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A Career as an Anaesthetic Technician (JTJS72012)
In the final segment of Just the Job's health special, Lissey heads to North Shore Hospital where she meets trainee anaesthetic technicians Natalie and Sheeraz who will introduce her to what they do.
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A Career as a Travel Agency Consultant (JTJS52010)
Holly A'Court from Northcote College is interested in a career in tourism so she's going to check out what it takes to be a travel consultant. First up she's off to travel retailer Harvey World Travel to meet mentor Donna Kermode. Donna explains that to be a successful travel consultant Holly will first need to prove she has good geographical knowledge. Flying through her test, Holly is then ready to see how good she is at helping a customer. Travel consultancy is a strongly people orientated occupation so building relationships and sharing information about destinations is crucial. Holly's customer is interested in a family holiday to the Gold Coast, a region Holly knows something about so immediately she is able to establish a great rapport. With the details of what the customer would like recorded, it is time to send that information through to the wholesale division of the company so a quote can be prepared. The wholesale aspect of the business accesses prices from the likes of airlines and hotels, is able to buy in bulk, and provides that to the retailer who then on-sells to the customer. Before visiting the wholesale division, Holly joins Donna on a 'familiarisation.' This is one of the perks of the job where a travel consultant gets to visit a hotel, resort, or even cruise liner to experience it themselves so they have first-hand knowledge to pass on to customers. With her enthusiasm and natural approach with people, it looks like Holly might have found just the job for her! Find out more about this, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career in Ophthalmology with The Eye Institute (JTJS92014)
In this story we discover how to become an Ophthalmologist and discover how advances in technology is revolutionising eye surgery
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A Career in Scaffolding (JTJS92014)
Brandt Shortland from Whangarei flexes his muscles as he spends a couple of days sampling a career in the scaffolding industry
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A Career in the Motor Industry - Automotive Services Advisor (JTJS62011)
Having gained a good insight into the role of a workshop supervisor, Scott is changing gears again and meets Phil, a service advisor. This is the first port of call for the customer when they either phone or arrive with their vehicle to get work done. As the face of the company, how customers view their experience begins here. Scott is soon on the job taking phone bookings and checking out loan cars for customers who will leave their vehicle for the day. Communication is another important asset in this role as Scott learns, especially when there is bad news to convey. But, as Phil explains, building a rapport with the customer and providing excellent service all helps to ensure happy, loyal customers. Find out more about this career here. Scott has learnt about just three of the many motor trade industry opportunities that are available for those who have a passion for vehicles and mechanics. Maybe the industry could have just the job for you! Find out more about this, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career in Freight Forwarding - Import  (JTJS32008)
As an island in the Pacific, sending or receiving goods from overseas is always going to involve air freight or sea freight. Brittany is interested to learn how freight gets where it's going on time, every time. She finds out that the role involves contact with people from all around the world and the goods being freighted could range from furniture to radioactive medicines. An interest in good customer service and computer skills can take someone a long way in this career which is always looking for good quality young people to employ. With on the job training available, this is definitely an option for enthusiastic school leavers who might enjoy working in a stimulating and interesting environment. Find out more about a career in freight forwarding at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career as a  Nurse with Dept of Corrections (JTJS62011)
Farisha is a third year nursing student and wants to learn more about a career in nursing with the Corrections Department. At the Springhill men's prison she meets Kirstin, a nurse working within the prison who explains what the role involves. Essentially she tells Farisha it is the same as nursing in the community as the full range of heath care services are provided. However those arriving at the prison often haven't taken good care of their health so can often be unwell when they arrive. "You need to be tolerant, patient, kind, and leave your prejudice at the door," says Kirstin. Next up they visit the women's prison in Wiri and meet a patient who believes she may be pregnant. Tests are carried out and the pregnancy is confirmed. Kirstin reassures the woman she will be well cared for during her pregnancy and that there is a mother/baby unit at the prison so she won't be separated from her newborn. Farisha is impressed with what she has seen in both environments and with her strong desire to help others, she believes working as a nurse within the Corrections Department will be a good career role for her in the future. Find out more about this, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career as a RNZAF Pilot (Training) (JTJS62012)
