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Dubsmash MIXED
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Taylor Swift Blank Space Short Clip
A Taylor Swift Blank Space (Short Clip) Blink.....
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Amnesia (Music Video 2.0)
I made my own 5 Seconds of Summer's "Amnesia" MUSIC VIDEO due to boredom. So, the: - Creator — me - Videographer — me - Editor — me - Franz Harthuel — me ...Only ME 🙃
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Be Careful, Be Mindful, in the internet, DON'T BE A FOOL! Students' infomercial about the THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK rule involving the NETIQUETTES, that is now a vital reminder for all the internet users that "they should be more careful when online" due to the rampant issues in the internet. This clip/video was made for the performance task in our EMPOWERMENT TECHNOLOGIES (subject), held by our subject teacher Mr. Atis. Created By: Saint Paul University Surigao's GRADE 11 STUDENTS under the Academic track of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) strand; Section 3 or Block 3. S.Y.: 2016-2017 Members: Dangate, Franz Harthuel Dullo, Joshua Matamis, Edwin Jefferson Roboca, Richly Eer
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Shawn Mendes - Imagination (Short Cover) by FranzH
A short cover video of Shawn Mendes' Imagition song by Franz Harthuel.
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What's Wrong With This Dog?
This dog's 🐶 name is "Cafei🚺", and she's a loving & a kind of strict dog when it comes to food. The only problem with her is that "she howls when she saw a mirror where the only thing present is her face?" (I don't think she hates herself 😂😄💁) Just look at the video, tell me, what's wrong with this dog. Hahaha! 😱😂 Feel free to post a comment in the comment section. ✌😊
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NEW Dubsmash Exposé & Short Song Covers
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