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Pearl God v2!!
Sorry for that long wait.... my editing and recording softwares were glitching, and I only had a laptop, so recently, I got a new PC, a desktop to be exact, and got new softwares on it: Sony Vegas 14, and NVIDIA's Shadowplay experience. They are amazing to use, and I happened to be recording, when this happened! Hope you like comment, and sub!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I will die.
My first video. You all might know me from NotANoob. Here, I show you my "awesomeness". Note* The quotes aren't there for nothing. Recorder: Fraps Editor: Windows Movie Maker
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no really... Sub for more hackers lol o, and LIKE!!! Recording Software: Fraps Editor Windows Movie Maker
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MEH BACK Just a reminder, this is an old recording. I had some problems with the software, and when that ended, My computers Internet was malfunctioning!!! I could not upload for a pretty long time. Now though, I got rid of the recording problem, and the Internet problem will be as well soon!! Plz enjoy and sub IK THIS IS A BAD CLUTCH BUT ITS MY BEST REC SO FAR OK!?!?!?!?
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Funny Moments
just some funny moments lololol plz like and sub!! Recording Software: Fraps Editor: Windows Movie Maker
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Something New.
I know. I HAVE NOT BEEN UPLOADING! there are multiple reasons for this. but the top reason is.. Minecraft bores me now. It is not very interesting to me, and, it just does not make me feel at home. But, I just decided to upload this to please you guys. 10 subs? god, my bro's at 100! Gotta catch up ;)
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Pearl God
seriously I'm a pearl god. Sub and Like!! Recording Software: Fraps Editor: Windows Movie Maker
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ermm.... not so dank.... but OP!!!!!!!! Subscribe to NotANoob, who helped me edit a lot! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO9XkFy4hITHzEIDsW-zT3w Recording System: Fraps Editor System: Windows Movie Maker Sub and like for more! ;)
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No Damage
he deserved it. Oh, and so did she. Sub for more! Recording Software: Fraps Editing Software: Windows Movie Maker
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