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Navy Flight Student Crash
This poor student got too low and slow while trying to wave off. Several views as he spins into the deck. He actually ejected while inverted over the deck. That was probably fatal in itself. The canopies flying in the air were jettisoned as other students on the deck exit their aircraft using emergency ground procedures. Audio is the LSO's (Landing Signal Officer) frantic radio calls. Note the brave enlisted guy who keeps trying to save the pilot in spite of the flames. All very sad.
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TOPGUN - Navy Fighter Weapons School - 1991
In 1987 I started work as a training video producer for TOPGUN, the Navy Fighter Weapons School. The interviewed pilot, callsign "Hose" became our XO. Though he seems arrogant, he could back it up with his flying. Some of the instructors were quiet and humble, but it took a while to get used to the several egos there! In 1991 we had a visit from the "Inside Edition" crew. "Hose" insisted the reporter fly with him. He told us why: He planned to make the reporter as sick as possible with lots of negative G maneuvers, then make him pass out with some high positive G (you can see this in their video). Why did Hose do this? Just to show how tough pilots are - to emphasize that the reporter was just an earthbound geek. Mr. Goldfarb, the reporter, was such a nice guy. I felt sorry for him. In spite of his rough treatment, Goldfarb did a thorough, factual and positive story. So... who was the real pro? I'll let you judge. PS In the 4 years I worked there, I heard the theme from the movie "Top Gun" so often, I still can't stand it. Feh!
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F-16 Tree Strike Confession
Narrated HUD video of F-16 tree strike. Note: I was not the pilot. This was distributed to us at the Navy TOPGUN school, as we had started flying F-16Ns at the time. The sad part is, the pilot was ordered to make this educational video in order to keep his wings. After it was distributed to squadrons, some general saw it and had the poor guy's wings jerked anyway. Who knows? Maybe it was for the best. Anyway, watch, sweat and learn!
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Robert Ryan by Ernest Borgnine
Ernest Borgnine narrates a profile of actor Robert Ryan. Sorry, I still missed the first bit of it. At least this time I could include "Bad Day at Black Rock," one of my favorites! I'll try and get the whole thing if I catch it again. Uploaded for film review & criticism purposes under the "Fair Use" provision of the U.S. Copyright Act.
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Jake's Final Bow
Part I of this is at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIsolS4vY0I After I finished the video "Jake's September Song," Jake and I still had some "precious days" to spend together. He hung with Penny, played a bit and napped a lot - much of the time on my shoulder. Here I share with you the time we spent before he passed away. Jake was a brave little friend and a great example of how to deal with an infirmity at the end of life.
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F-16 Spin HUD
An F-16 departs and spins during a dogfight. This F-16 has two seats. Note the airspeed and G-number just before the F-16 departs. It's a great example of an accelerated stall resulting in a spin. Stall airspeed increases with G load. Afterwards, the back-seater starts the post-spin checklist, but first, the pilot wants to catch his breath. It's an intimate insight into a scary situation. Yes, this can even happen to fly-by-wire, digitally controlled "stall-proof" advanced aircraft. Hope you can learn from this... I'm sure that crew did!
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8 Million Ways to Die - Opening Titles
These are the opening titles for the 1986 movie "8 Million Ways to Die." I saved it because I like the helicopter ride and music. The music is by James Newton Howard, a genius. My "Movie Music Theory" is that in the opening moments of a movie, the music quality reflects the quality of the film itself. This movie supports my theory. I remember many great scenes from it. the one strongest in my mind is when "Sunny" (Alexandra Paul - a real fox), playing the Good Hooker, is kidnapped before she can testify against Andy Garcia's villain "Maldonado." The last we see of her, she's looking out at us from the rear of a van, speeding her away from the protection of Jeff Bridges' hero, "Scudder." She's obviously screaming, though we can't hear her. As she claws helplessly at the rear window, we see her hands leave bloody palmprints. Oliver Stone co-wrote and Hal Ashby directed, book by Lawrence Block - what a creative team! Check it out at www.imdb.com/title/tt0090568
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Jake's 'September Song'
Jake, my elderly Grey Cheeked Parakeet, had a stroke. This video honors his pluck and tenacity while facing his infirmity. We also see the faithfulness of his little girlfriend, Penny. This video is dedicated to elderly pets - and people - everywhere. Music: "September Song" - courtesy of Willie Nelson See the PS to this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LizboKbTl5w
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Brando - Boone Acting Lesson
Here's a clip from the movie "The Night of the Following Day." The movie is a slow-paced European caper movie. I see it as mostly an acting exercise for some greats. This scene is understated, yet powerful. It's the culmination of these two important characters, the Protagonist (Brando) and one of his partners, the Antagonist (Boone). [Spoilers] Boone's character, "Leer" is a crafty sadist. Brando's "Bud" suspects him, correctly, of planning a double-cross. In this scene, Leer sets up the last part of his plan to steal all the ransom money the little gang has extorted. Bud tries to wiggle, but can't; Leer has it all covered. The only thing Bud can do is try to protect the girl they've kidnapped, but it doesn't look good. To me, the understated power of the two characters comes to a head here. It appears, Leer has the upper hand, as Bud shuffles off to finish the job.
