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Toram online: Some tips for begginers
Hello there here is a video of a few tips. If you want me to make more videos on toram please comment below!. You follow me at 1. Instagram/Soya's Mobile Channel 2. Facebook/Soya's Mobile Channel If i get enough followers/Subscribers to my Channel ill try my best to get sponsors so i can do give aways. Have an awesome day!.
Toram Online: Just messing around
Hi im here again with another video of Toram online. I am just messing around and also just seeing what the Rakians are up to today.
Playing some Taichi Panda 3!!.
First expression on playing Taichi Panda 3. The game seems to get glitchy at times but that seems to be the case when new games are release. If you would like to see more videos of Taichi Panda 3 please like and subscribe and comment below. What is your favourite mmorpg for mobile?. You can find me on Twitter Facebook Instagram and also on omelet arcade. SOYA's Mobile Channel!.
Toram Online: Tips for Begginers Part #2
Im back again here with another video of tips for begginers!. This is my sequel video to my last video that i posted recently. If you would like to see more videos please like/subscribe to my Channel for more. You can follow me on: #Instagram/Soya's Mobile Channel #Facebook/Soya's Mobile Channel #Twitter/Soya's Mobile Channel If i get enough followers/subscibers i might try and get sponsers so i can do give aways in my Channel.
Toram Online: Back!!! Been awhile since my last uploaded video!.
Soya here!. It's been awhile since I uploaded a video I made a quick video of me testing a new skill called Mononofu skill aka Samurai skill. It's and extra skill you now can get as a new starting or secondary class when starting a new game or you can purchase the skill threw the library but it's free if you start a new avatar. I am here testing my low life self on the year of the Dog event. Even though my sign is not a dog I'll still celebrate it. I am a Capricorn!. Hope you like it!.
Top 5 Free to play games for your android/IOS
I brought to you yet another video of free games for android/IOS for the comfort of your hands to play. If you enjoy my videos please hit that like button and hit that subscribe button for weekly and updates and new games coming out for this year!. This Video has also brought to you by Quik go pro video editor! And also Du Recorder and InShot video editor best free to download and easy to use video editors for best videos!. Note: These gameplay videos you see is what i have recorded myself to put together to make one big great video for you guys to fine and watch!. Enjoy your gaming everyone!.
Top 4 Racing/traffic mobile games.
#This is my first top best free to play video for Mobile games in the palm of your hands that you can enjoy and have fun. This video also has brought to you by Quik Go pro Video maker and Du Recorder as well as Inshot video editor. If you want me to make more videos and better quality please subscribe and like my Channel for weekly updates. Thank you!. Note: the videos you see in the game are what i recorded to put together to make the best video you will find!.
Toram Online: some game footage!. #2
Im sorry for the short video as the one video in using for my phone really shortens the video duration. The youtube mobile wont allow me to upload a longer video so i have to shorten my videos alot. When i can get my laptop working properly again ill be using my laptop moee often. Thanks for some understanding. If you would like to see more videos on my channel. Pleade like and subscribe for more!. Thank you
Check this cutie drsgon mmorog style game out!.
If you like dragon type mmorpg games then check this game out. I haven't played it inawhile and i just got back into it. I will be doing a top 5 mmorpg dragon theme games for mobile soon so look out for it!. P.s sorry for the video i dont know why it got recorded side ways. You can follow me on: 1. Facebook/Soya's Mobile Channel 2. Instagram/Soya's Mobile Channel 3. Twitter/Soya's Mobile Channel 4. Coming soon: Soya's mobile channel website!.
My ToramOnline gameplay: got back on from a few days break.
Just looking around and messing with some people. Watch me play ToramOnline! You can also check me out on twitter and on facebook at Soya's Mobile Channel.
Playing a game called Paladins..Pretty cool game!.
2017/08/28 (23:16:54) Hello Youtubers today or shall i say tonight i am playing a game called Paladins its a cool game its almost like Overwatch but different. It is a multiplayer base game and i find it fun to play even though i may end up dyng alot lol. I like the game and if you want to see more series of Paladins please like and subscribe to my Channel. Also check out my other pages 1. Instagram/Soya's Mobile Channel 2. Facebook/Soya's Mobile Channel I will really appreciated!. Thank you!!.
Watch mt top 5 games to play in 2017!!.
Here is another Top 5 video that i have done. Im sorry if the video quality is bad but im trying my best!. If you wanna see more top 5 games to play in 2017 please comment below!!.
Dream Legends: Beta testing the game looks like they added a new future
Hi folks so I have downloaded this game called Dream legend it's pretty fun so far I just got back on today and it looks like they have added a new future a map future before there was no map future but now there is. It's fun and goof for some time killing. If you want to become a beta tester for it then look them up!. If you like my YouTube channel and want to see more of this series please subscribe ad like my channel for more videos. You can also follow me on 1. Instagram/SOYA's Mobile Channel 2. Facebook/SOYA's Mobile Channel If I get a lot of subscribers and followers I'll try and get sponsors so I can do give aways but I will need your guys support for that to happen!.