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TCP Chat system using Asynchronous sockets
TCP Chat system using Asynchronous sockets coded on C# Features: Multiple Chat Clients Name Change Both Server/Client Async sockets
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CryptPasteBin Crypted Pasting Service PHP
Here is a little project I personnaly made. CryptPasteBin is the new way to make paste and share them ! All is browser-side crypted to provide a more better privacy. The only data stored are : id, crypted text, date of creation, date of removing... And that's all ! No password are stored into the database. The decryption is only possible if user owns the password/key. With CryptPasteBin you can make your own private past system to share with your friends or family, or you can use the original website to share with everyone without any privacy issue :) All the crypting/decrypting process is browser-side, using pure javascript only with the two super libs AES and SJCL to provide a functionnal AES-256 crypting security.