Matthew from Auckland's Massey High School is in Ohakea at the RNZAF pilot training school where he's in for the ride of his life and will find out if he's got 'the right stuff.' Ohakea is where all RNZAF pilots earn their wings but before they even get to touch the controls of an aircraft, each pilot hopeful has already successfully completed a 22-week Initial Officer Training Course at RNZAF Base Woodbourne. At Ohakea they will spend five weeks in the 'classroom' and need to pass regular tests with a minimum of 80% before they get fitted with their very own flying helmet, safety vest and parachute and take to the sky. Matthew skips the usual prerequisites and is taken to be fitted with is helmet and other equipment, including sick bags, before being taken on his 'famil' or familiarisation flight. Commanding Officer of Pilot Training Squadron, Squadron Leader Anthony Budd, gives Matthew a thrilling flight in the CT4E training aircraft with plenty of aerobatics thrown in for good measure. As Anthony says, the aim of the flight is "to whet your appetite and generally see how much aerobatics you can take without throwing up!" Mission accomplished and if Matthew were undertaking his training for real, once conquering the CT4E trainer, he'd be on to the King Air twin engine aircraft for further training to make up his 200+ hours required to achieve his wings. Once a training pilot has successfully completed these hours during the course of around 18 months and has his or her wings, they will then be posted to a squadron where they will continue their learning on larger aircraft such as the P3 Orion, Hercules, Boeing 757 or Iroquois helicopter. A virtual trainer (simulator) is used to assist with training and is also a vital tool for learning how to deal with emergency situations. There are some 177 pilots in the RNZAF and of those, around 75 are actively flying. As a career choice, the RNZAF offers outstanding opportunities to not only be paid as you learn, but to experience a wide range of social benefits not to mention opportunities for overseas travel and working alongside like-minded, motivated people. For Matthew, a taste of what could be during his discovery of life as a pilot trainee has definitely been an incredible experience and has now got him thinking it could be just the job for him! Find out more about this, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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Medical Laboratory Science Careers (2017)
In this video we follow 4 medical students on a day's tour of LabPlus, the diagnostic medical laboratory on site at Auckland City Hospital in New Zealand, as they find out if a career in medical laboratory science will be the career for them.
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A Career in Gold Mining (JTJS52010)
It's an exciting prospect to go underground, extract rock and process it until you are left with a solid bar of gold but that's exactly what Caleb Lese from Dunedin will find out all about when he heads to Macraes mine in Otago. Heading underground he learns that the 12 hour shifts begin and end with a blast and that the multi-million dollar subterranean digging machines are one of the main tools used by the mine. While these 'bogger' machines can be used by an operator, they can also be operated remotely when the area being worked on is unsupported. Caleb is keen to see if operating a bogger remotely is as easy as it looks but soon learns it might take a little more training to become proficient! At the processing plant, Caleb finds out more about how the gold is extracted from the sulphur rock and how from the plant processing control room around 95 per cent of the plant can be managed. Then it's off to see if there is any gold at the end of the rainbow and to his surprise, the $800,000 bar of gold he holds is much heavier than he expected! There are a wide range of roles within the gold mining industry and much of the training can be done on the job. For Caleb, it is certainly something to think about for his future. Find out more about this, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (JTJS52010)
Julian de Vos from Kings College is heading along to Airpro, one of the country's largest heating, ventilation and air conditioning companies, to find out what's involved in becoming an HVAC engineer. The company also manufactures much of its own sheet metal ducting so first up, Julian checks out how a computer generated drawing is transformed into the real thing in the factory. After his health and safety briefing, Julian is given an insight into some ducting that is being made for one of the company's projects at the Auckland University Medical School. After being shown the ropes of how ducting is assembled, it's time for Julian to turn his hand to the task! Next he's off to meet one of Airpro's project managers at the job site to learn more about how the system works. In the plant room he can see how the duct work and pipe work are connected to large chillers where the water is cooled or heated to create the temperatures required throughout the building. Julian learns there is plenty of variety in this industry, plenty of opportunities to work on some exciting projects and prospects for employment strong. Find out more about this, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career as a Train Driver (JTJS32008)
