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War Robots - The Angry Vityaz 2
This is another Vityaz game to tell the importance of Vityaz and its power. This game will breiflt explain you why some gold tier players still use Vityaz. I spawned at power plant map and was against a lot of Griffens and Leos. Now you may be wondering what happened next? Watch the video to figure t out and Like and share the video if you like it and want other players to get some knowledge. Subscribe for more videos About me: Platform : Android Game name : -_Deadpool_- How I record videos Recorder : Mobizen for Samsung Editor : Videopad Music info: Dutty- free youtube library
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War Robots - Rage of Carnage
In this video i went for solo play. I just picked up my Carnage and got very good results with it. This video show that if carnage used and handled perfectly he can be very dangerous for enemy team. I also figured out that in rush mode he is able to dodge enemy shots easily I hope you guys will like this video. I am going to make a 6 carnages attack video soon. Subscribe to my channel to be first to get notified about it. Drop a like if you liked it and if any doubt you can ask in comments, i will be waiting for ya. Music used Cartoon - On and on : https://youtu.be/c5NG3fWzPVE Far Away - youtube audio library : https://youtu.be/NQzeH-VJYIo.
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Walking War Robots - fun at power plant
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Gepard power - War Robots
This is a demo on how well gepard can perform even playing against heavy robots.
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War Robots-The Carnage returns
In this video I picked up Carnage as my first bot at Dead City map. The match turned out to be another extreme Carnage match. You will see a carnage rolling on the map and making others look like dolls in front of him. You can learn some basic tactics about carnage in this video and also can see how worth he is and how dangerous he is for all kind of bots. Like| Share| and subscribe for more upcoming videos Music at End Dutty : https://youtu.be/JFIA7fHWcfg
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War Robots - BOA - Rise of the Beast
This video is all about another Silver robot named Boa. Boa has a high health bar and have two weapon slots- a heavy and a medium eapon slot. In this Video you will see me playing with 4 boas and ramming all other bots whoever comes my way. Check out this video to find out more. Like|Share|Subscribe Ask any question in comments about game.
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WON glitch or what?
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War Robots - The Angry Vityaz
This video is for all those players who think Vityaz is not a good robot anymore. In this video I am playing with 1 long range, one mid range and 2 short range vityazs. I teamed up with my clan-mates- G-King(Leader) and Rex0911 in a match at Yamantau. This video is a proof that vityaz can beat up every bot he face and it still have a lot of importance in silver tier hanger. This is first video of a video series and next videos are going to be more hard played matches to show how Vityaz can perform in gold tier. Have fun watching the video.. Don't forget to like and share the video with your friends. Fell free to ask any questions in comments down below. Subscribe for more upcoming videos.
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War Robots - Natasha Rage
In this video I used a Natasha( level 6) equipped with 2x Tridents(level 7) and 2x CRV pins(level 7) and it really amazed me by its performance in this match. I was teaming up with "Syamiizzuddin" who is a player in the clan that I am in. This video is a proof that how powerful Trident is and how its splash damage can be dangerous for those who try to get a cover. I hope you will like this video. Subscribe to my channel for some more upcoming action and share if you liked it. This is my first video in which I played in gold tier.
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