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VX5 Weapons Tests, Part 2 of 4
VX5 is the Navy's Test and Evaluation Squadron. They created this video of for the (in)famous TOPGUN convention in 1990. I worked for TOPGUN and present this video for your enjoyment. Part 2 of 4 focuses on air to ground ordnance and anti-ship missiles. There are some bunker-buster and "bomblet" weapons, too, for you guys who like to make a real mess. (Note audio track was changed in response to copyright claim)
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VX5 Weapons Tests, Part 3 of 4
VX5 is the Navy's Test and Evaluation Squadron. They created this video of for the (in)famous TOPGUN convention in 1990. I worked for TOPGUN and present this video for your enjoyment. Part 3 of 4 itself has two parts: The first focuses on anti-radar missiles (note the accuracy). The second shows tests of ejection seats and systems. (Note audio track was changed in response to copyright claim)
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VX-5 Weapons Tests, Part 1 of 4
VX-5 is the Navy's Test and Evaluation Squadron. They created this video of for the (in)famous TOPGUN convention in 1990. I worked for TOPGUN and present this video in 4 parts, for your enjoyment. Part 1 of 4 focuses on anti-air guns and missiles. You'll see some interesting drones shot down and then-new or experimental missiles and systems. Lots of cockpit and HUD camera views! (Note: Audio track has been changed in response to copyright claim.)
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Gomer Pyle is God - El BJ
Parody of religious tunes. This includes the important start of the video, with the discovery of the "swaddling VHS tape!" Aired on ACTV Public Access TV circa 1995. Shared under Fair Use as Parody. Enjoy!
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The Evolution of Arnold
Funny USA cable channel promo for a week of Arnold's movies. This aired back in about 1992. I love the voice dubbing from "Hercules," and Grace Jones' bit part!
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Navy F-14 Airshow HUD Part 1 of 2
This is part 1 of 2 of a HUD* view of an airshow. It was recorded by an F-14 crew during a show at NAS Moffett field, near San Francisco, California. The base has since been closed. (* HUD = Heads-Up Display. There's a forward looking camera in the nose of the aircraft. Its view is combined with the electronic display shown to the pilot and recorded onto tape. This is also known as a "gun camera" view. The symbols show the aircraft's attitude, altitude, airspeed, "alpha" (angle of attack). In combat various other information can be included, such as gun trajectory aiming point, aircraft "predictor," aiming point for radar missiles and circle of sensitivity for infra-red seeking missiles. The Navy uses black-and-white video, some Air Force aircraft use color.
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Near Mid-air Between F-16 & F-14
Near miss at 500 kts! During an exercise an F-14 passes right in front of an F-16 - it must be within about 250 feet! Here's the view, normal and slow-motion, from the F-16's HUD camera. The last clip shows the pass in real time. In the last clip, you can hear the back seater ask "That wasn't jetwash, was it?" They slow down and do a precautionary checklist. They didn't know what happened for sure 'til they got back to base and reviewed the tape. Whew! Yes, this F-16N had two seats to train RIOs.
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Robert Ryan Blues
Great promo for 3 theme weeks on TCM: Robert Ryan, Martin Scorcese and George Sidney. I especially love the organ licks behind the great editing of this clip. Hope you enjoy it, too.
