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Color Infusion by BloodStorm GD 100% (harder) [GD #6]
Such an awesome level, should be epic. Also cool song!
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Unity by FunnyGame & TriAxis 100% (insane) [1 coin] [GD #11]
Amazing collab by two amazing creators...
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Dinosaur by Alkali 100% (insane) [GD #12]
Lol I forgot to turn mobile data on XD
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Generator by AbstractDark 100% (harder) [GD #4]
One of my favourite levels. Please like and subscribe!
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Geometry Dash: The Challenge! [GD #1]
A secret level. For unlock you need 200 diamonds.
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That just didn't happen!  =O [Clash of Clans]
55, WTF?!? How is this even possible?!? Please comment if that happened to anybody of you guys... PS: Sorry for that weird sound change...
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Angry Birds Epic defeating World Boss!
Another game I play.
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Kirbys Adventure by Jovc & more 100% (insane) [GD #7]
Amazing level, you have to try it. :)
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Dance of the violins by noobman256 (me) [3 coins] [GD #9]
New level. Please go check it out!
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Prismarine by SirHadoken 100% (harder) [GD #13]
4th part of the Crystal Gauntlet.
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GD World Dashlands all levels 100% [GD #2]
Toxic Factory coming soon!
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GD World Toxic Factory all levels 100% [GD #3]
First attempt baby! Sorry for that at the end...
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Clash of Clans GoWiVa + Pekka + Giants 3-star attack strategy (TH 9)
Another CoC atk strategy video, hope you enjoy!
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Fingerdash by RobTop 100% [3 coins] [GD #5]
I forgot to record when I beated it first time. I used fingerdash icon to rebeat it. XD
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HyperFlux by Lemons 100% (easy demon) [GD #10]
Here it is, my favourite demon i beat, HyperFlux! Also I completed the other levels in the "flux" series, which are pretty easy (hard and harder). I like the music :)
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Clash of Clans DRAGON 3-star attack strategy (TH 8)
My first CoC video. Hope you enjoy.
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Unity: Collab by noobman256(me), Qman2006, LegendarySkillz and JoJo874 [GD #8]
Collab by me, my brother and 2 other GD friends!
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