Sam has been interested in trains since childhood so it's a great experience for him to see what happens with freight and passenger services with Kiwi Rail. First up he's off to the administration centre to see out how the freight finds its way to the right destination! He also gets an insight into the role of a shunter in the marshalling yard where the train wagons must be loaded into the right order. Sam soon realises that there are many roles within rail, including being a driver or a signal man, and that it's very much a team environment. Find out more about careers in rail at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career as an  Educational Psychologist (JTJS52010)
Fascinated by how children develop, Hayley Thompson from Onehunga High School is the perfect candidate to investigate the role of an educational psychologist. It's a rewarding career that involves looking at how children learn and develop socially, emotionally and behaviourally and assisting them and their families where needed. Hayley joins Ministry of Education educational psychologist Sarah McGregor to find out more about the job. Sarah will be taking her to along to review the case of an 11-year-old boy, Jake, who has some behavioural issues in the classroom. Together they start off with a visit to his mother to learn more about what's been happening. This is an important aspect of what Sarah does because it's ideal that the family are involved and everyone is working together. It also allows the educational psychologist to find out more about the routines and environment at home. Sarah uses a variety of assessments to investigate Jake's behaviour then calls an Individual Education Planning (IEP) meeting where a range of people involved with Jake from his mother to his teacher are able to discuss the next steps. The opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young people and influence change is one of the positive aspects of this career. There are also continuous opportunities to learn and many areas to specialise in. Find out more about this, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career as a Civil Engineering Technician (JTJS52010)
Lisa Tatafu-Puloka is in for a fascinating insight into how the some of the country's infrastructure projects such as roads, buildings, tunnels, bridges and wastewater systems are planned and executed. She joins mentor Mel Wright, a civil engineering technician from New Zealand's largest infrastructure consultancy, Opus International Consultants, to find out more about industry. First up Mel takes Lisa to the site of Auckland's north western motorway extension where she shows her one of the aspects of her job, taking soil nail tests and recording the results. This test is added to a set of data to give an impression of ground movement over a period of time. Next it's off to the Manukau Train Station for inspection to ensure the reinforcing on site matches the plans before concrete is poured. It's another aspect of Mel's job that takes her out and about to various project sites but she explains to Lisa that there is also plenty of structural draughting and design work she's involved with back in the office. The variety and challenge of solving problems and dealing with people on a daily basis is all part of what Mel enjoys about her job. Find out more about this, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career as a Mechanical Engineering Technician (JTJS42009)
With their work involving everything from design, manufacture, and installation and commissioning, mechanical engineering technicians need to be practically minded and good problem solvers. James heads to Automac Engineering to learn more about a career that is currently experiencing a shortage and offers great opportunities. Automac Engineering specialise in the design and manufacture of conveyors and packaging machinery for the food and beverage processing industries. James follows the CAD design for a machine part through from drawing to the completed product. A rewarding career that incorporates cutting edge technology, computer skills, and continues to evolve, good subjects to take at school if this career interests you are English, maths, physics, chemistry and graphics. Find out more about this, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career as a Pharmacy Technician (JTJS12007)
Kirsten Smale (16) from Massey High School thinks the pharmacy industry could offer her a career in the future. She travels to Morrinsville to find out what opportunities there are for someone soon to leave school. It doesn't take long for her to realise there's more to it than counting pills and that it will take a combination of maths and writing skills plus the ability to communicate well to make a success in this career. To find out more about becoming a pharmacy technician go to http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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Stonemasonry Careers (JTJS10 2015)
Ryan from Christchurch discovers what's involved in a career as a stonemason when he spends a day with local stonemasonry company, Stoneworks.
