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Wartune Vlameni Killing Battleground Resource Recovery Officer
Killing resource recovery officer for fun. No set archer, missing 1 piece.
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Spire levels 10 - 15 Wartune Kongregate Server 5 - Europe
Read Description for tips on bosses: - 10 needs puri - 11 boss needs 1 front, 1 middle, 2 back row. if your tank dies, leave him dead, then the middle row uses shield. right before the shield ends, you then revive the tank. - 12 The best way to save vulcan on 12 boss, for a team with our damage is use 2 vulcans , 1 each person, so you save vulcans for later. - 13 needs to be killed fast - 14 hits once, then casts flame, so cast knight's apollo shield or archer's IS, kill fast cause his flame is too dangerous!
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Spire Levels 1 - 19 Wartune  , Kongregate Europe
3 archers - 1 knight spire. No mage , just crit heal with Iris ;) Vlameni - Redeagle - Jenna Jameson - Brdz
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Wartune double hits wb Amazona trick from Vlameni
Showing how to double hit world boss the easy way. Can even use runes during skills with archer depending on the speed of the skill used.
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csgb Final KingsOfKong vs TheElite 22/3/15 Wartune
Full final fight where kok won the 2nd Xgb. Still undefeated ! I put highlights with timer for those who are bored to see it all.
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Lightning Sylph & Iris Heal All
Just checking out the chinese Arena I saw the lightning sylph and the Iris heal all skill
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Wartune fight 3 vs 1 Vlameni.
3 vs 1 on csgb final vs TheElite. No problem for a kok ^^
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Wartune Kongregate Vlameni
Hello all, maybe some of you know who I am, this is Vlameni, Balenor's sweetheart from the strongest and also most active server in Europe, server 3 kongregate europe (you see it as kong5 in cross server). This was a great and fun trip for me but playing daily for over 13 months, ends here for me. Thank you all who had fun with me :) As you can see in the video, i reached level 22 necropolis, alsolevel 19 spire with 2 iris - 2 apollo and no mage. We will surely win cross server guild battle when the update comes to europe.
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