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Bhallas of Singapore - Maya Tsering Bhalla's 1st Birthday
The cutest darlingest baby in the world! May her babies be as cute!
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Diwali Party for Nepali Helpers at the Bhalla honme in The Waterside, Singapore
Our helper Sushma Gurung and her friends (all from Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Sikkim) who work at The Waterside condominium singing "Bhailo" songs which are typically sung and danced by Nepali girls as they go from house to house in the same spirit as Christians sing carols before Christmas. We decided to hold this Diwali party in traditional Nepali style with home-cooked Nepali food to help them tide over their feelings of homesickness. We ended up enjoying it as much, if not more, than them! Nothing could have lifted our spirits so beautifully after a very tiring week! No amount of glamour, sophistication or expensive food and entertainment could have brought us more joy and fun! Our deepest thanks to the helpers who graced our home and party with their open-hearted joyful presence! And our warmest thanks to Nirmal, Rajini, Nainika and Rohin for joining us and contributing delicious Nepali Chicken Bhutua and Moola ra Til ko Achar! We missed you Nirad and Rinchen and Nandita and Roger and Kapil! The Sel Roti and Pork Curry, Nepali Aloo Dam, etc and the Bhailo and Dheusu singing and dancing was awesome too! Next time we will organise a proper Nepali style performance with traditional costumes and Jaar and Chhang! This time only two girls plus Maya are wearing the real costumes - Chowbandhi Cholo and Guniu or Phariya. Looking forward to next year!! Happy Diwali everybody and goodwill to you all always!
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Bhalla Family 1992
Maya at the tender age f 8 months
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Sid as Tarzan 1992
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