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A Career in Aeronautical Engineering (JTJS12007)
Dominic Gundry, 16, really wants to find a career involving aeroplanes so we take him along to Airworks, an aviation company with an aircraft maintenance and service division to see what it's all about. He discovers this is not an occupation for the faint-hearted as there are huge responsibilities to ensure every aircraft worked on is safe to fly. Dominic sees there is more to aero engineering than engine work and the variety of the job is certainly wider than he ever thought. See how he gets on when mentor Brian Porter shows him the range of opportunities in this challenging career. Find our more about a career in aero engineering go to http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career with the RNZAF - Air Security Specialist (JTJS52010)
Ashleigh Tauariki has teamed up with mentor Corporal Jerry Drummond, an air security specialist, who has been in the RNZAF for five years. Jerry explains what's involved with the role and Ashleigh learns it covers a whole range of skills including investigation, ground defence, base and drill security which are applied to the likes of protecting an aircraft, protecting VIPs to providing security for convoys. With that in mind, first stop is the rifle range as an air security specialist must be a proficient marksman. With paintball rifle in hand, Ashleigh tries her hand at target shooting and is then put through her paces 'in the field' so to speak with targets popping up as she works through the Real Action Marker training. Next up she gains an insight into the role dogs play in the security of an air force base before learning about the '9 seconds to survive' rule when donning a protective suit and mask used in training for a biological, chemical, radioactive or nuclear event. Investigation is also part of the air security special role and Ashleigh joins Corporate Olivia Davies and sees her interviewing skills at work and learns a little more about the investigation aspect of the job. Then it's on to the parade ground. Marching is the quickest and most efficient way to move groups of people from one area to another and Ashleigh tests her skills at getting the group to move as they should. Finally, Ashleigh is on night patrol with Sgt Jerry Drummond and his German shepherd when an intruder is apprehended. Maintaining the security of RNZAF aircraft is a vital aspect of the air security specialist's tasks as Ashleigh learns first hand. Find out more about this, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career with the  RNZAF  - Air Warfare Specialist (JTJS52010)
Peter Clark from Onehunga High School in Auckland can't believe his luck when he gets to check out a career as an Air Warfare Specialist (AWS) aboard the air force P-3K2 Orion. He's always wanted to be a pilot but when he gets a taste of what the AWS role is all about, he discovers there's plenty more amazing opportunities with the RNZAF outside of flying the aircrafts. Meeting up with his mentor Sergeant Simon Martelli, Peter is quickly immersed in an adventure to learn more about the role of an AWS. He finds out about the aircraft's state-of-the-art camera equipment and radar technology, before seeing where bombs and torpedoes are housed during times of combat. In its role as a search and rescue aircraft, the space is now filled with life raft and survival aides. Inside the P-3, Peter gets familiar with an array of technical equipment operated during flight and is even given a role himself providing the optics brief as the team on board prepare for a real-life mission requested by the Ministry of Fisheries. The Orion has been dispatched to investigate a fishing boat that may be illegally fishing in New Zealand waters. Descending to a lower altitude, safety comes first and the team equip themselves for flying at a lower level then set about detailing the boat's markings to check its legality. It's all part of a day in the life of an AWS and at the end of what has been a real insight into an exciting career, Peter is left with an appreciation of the teamwork involved. "It's pretty cool!" sums up his thoughts about a job he previously knew nothing about. Find out more about this, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career in Aircraft Engineering (JTJS32008)
Being an aircraft engineer can take you around the world. It's an exciting career with great potential as Rhiannon discovers when she visits Engineering Services at Air New Zealand. It doesn't take long before she's in involved in changing over two engines on a 747 which is in for a full service. Next up she's trying her hand at flying the aircraft simulator which is used to simulate a variety of problems to be managed. Part of the role, along with servicing and maintenance of aircraft, is to test the onboard safety equipment such as the life rafts and evacuation slides. If you're good at maths, English, science and are practical and methodical, this is a fantastic career with huge potential. Find out more about a career in aircraft engineering, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career with McDonalds  - Crew Member (JTJS52010)
