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Walking from Tubotel Langkawi to Cenang beach (10 mins)
Im taking this video to share with those who wil be staying in this hotel and wanted to find out how to walk from Tubotel to cenang beach. I was the unlucky person who do not know this way and so i tried to take the "shortcut" by "crossing" the fishing boats river, and i nearly drown to death! For those who might be tempted to cross the fishing boat river--like me, i warn you not to do so! The fastest way you can reach by walking is to follow my video guide, and it should only take you 10mins. Good luck for those new tourist and have a wonderful trip!
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Capsule Plaza Rumor
This is the 4th time I am staying in capsule hotel in a Japan,among those, this capsule is the best! Clean and new environment, good customer service, well maintained, nice typical Kyoto breakfast, and most importantly.....super strategic location! (Located in Shijo-dori and just 3 mins walk away from Kheihan Shijo station). Oh ya did I mentioned their wonderful rooftop hot spring as well!?
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A room tour inside Blue Hour Kanazawa Hostel
I did a short video tour to bring you around how it looks like inside the Blue Hour Kanazawa Hostel. This hostel is basically the nearest to Kanazawa Main Station (*only 300meter 3mins) walk away from the Tsuzumi-mon Gate (*the landmark of Kanazawa Station). Coffee houses and many Izakaya (*居酒屋) with unique decorations are just around the corner .Too me, the location is FANTASTIC.
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Walking from Kiyomizu-Gojo Station (清水五條馳) to Ninenzaka (二年坂)
The actual distance will take approximately 20mins.
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Nakatsu residential area (中津)
I came across this place by coincident. Being a foreigner, I felt very nostalgic and touching with the surrounding and quite atmosphere over this place. Personally, I like Japan not because of the hot tourism spots, but is because of this memory lane. Have make a wish to come here again one day.
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Higashi-chaya District (東茶屋街)
During winter Jan 2018
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Seremban Jaya landscape--The place where i grown up.
Finally just got my first drone in my life, tis video mark my first time flying my first drone in Seremban Jaya--place where i grown up. Hope youtube will allow this video to stay for 10 years and one day i can recall back the changes of this surroundings.
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