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"Killpoint" End Credits Helo Ride
The 80s movie "Killpoint" is a camp relic now. But I always liked the very end. This clip starts with one of the coldest lines in the movies, followed by a low-budget but fun helicopter ride. They take off from atop the police building and fly around Riverside, Ca. This is nostalgic for me: I got my commercial helo license flying a Bell 47, same model as in the video. I think the ending song is rough, but kind of sums up the movie. I like the guitar solo at about 2:20. Hope you enjoy the ride, too.
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Israeli Air Force in Action
Some shots of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) during actual dogfights, shooting down some enemy aircraft. These are gun camera shots made during the Yom Kippur War, Six Days War and some other battles. Sorry 'bout the music. YouTube made me put their stock music instead of he original.
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Johnstown Drive 1994
In 1994 I drove from Austin, Texas to visit my home town of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The town was about 1/3 the size it had been in 1961, and, sadly, was still shrinking. Here's a nostalgic drive into and around Johnstown and the suburb where I lived, Westmont. It's still pretty! If you're from there, can you name the streets you see?
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Charlie and Jasper watch TV with Me - Episode 1
Just lying back and enjoying some good TV crime drama with my bird-buddies Charlie and Jasper. Charlie is a Canary-Winged Parakeet, sent to me by a fellow parrot lover in Texas. Jasper is a Pineapple Green-Cheeked Conure, another type of Parakeet from South America. I was able to buy him the last day a nearby bird store was open for business. The balls you hear bouncing at about 1:18 are from Jasper playing one of his games: "Knock over the balls so Dan can pick them up again." I left in the "Sopranos" audio for fans of the show to enjoy as we were. It's the episode in which Vito tries to leave his gay lifestyle and return to the mob. Enjoy the show and the birds' scratchies.
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Jasper Discovers a Milk Shake
Jasper, aka "Jazzy," is my 7 1/2 year old Pineapple mutation Green Cheeked Conure. He is curious about everything, and love supervising. But when it comes to tasting new foods, not so much. Here he is discovering a milk shake. I don't know what he's saying. Most of the time, he's "speaking in tongues."
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Navy F-14 Airshow HUD Part 2 of 2
This is part 2 of a HUD* view of an airshow done by an F-14 crew. Check out near the end, when the pilot causes the aircraft to bow to the crowd! Location: NAS Moffett Field, California. (* HUD = Heads-Up Display. There's a forward looking camera in the nose of the aircraft. Its view is combined with the electronic display shown to the pilot and recorded onto tape. This is also known as a "gun camera" view. The symbols show the aircraft's attitude, altitude, airspeed, "alpha" (angle of attack). In combat various other information can be included, such as gun trajectory aiming point, aircraft "predictor," aiming point for radar missiles and circle of sensitivity for infra-red seeking missiles. The Navy uses black-and-white video, some Air Force aircraft use color.
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Breaks of Naval Air, Pt 1 of 2
Part One of Two. Various accidents and near misses in Naval Aviation, with one or two from the Air Force thrown in. Many of the crew escaped unharmed or with minor injuries. Many did not. Hope you can learn from their errors; I'm sure they did!
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Parrots Jasper & Zeke Chew the Wood
Jasper, my Pineapple Green-Cheeked Conure and Zeke, my Canary-Winged Parakeet love to chew on wood. I got these pieces of Balsa at a hobby shop & let them go at it. Jasper gets so excited he retreats to his hidey-hole inside the top drawer. There, he "speaks in tongues" to his friend, the hairbrush.