One of the first ports of call for anyone working at McDonalds, including the CEO, is learning the ropes of a crew member. This week Brianna Park from Fraser High School in Hamilton is off to find out what this entry level job is all about. Shift manager Oliver Henry explains crew members are involved with food safety, assembling of food, packing food orders and serving customers. Brianna is soon testing her burger assembly skills to see if she has what it takes to become a 'master burger builder!' A burger is one thing but can she conquer the art of making a good coffee? Oliver is an example of the opportunities available with McDonald's as he has quickly moved up the ranks from crew member to crew trainer and now shift supervisor. He originally wanted the job to earn some money but now sees the long term opportunities available. Brianna's experience continues as she mans the drive through window where team work is the number one priority to ensure customers get their order quickly and accurately. Last year McDonald's announced it was reinvesting $100m into upgrading existing restaurants and building new ones so more crew members will be needed and even if you're still at school, what better way to earn some cash with flexible shifts and a fun working environment. Find out more about this, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career in Floristry (JTJS6Revised2014)
Cassidy from Matamata College is off to Forget Me Not Florist to learn what it takes to be a successful florist. Forget Me Not owner Debbie tells Cassidy her role as a florist and business owner involves everything from customer service, accounting, cleaning, marketing, ordering, managing staff and ordering the flowers. Working with Sheree, the junior florist, Cassidy is shown some of the finer points of putting a flower selection together and how to wrap it choosing complementary coloured paper. Sheree says the career has given her an outlet for her creative interests and she enjoys the buzz from seeing how happy people are when they receive flowers. Cassidy sees for herself what Sheree means when they make a delivery to a surprised and happy flower receiver. Find out more about this, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career as an  Automotive Technician (JTJS52010)
Jack Tomlin is a keen car enthusiast so the opportunity to go behind the scenes at a large Toyota dealership in Porirua and learn more about some of the latest developments in the automotive industry is perfect for him. Today's hybrid cars are a different beast to others on the road and Jack is going to find out what makes them tick. Alongside mentor, apprentice Zack Dredge, Jack soon learns about some of the skills that could see him succeed in this career. Firstly, an aptitude for both mechanics and technology is valuable because computer diagnostics is just one aspect of continuing advancement within the automotive industry. Good communication skills are also an advantage because talking to people about the problems they're having with their vehicle is all part of the job. With its mix of hands on work, problem solving and ever changing technology to keep up with, Jack is pretty sure after everything he's seen, an automotive career has all the challenges that could make it just the job for him. Find out more about this, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career as a Pharmacist (JTJS22008)
Jacob Nesbit (18) has finished school and is now scouting about for that all important career path. Always interested in pharmacy, the time was right for him to find out a bit more about what's involved and whether it might be for him. Jacob soon realises while you need a degree to become a pharmacist, personality also plays a huge role in a career that is all about people. Giving good information and advice is just one aspect of the job and Jacob is put to the test when it's his turn to deal with a customer enquiry. Find out more about a career in pharmacy at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career in Automotive Collision Repair (JTJS32008)
Riley is looking for a career where he can be hands on and automotive collision repair certainly fits the bill. Heading to Perfect Autobody in Christchurch to find out more, Riley is given a fantastic insight into how cars are assessed to determine if they are repairable, right through to some hands on experience at repairing a section of a damaged bumper himself. Riley learns the work has become more specialised with the range of modern cars that require specific repair techniques or have particular manufacturer specific repair requirements. With no two accidents the same, every job is different and today is aided by continually changing specialised technology. With a career path that can lead to specialisation, Riley definitely thinks this could be a job for him in the future. Find out more about automotive collision repair, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career as a Petrochemical Engineer (JTJS52010)
The petrochemical industry is an exciting industry that will expand during the coming years offering plenty of job opportunities. Zackary Bunyan heads to the Pohokura Gas Field in New Plymouth to learn more about the role of a petrochemical engineer. Owned by Shell Todd Oil Services who operate a number of Taranaki oil fields, Pohokura is somewhat unique in that it is operated from a remote control room allowing the plant to be unmanned most of the time. The control room is where one operator is able to monitor and manage gas and condensate which is extracted from five offshore wells which travels by undersea pipe back to the Pohukura processing station before being fed into the national grid network where it accounts for 40 percent of the country's gas supply. Zackary learns that 95 percent of problems at the processing station can be dealt with from the remote control room but there are aspects of the job that need an onsite visit. One of those is launching the PIG (Pipeline Inspection Gauge) and to his delight, this is a task he can get involved with at the station. A fascinating career with many options and opportunities within New Zealand and overseas, Zackary has found a job that has certainly caught his interest. Find out more about this, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career in Rural Contracting (JTJS32008)
