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Live in a cave home
Blasted into the side of a steep Arizona mountain, Cathy and Randy Clark's cave home is surprisingly cozy.
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Tour Warren Buffett's office
The famed investor and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway took CNNMoney on a tour of his office. What we found might surprise you.
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Thiel: Google has $50B, doesn't innovate
Venture capitalist Peter Thiel tells Google Chairman Eric Schmidt the company has no idea how to invest its money.
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Vertical farms solve land problem
With land prices at a premium in Singapore, vertical farms with rotating vertical racks present a sustainable solution while cutting down pollution.
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Original Batmobile for sale
The Batmobile made for the 1960's TV show by George Barris will be up for auction in January for the first time.
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$89K house on the railroad tracks
There's graffiti on the outside and no running water for now, but this renovated railcar can be yours for under $100,000.
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The $1M electric supercar - from Croatia
The new Rimac Concept_One electric car is turning heads. Not just for its speed but because of where it's built.
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PayPal cofounder Thiel's startup advice
The venture capitalist says anyone building a startup now must be able to do one thing "uniquely well."
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Isle for sale, 19th century fort included
Harold Cushing calls his fortified island in the Gulf of Maine, 'a little kingdom.' For $4.85 million, the keys to the kingdom are yours.
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$700K survival home on wheels
UNICAT manufactures self-contained expedition vehicles for the client craving off-road adventure and a two-month supply of all the modern comforts of home.
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See the disappearing garage in action
This Lake Tahoe compound's 30-car underground garage is entered via a massive yet disguised hydraulic lift. For $50 million, it's yours.
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Mega yacht private chef cooks up a feast
Take a behind the scenes look at how one chef whips up gourmet meals for exacting mega yacht owners and their guests.
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Bigger and badder: The next gen Humvee
The U.S. military is seeking a supplement for the Humvee and the original Humvee's creator, AM General, has submitted the BRV-O for consideration.
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Less than $1 an hour to make iPads
CNN's Stan Grant interviews one Foxconn worker about the factory conditions in China where some Apple products are made.
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Six-figure nannies
Nanny salaries are reaching new highs, according to one agency that places childcare workers for the ultra-rich.
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How campaign finance works
Presidential campaigns are extremely expensive. Here's where it all comes from.
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Face off: Navy SEAL vs. Marine on Wall Street
Two veterans working at Credit Suisse talk about the battlefield and the trading floor.
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How Welch's started as alcohol-free wine
Welch's concord grape juice was invented over 140 years ago as non-alcoholic wine for the church services.
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I left Wall Street to become a monk
Meet Rasanath Dasa, a man who walked away from a job in investment banking paying six figures to become a Hindu monk.
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This data company knows all about you
CNN gets an inside look into Acxiom, a company that processes more than 30 billion data records on consumer habits.
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Munger on Occupy: 'I hate that'
Berkshire Hathaway's Vice Chairman Charlie Munger says Occupy Wall St. protesters are 'ignorant, shouting people.'
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Peek inside a $100,000 luxury closet
Every item has a perfect spot in these custom closets for the rich and famous by Los Angeles based designer Lisa Adams.
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Getting Grandma to try pot
Robert Platshorn started the Silver Tour in Florida to rally senior citizens for the legalization of medical marijuana in the state
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Charging $95/hour to beat up Wall St. guys
Former amateur boxer Eric Kelly spends his weekday evenings training men in finance -- and beating them up, both physically and verbally.
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What is Libor?
The London interbank offered rate is a reference rate used to calculate everything from home loans to credit card interest rates.
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How hackers can steal your debit card info
Hackers at the Black Hat cybersecurity conference demonstrate flaws in debit card terminals that could expose card information.
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The most wanted job on Wall Street
Wall Street once hired engineers to create complex financial products. Now it needs their smarts to mitigate risk and avoid another crisis.
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How Pink's became Hollywood's hot dog
Pink's Hot Dogs, the iconic Los Angeles eatery, opened in 1939 as a pushcart selling hot dogs for just ten cents.
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Tech titans spar over future of America
Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and tech investor Peter Thiel get into a heated debate about whether America is heading in the right direction.
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Warren Buffett's career advice
Warren Buffett says: Follow your passion and 'take the job that you would take if you were independently wealthy.'
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Starbucks CEO on opening in India
Howard Schultz talks about Starbucks new store in Mumbai, a joint venture with India's Tata Group.
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Apple's culture of secrecy
Fortune's Adam Lashinsky explains the strategies Apple uses to keep its projects secret, even from its own employees.
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FedEx's electric truck challenge
FedEx has set goals to cut fuel consumption and reduce emissions, but the high cost of electric trucks has slowed down their fleet modernization.
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Want to work at REI? Gear up!
REI employees need to be outdoor enthusiasts who spend as much time outside as they do in the stores.
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The Magic Mushroom home that LSD built
The walls have no corners and the rocks have faces in the magic mushroom house, which was built under the influence of hallucinogens.
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The jelly beans Ronald Reagan loved
Jelly Belly saw a jump in sales after the former President became a huge fan and passed out jars of the flavored jelly beans to world leaders.
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A San Francisco castle and its grottoes
With its underground caves and a natural spring that produces 10,000 gallons of water a day, Albion Castle is one of the city's unique historical landmarks.
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Four Seasons hires for five-star attitude
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts charges high premiums for the level of service that its employees provide to guests.
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How an IPO works
As Facebook plans to go public with its stock, CNN's Ali Velshi takes a look at what's going on behind the scenes.
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Hot Wheels turns toys into real cars
How Mattel's Hot Wheels turns their beloved children's toys into a real car capable of death-defying stunts.
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Why Facebook bought Instagram
At TechCrunch Disrupt 2012, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explains how the company plans to use Instagram after acquiring it for $1 billion.
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Ex-Goldman exec: Firm deceives clients
Greg Smith says Goldman Sachs is attacking the messenger in responding to his new tell-all book. But firm says former employee's charges are off base.
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The future of rechargeable batteries
Researchers at Argonne National Laboratory are developing car and smartphone batteries that can hold 50 percent more energy.
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Buffett and Munger won't buy Facebook
Warren Buffett says he won't be buying shares of Facebook while his business partner Charlie Munger says he just doesn't like it.
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Inside Facebook's investor pitch
The company's road show will place an emphasis on mobile growth as it travels the country pitching investors ahead of its IPO.
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Get cozy in this 84-square foot cabin
Seeking the smallest possible footprint, Dee Williams built her tiny home to stand just shy of 14 feet tall and 9 feet wide.
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Inside Mexico's Silicon Valley
Guadalajara is home to Mexico's hottest tech incubator with 37 startup companies.
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Why Jetblue founder launched Brazil's Azul
Former JetBlue CEO David Neeleman on why he chose the country of his birth for his new airline.
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Retirees in RVs are Amazon's elves
Called 'workampers,' semi-retirees are living in RVs at Amazon's warehouse in Nevada for holiday work.
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For sale: Disney-inspired fairy tale manor
Senior Disney designer Robert McDonnell created Graystone Manor in the theme park's image -- and for $1.5 million, you can live happily ever after in it.
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