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My Roll-Over Accident 12-26-13
A typical commute day ends badly... and quickly. I really loved that car, a 2000 Honda Civic Hatchback. 170,000 miles and two previous accidents. Got rear-ended in 2006, got cut-off by a cute lady in about 2003. Even looking at the video, I'm not sure what happened. At 2:22 it looks like while I was clearing the right lane to change, the guy ahead stopped for no reason, and with no brake lights. No cars were ahead of him for almost 1/4 mile. The ambulance guy said, at the time of my accident, there were three more accidents within 5 miles ahead of this spot. I was lucky in a few ways. If I'd have gone off the road about 30 feet earlier, I'd have hit a guard rail end-on & been speared or flipped. If I'd gone off 30 feet later, I'd have gone over a 6 foot drop. Yet a little further on, and I'd have hit a bridge abutment. Thank God I only had a minor back injury. My dashcam is a GoPro Hero, stuck to the windshield with a suction cup mount with tripod swivel. It survived without a scratch (I don't use the underwater case, just a bracket). You can bet the cam is in my new car, a Scion FR-S. You can see my new car in newer videos on my channel. A fun one is http://youtu.be/1PvLIK8BYTk Be safe and have fun! This video is being managed exclusively by Newsflare. To use this video for broadcast or in a commercial player go to: https://www.newsflare.com/video/118541/other/my-roll-over-accident-12-26-13 or email: newsdesk@newsflare.com or call: +44 (0) 8432 895 191
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Whiskas Lovebird
Funny commercial featuring a "tempting" lovebird who shows the full appeal of Whiskas cat food.
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TOPGUN - French Documentary
This is a documentary of TOPGUN, the Navy Fighter Weapons School. It was produced during TOPGUN's heyday, right after the movie "Top Gun." I had just started working there, so I know some of the people being interviewed. LCDR George Dom was one of the best guys to work with. He's the white-haired pilot interviewed near the beginning. He later became Commanding Officer of the Blue Angels. How do you top a career like that? Note: I cut off about the first 2 minutes due to YouTube's lame 10 minute limit.
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Incline View 1995, Johnstown, PA
The view of Johnstown, PA from atop its famous landmark, the Inclined Plane. The town used to be a bustling steel and coal town. Little by little, for various reasons, it lost its main industries and thus, most of its people. When I left there in 1961, population was about 100,000. I think it's around 20,000 now, mostly in the suburbs. Still, there is beautiful scenery and some railroad action to see.
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Parrots Jasper & Charlie (RIP) Play on the Counter
Jasper (Pineapple Green Cheeked Conure) and Charlie (Canary Winged Parakeet) were good buddies. One thing they liked to do is play on the counter while listening to my bird call recordings. Occasionally they squabbled, but it was all in fun, as you can see by Charlie's frequent tail-waggling. The recordings in the background are of themselves, plus previous pet parrots I've had. You can see videos of the other birds on my YouTube channel. Thanks for watching!
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F-18 Carrier Ops HUD View
"Tex," a Marine pilot at TOPGUN, shared this HUD video of him during carrier ops; some of it at night. I love his little "Go, baby, go!" whenever he's shot off the catapult. It ends with a pilot's view of in-flight refueling.
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Jasper Performs His Tap & Talk
Jasper, my Pineapple Green Cheeked Conure, is just so talented. He can talk, tap and even send Morse code! Here he gives us a sample, with a big finish!
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Charlie Bird Gets a Shower
Charlie T. Bird is my little adopted pet Canary Winged Parakeet. He came to me all the way from his former owner in Ft. Worth, Texas. (And boy are his wings tired! Ba-dum-bum!) He loves a daily spray from a water bottle. He even moves closer to the stream to get soaking wet. Since I shot this, he's shown he loves to be blown dry by a hair dryer, just like his buddy, Jasper. You can hear Jasper muttering jealously in the background. See if you can catch a glimpse of the bright yellow under his wings when he flaps them.
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Earth Movers Triple-Push
Some scraping going on today in my neighborhood. These three machines hook together into a triple push-pull to get a real bite out of this heavy clay. I think they're building an additional school, but I'm not sure. No signs around the area.
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Charlie Loves a Spritz
A kind gentleman let me adopt Charlie. He had heard my last two elderly birds had died. Charlie is a shy little Canary-Winged Parakeet. These birds are sometimes known as Canary-Winged Parakeets. Charlie is the same genus as my beloved departed Grey Cheeks, whose videos you can see on my channel. He has slowly become accustomed to me and my other bird, Jasper, the Pineapple Green Cheeked Conure. Here you can see Charlie has come to love being sprayed - spritzed - by a plant spray bottle. He can't speak English, but his body language and tweets show his love for a good shower. I love little Charlie - I think you will, too.
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Brave Mouse, Funny Ad
Maybe I have a dark sense of humor, but I think this is funny. Don't worry, no mice were harmed in making this ad. I thought the tension, relief and final message made it cute.