Nathan has grown up in the country and seen what rural contractors do but he's keen to get a closer look at as this is something he could see himself pursuing as a career. He's off to Slattery Contracting in Matamata where he's soon off to a job where a mower blade has been damaged on a post and needs replacing. Next up, he's aboard the mower and is surprised by the computer technology it utilises. With rural contracting covering everything involving machinery to help a farmer get the best out of his land, haymaking is another element of the job Nathan checks out. Well suited to someone not afraid of hard work in outdoor conditions -- be it summer or winter - good rural contractors are in high demand. Find out more about rural contracting, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career with Treescape - Utility Arborist (JTJS72012)
Treescape is the largest specialist tree maintenance company in New Zealand employing some 400 staff both here and in Queensland, Australia. It is involved in everything from pruning and tree removal to power line clearing, land clearing and restoration projects. It's the perfect company for Jack to investigate some of the options in this specialised field. Jack meets Wade Cumming who is going to introduce him to the world of a utility arborist.
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A Career in Firefighting with the NZ Fire Service (JTJS82013)
The NZ Fire service employs around 1800 full time firefighters around the country -- and a growing number of these are women. Sam is about to have an insight into the high-octane life of a professional firefighter, by jumping on board the fire truck, along with station officer Kate Hill and her crew in the Dunedin Seaside suburb of St Kilda.
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A Career in the Motor Industry -  Automotive Workshop Supervisor (JTJS62011)
An automotive engineer can move up through the ranks and become a workshop supervisor. Scott meets Continental Car Services workshop supervisor Devon Scott to learn about what his day might entail. "My primary role is to supervise the technicians and quality control," Devon explains. This means keeping the team busy, prioritising jobs and then allocating jobs to the most suitable technician. Being a fully qualified technician is a must for the role to ensure the job is being done correctly and to step in and offer assistance if necessary. Communication skills are also a top priority for Devon as he needs to maintain good working relationships with the team. They need to understand the importance of high quality work as with upmarket brands, customer expectations are also high. So when a job has been completed and the technician has completed the road test, Devon also will do a final quality control road test and check the work done before the car is handed back to the owner. Scott soon realises the road tests are like the icing on this job's cake! Find out more about this, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career in  Airport Customer Services (JTJS12007)
For those who love travel, people and airports, then this is one career you will certainly want to look at closely. Evie definitely fits the bill for someone who could succeed in Airport Customer Services with her friendly nature and strong interest in travel and languages. As she finds out, it also helps to have a good sense of humour, plenty of patience and be able to think on your feet when dealing with the range of issues that are daily occurrences at an airport. Evie quickly realises that there's a lot that goes on to ensure everything runs smoothly from the moment the airport opens until all the flights have departed Queenstown. To find out more about a career in airport customer services here go to http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career in Teaching - Early Childhood Teaching (JTJS52010)
Early childhood teaching is a career that can offer opportunities throughout New Zealand and Hannah Vickers from Otago Girls High School is keen to visit a local Dunedin kindergarten to find out more about this rewarding vocation. At the Grants Baes Kindergarten, Hannah meets head teacher Claire Woods to learn what makes a successful early childhood teacher. Claire explains the teacher's role is to allow the child to choose their activity then participate and encourage where necessary. The pre-school years are all about fostering confidence and independence that will support the children as they grow and develop. Along with creating a fun experience for the children, Claire explains it's also important to work alongside families and whanau to ensure all needs are met. And that becomes another rewarding aspect of the job, getting to know not just the children but the families too. After a day on the job, Claire has proven she's got what it takes and early childhood teaching is a career she can see herself enjoying. Find out more about this, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career in Heavy Haulage (JTJS82013)
Nick from Rosmini College is interested in a job as a heavy haulage truck driver, so is spending the day with Smith & Davies' truck driver William, who guides him through the strict process of transporting oversized loads.
