show 5th Nov 2017 Episode 233 - Pros & Cons of Buying an Apartment
On this episode it's all about real estate dynamics focused on the Pros and Cons of apartments as real estate investments and as family homes.
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The Property Show 22nd Oct. 2017 Episode 231 - Commercial Property Market
On this episode, we explore commercial property market in Kenya; the challenges and opportunities therein.
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The Property Show 24th Sept 2017 Episode 227 - Investment Opportunity Vs Risk
This time we focus on balancing between investment opportunities and the risks therein.
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The Property Show - Affordable Investment Options and Rwanda Real Estate Market
The Property Show continues to explore and find friendly neighborhoods convenient for work, shopping and recreation that are a perfect property, suited to your lifestyle
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The Property Show 29th Oct 2017 Episode 232 - Dainty Apartments &  Alternative Building Technology
On this episode we delve into the world of alternative building technology and how it'll shift the property market in Kenya.
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The Property Show 3rd Sept 2017 Episode 224 - Untapped Investment Opportunities
On this episode, we continue to look into saccos and their friendly loans as we sample untapped investment opportunities.
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The Property Show 15th Oct 2017 Episode 230 - Rental Market Landscape
On this episode we are talking about the rental market; its dynamics and the attractive yields it holds.
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The Property Show 1st Oct. 2017 Episode 228 - The Property Show Bus Tour
On this episode we show your highlights of our signature tour bus. This time along Mombasa-Namanga Rd and Thika-Kiambu Rd.
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The Property Show - Bus Tour Edition
Today it's all about our just concluded adventurous bus tour - we take a glimpse of the properties visited along Msa - kitengela road, Waiyaki way, Kikuyu and Ngong road route.
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The Property Show 10th Sept 2017 Episode 225 _ Land Investments -The Traditional African Gold
On this episode we continue to discuss the Traditional African Gold: Land.
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The Property Show 17th Sept 2017 Episode 226 - Land Investments_The Traditional African Gold_2
This episode continues the discussion on the Traditional African Gold: Land and Land Investment
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We bring you beautiful and inspiring homes defining elegant living. We discover Signature apartments, Kileleshwa, a LAVISH apartment home. Have a look!
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The Property Show - Strategic Land Investments
Let's explore endless opportunities on land matters - a sector that upcoming investors are eager to put their money into is the largest agribusiness hubs in the region.
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The Property Show 2017 Promo Episode 197
We give you an exclusive report on our adventurous bus tour, where we visited various neighborhoods. Take a look!
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