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Goodall Chimps Speak
Funny promo for HBO in which chimps show their interest for their favorite movies.
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Jasper Guards the Silverware
Jasper, my Green-Cheeked Conure, likes to hide in small, dark places. One of these is my silverware drawer. He likes me to close it for a short time, then act surprised when I open it and he's in there. I say he's "counting the silverware," but he's probably napping. Listen for him at about 1:00. He says "Want some" to get some scratchies.
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Broken-Hearted Kitty
Poignant promo for adopting homeless animals. Sad as it is, it inspired me to adopt two mistreated parrots, which became wonderful pets and companions. Maybe this post will similarly inspire you.
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Holocaust Survivor Interview - "Ilse"
This is an interview with my mother, Ilse. She survived the Holocaust by hiding in Holland. This is her story, told in her own words. Thanks to Copyright holder the Shoah Project (c) 1996
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Hometown Waitress
Funny commercial for Hometown Buffet. Waitress tries to convince skeptical customer that crummy food really is what's depicted in the menu photo. "That's not what I ordered." "Yes, it is!"
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Dancing Palms
A windy & cold day in the Southern California desert. It's a nice show; the wind makes my Palms dance.
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Laughing Policeman Sandwich
One of my favorite threat/insult lines. Louis Gossett is tough and fun to watch, but in such films, he really shines. (Note: Fair use for criticism)
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Geico Waitress - No Mayo
A funny spot for Geico. A guy orders his sandwich with "no mayo.' A smart-ass waitress takes care of it. Sorry about the snow - I guess it's an old tape.
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TOPGUN Video Pitch - 1987
In 1987 I started work producing training videos for TOPGUN, the Navy Fighter Weapons School. They were obsessed with excellence, as they should be, but their video equipment was old, shabby, and not up to snuff. Even for the days of 3/4" tape, it was bad. To get the instructors behind me in my quest for a production budget, I produced this video at another facility. It's pretty funny now, but it sure did the job. FYI, TOPGUN was merged with the Strike Warfare and the Airborne Early Warning Schools and moved to NAS Fallon, NV. I did not go along for that ride - I'm not a desert person. I do miss the action and pizazz of that place, though. The pilots could be hard to deal with, but they sure could fly - and did a great job teaching fighter pilots to be top notch. Several of the instructors I worked with went on to fly with the Blue Angels. They must have a great scrapbook!
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Jasper Speaks in Tongues!
Jasper, my Pineapple Green-Cheeked Conure wants his scratchies when he wants 'em, not later! If I'm at the computer, tough! He's kind of cool about interposing himself and showing where he wants to be scratched. I think it's really funny that he also speaks in tongues... his own made-up language. He can speak English, in fact have short conversations. But when he's being scratched, it's all "tongues."
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Jasper gets a Scratchie at the Keyboard
Jasper, my Pineapple Green-Cheeked Conure, knows where to find me when he wants a scratchie: At the keyboard!
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Charlie Bird Loves Flowers
My adopted Canary Wing Parakeet, Charlie, loves to nibble on flowers. He'll only chew carnations, and they must be fresh! I think he licks the nectar at the base of the petals. It's fun to watch him relish this treat. His buddy Jasper, a Pineapple Green-Cheeked Conure, just looks on. It's not his thing.
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Funny Commercials 1991
I saved these Tropicana Twister and Donnelly Yellow Pages commercials. They're from the late 80s or early 90s, when commercials could really be innovative, intelligent and funny. I have to look for another Tropicana Twister spot - with the yuppie kids alternately bragging or slamming the drink. At the end, the bully kid says "...and they make you drink it!" I love that one, too! Now, most commercials suck, especially for car dealers. But sometimes I find a gem I want to view again from time to time. See? You aren't alone!
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Charlie Bird's Worry Beads
My adopted Canary Wing Parakeet, Charlie, loves to nibble on Mardi-Gras beads. He plays with them, twisting them up, then untwisting them, sort of like Greek worry beads. Eventually, he bites them apart. These cheap little beads have a safety feature, though. The other beads stay together, even when the necklace is broken. Thus, it's hours and hours of safe play for little Charlie. He's so intense, too. It's fun to watch him have fun with simple toys like this.
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