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A Career as a Volunteer Firefighter (JTJS62012)
Just the Job host Clinton Randell really is in the hot seat this week, checking out something he's always wanted to know more about - being a volunteer fire fighter. It's a fantastic voluntary role that not only provides an incredible community service, but teaches volunteers a huge range of valuable skills. There are more than 8000 volunteer fire fighters throughout New Zealand and along with fire fighting and rescues, the volunteers are actively involved in the community. At the Kumeu Volunteer Fire Station near Auckland, before Clinton can do anything he needs to be decked out in the right gear. Training officer Simon Shields gets him sorted with what he needs then it's time to get stuck in and learn what it's all about. While volunteers from Kumeu attend some 300 call outs each year, they are also active in the community. One initiative they have seen great results from is the Right Track Programme. Targeting 15-25 year olds who have used a vehicle in a careless manner, the programme gives them a wake-up call to how quickly things can go wrong. Clinton has certainly had a real eye-opener into a career that communities throughout the country simply can't do without. Find out more about this, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career in Commercial Construction (JTJS32008)
Talanoa is hoping to get a feel for what it would be like to work on a construction site so under the guidance of Fletcher's construction manager Gus Smith, Talanoa is taken to a construction site and armed with the basic equipment he would need on the job. Talanoa discovers there are a range of different roles on a construction site and the chance to spend time learning them all is definitely possible. First up he looks at the carpenter's role and visits a work site where he gets hands on with the wood working equipment being used to make balustrades. Find out more about a career in commercial construction at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career with KFC (JTJS92014)
Thomas Fairweather discovers some tasty career opportunities with KFC
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A Career in Hospitality (JTJS32008)
In New Zealand, some 135,000 people work throughout the hospitality industry in all manner of locations from cafes, bars and restaurants through to luxury resorts, hotels and more. Ashleigh can't wait to check out what it's all about at and heads to a top Auckland bar and restaurant to find out more. She's quickly on the job helping set tables before checking out what the role of a bar manager entails. She also learns meeting and greeting customers is an important part of hospitality and gets the opportunity to try out her skills in that department before meeting the head chef. At the end of her experience, Ashleigh has gained a much better appreciation that a great career can be built within the hospitality industry for those who genuinely enjoy working with people and can present themselves well. And, of course, it could lead to you owning your own establishment. Find out more about hospitality, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career in Hospital and Operating Theatre (JTJS32008)
Ashika is interested to investigate a career within the hospital system so we take her along to Auckland Hospital where she gets to find out about three varied roles, each with different challenges. First up, she meets nurse consultant and theatre nurse Leigh, who takes her through the process of a patient coming to hospital for surgery. That means Ashika is off to meet a surgical booker who explains the many aspects involved in getting everyone and everything organised for surgery to go ahead. Next she's off to the operating room and meets Lauren, an anaesthetic technician who explains her role which involves ensuring the correct medications are in the operating theatre and reassuring the patient about what's to come. The role then becomes all important during the operation as while state-of-the-art equipment is all around, the patient's condition needs to be closely monitored throughout surgery. Find out more about this, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career with Pizza Hut (JTJS92014)
Jono Houzet checks out a Hot and spicy career with Pizza hut.
