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Shocking and surprising Elevator in College!
This is how the Library Elevator of Manipal Institute of Technology used to be in 2011. Although as my juniors say it has been replaced with a better one lately. Hope it stays better down the lane!!
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How Robert Vadra became Fastest Growing Multi Billionaire
Neither did I make or develop this video! I just re-uploaded it here so that people in India can watch it. The original video is, for some reasons (lol... we all know what the reason is) banned in India. This is the link to the original video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIteV3yQCxk and all the credit goes to him. Original video was Uploaded on July 15th 2011, i.e. Vadra is been doing it for more than a year, but finally when Mr. Kejriwal shed some light on his virtue, people came to know about him. This is the description This is the story of scrap dealer Robert Vadra to Multi Billionaire of India after his marriage to Bianca Vinci alias Priyanka Gandhi through the influence of her Mother-in-law Antonio Mino alias Sonia Gandhi. Today Robert Vadra has share in Unitech,DLF,Hilton and many other big gun companies.
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