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Pearl God v2!!
Sorry for that long wait.... my editing and recording softwares were glitching, and I only had a laptop, so recently, I got a new PC, a desktop to be exact, and got new softwares on it: Sony Vegas 14, and NVIDIA's Shadowplay experience. They are amazing to use, and I happened to be recording, when this happened! Hope you like comment, and sub!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I will die.
My first video. You all might know me from NotANoob. Here, I show you my "awesomeness". Note* The quotes aren't there for nothing. Recorder: Fraps Editor: Windows Movie Maker
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no really... Sub for more hackers lol o, and LIKE!!! Recording Software: Fraps Editor Windows Movie Maker
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MEH BACK Just a reminder, this is an old recording. I had some problems with the software, and when that ended, My computers Internet was malfunctioning!!! I could not upload for a pretty long time. Now though, I got rid of the recording problem, and the Internet problem will be as well soon!! Plz enjoy and sub IK THIS IS A BAD CLUTCH BUT ITS MY BEST REC SO FAR OK!?!?!?!?
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Funny Moments
just some funny moments lololol plz like and sub!! Recording Software: Fraps Editor: Windows Movie Maker
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Pearl God
seriously I'm a pearl god. Sub and Like!! Recording Software: Fraps Editor: Windows Movie Maker
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ermm.... not so dank.... but OP!!!!!!!! Subscribe to NotANoob, who helped me edit a lot! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO9XkFy4hITHzEIDsW-zT3w Recording System: Fraps Editor System: Windows Movie Maker Sub and like for more! ;)
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No Damage
he deserved it. Oh, and so did she. Sub for more! Recording Software: Fraps Editing Software: Windows Movie Maker
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