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A Career as a Veterinarian (JTJS62012)
First up Kam from Te Awamutu College is straight in the deep end as he learns about the varied role of a vet. At VETENT the first patient of the day has arrived for castration and Kam soon finds out whether he's squeamish of not. He also discovers it's not all just about the animals, good communication skills to deal with owners is also important. Out of the surgery, Kam joins vet Emma Boyd out on the farm where he learns about some of the tasks required when investigating what's afflicting larger animals such as cows. Emma explains vets work closely with farmers not only on the health of their animals but also advising on the likes of how to increase milk yields and other information that can benefit farm owners. After learning more about the front and back ends of cows than he ever expected, Kam also meets a newborn alpaca. Emma has given him a really great insight into a career that offers many rewards and a wide variety of opportunities. Find out more about this, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career in Retail Sales - Overland Shoes (JTJS12007)
Sofia is 17 and admits she sometimes lacks confidence when dealing with people but she's up for the challenge when she finds out what goes on become a successful shoe retailer. With a little help from store manager Penny Smith, Sofia is soon involved in the daily tasks that go into creating the right environment to sell shoes. And she's in good company. The Hon. Steve Maharey got his start in life selling shoes and believes the skills he learnt in retail have given him skills for life. Will Sofia decide to follow in Steve's path? To find out more about a career in retail go to http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career as a  Food Technologist in the Seafood Industry (JTJS22008)
Kelsey Clarke doesn't have any problem getting up close and personal with fish -- she's done plenty of fishing with her father. So she's not at all squeamish as she takes a look around the Sealord fish processing plant and is then given the chance to try her hand at fish filleting. After she proves she has a deft hand with a sharp knife, Kelsey heads to the food technology development area. Here she gets alongside development technologist Frits Hofman, who co-ordinates the development of seafood products for Sealord's New Zealand market. Having already seen how fish fingers are made, it's time for Kelsey to see if she can select a new coating that just could be the next big thing. Frits explains the process and Kelsey is on her way to her first try at developing a variation on a product. Find out more about a career in food technology at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career as a Corrections Psychologist and Programme Facilitator (JTJS62011)
Lisa, a psychology student who is interested in working for the Corrections Department when she graduates meets with psychologist Jessica who explains her role as a criminal psychologist. Part of her role is to assess the person to determine what their risk of re-offending is and which treatment programmes would be best suited to them. Being a good listener, building trust and motivating offenders to reflect on their behavior are all core skills employed in this role. Lisa gets to put her communication skills into action when she interviews 'Mark,' an offender who has been through the prison system after assaulting someone in a pub. Jessica reiterates to Lisa it's important to view individuals as a whole, not just look at what they've done. Says Jessica: "We believe people can change." To help people like Mark change their behaviour, a psychologist might refer someone to a Corrections Department Programme Facilitator. Lisa meets Natalie, who explains therapy sessions are part of an offender's rehabilitation and reintegration back into the community. She invites Lisa to sit in on a group therapy session talking about violent behaviour. It is the facilitator's role to promote open discussion amongst the group and offer ideas on how to deal with situations with new skills. Natalie says being a programme facilitator is a rewarding career particularly when you can see change in those you are working with. Find out more about these, and a huge variety of other careers, at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career in Mechanical Engineering - Glass Making Industry (JTJS92014)
We head to New Zealand's' only glass bottle making factory in Penrose as Jake Ihaka looks at starting a career in mechanical engineering
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A Career in Vegetable Production (JTJS72012Revised2014)
NZ Hothouse is one of the biggest producers of tomatoes and capsicum in the Southern Hemisphere so is the perfect place for Hugh to check out a career in vegetable production. The company grows its plants hydroponically and employs 80 staff in a variety of roles including plant maintenance and packing. Hugh meets head grower Jason Cuthbert and after some training is soon put to work in the hot house.
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A Career in Carpet and Vinyl Installation (JTJS12007)
Maitua Alafa'apae (17) is looking for a career that suits his physical ability. He decides to try his hand at laying carpet and vinyl, although he has no idea what he might be in for. As he progresses through his on the job experience, he finds out while the occupation certainly has some challenges, for him it certainly offers the chance to make use of his strength and enjoyment of working alongside others. Find out more about this career go to http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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A Career in Telecommunications (JTJS82013)
Maggie has headed to Vodafone's shiny headquarters in Auckland to learn about working in a leading-edge telecommunications company.
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