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This zero-waste packaging is made from bamboo
To tackle Thailand's trash problem, Universal Biopack uses a unique formula to create zero-waste packaging from cassava and bamboo.
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Detroit makes housing affordable with tiny homes
Detroit is in a period of economic recovery, yet many of the hardest hit still don't have adequate housing. The Cass Community Center Tiny Homes Project's answer was to build 25 houses for less than $45,000 each.
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Tim Ferriss: Why I left Silicon Valley
Tim Ferriss tells CNN Tech's Laurie Segall why he left Silicon Valley and whether he thinks tech leaders understand their responsibility in coding our future.
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Tim Ferris opens up about his struggle with mental health
Tim Ferriss tells CNN Tech's Laurie Segall about his own battle with mental health issues and his advice for others who might be struggling.
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What happens to your social media when you die?
We use social media documents our lives. But what happens to your posts, pictures and tweets when you die? CNN Tech Correspondent and "Mostly Human" host Laurie Segall explains what happens to your accounts when you're no longer around.
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Billionaire behind 5-hour ENERGY takes on new project
5-hour ENERGY Founder Manoj Bhargava has big plans outside the energy drink space. CNN Correspondent Rachel Crane finds out how the former monk and Princeton dropout plans to address the world's most pressing problems.
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Tesla solar panels are starting to power Hawaii island
Solar panels are not new. But now Tesla is using batteries to store power from the sun for use during peak electricity hours at night. Stephanie Elam reports from Hawaii's island of Kauai which is beginning to use the technology.
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Morgan Stanley Exec: Being smart isn't enough
Carla Harris, Vice Chairman at Morgan Stanley, was the first African American to join the bank's management committee and has become a powerful voice for women in finance.
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Watch a blob of rubber turn into a basketball
CNNMoney takes you to a factory in Jalandhar, India to see how basketballs are made from a giant piece of rubber, and then shot at an iron plate at 25 mph.
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Melissa McCarthy channels Sean Spicer on SNL
Actress Melissa McCarthy made an appearance on "Saturday Night Live" to take on the role of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.
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Indonesia's first billion dollar startup
What started as a ride hailing service for motorcycles has now become an all-in-one on-demand platform across 25 cities in the world's fourth largest country.
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Moment Zuckerberg got into Harvard
Mark Zuckerberg releases video of his acceptance into Harvard's class of 2002.
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Review: 'Feud' is a smashing success
CNN's Brian Lowry reviews the FX mini-series 'Feud: Bette and Joan,' developed by Ryan Murphy and starring Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon.
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Testing earbuds that translate in real-time
CNN's Samuel Burke sits down with Waverly Labs CEO Andrew Ochoa to test their language translating earbuds.
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How the MLS is boosting soccer's popularity in the U.S.
MLS Commissioner Don Garber tells CNNMoney's Ahiza Garcia how David Beckham made Americans care about professional soccer, and how the league is attracting more talent.
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Aboard the first hydrogen commuter train
This hydrogen powered passenger train is being tested in Germany. It is nearly silent and emits nothing but water.
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This high-tech farm grows veggies in a warehouse
Bowery is a hydroponic farm inside a warehouse in Kearny, New Jersey. The energy-efficient facility uses automation and machine learning to grow delicious vegetables year-round, without worrying about traditional farming challenges like weather and unwelcome animals.
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Bitcoin jumps 1000% this year
Bitcoin rises by $2000 in one day! Then it falls by just as much the very same day. Is the digital currency here to stay? Or a volatile, unproven and unbacked currency that's doomed to fail? Coindesk's Nolan Bauerie gives Richard his two cents.
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First date with humanoid robot Pepper
CNNtech's Samuel Burke takes the humanoid robot Pepper on a first date. They dance, talk politics and even have a drink.
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This flying hotel can be yours for $74,000 an hour
Here's a rare look inside Deer Jet's new Dream Jet. It's a modified 787 Dreamliner, and the interior is as extravagant as the price to rent.
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Meet the singer behind 'Despacito' (It's not Bieber)
Luis Fonsi explains how his song 'Despacito' became the first Spanish-language hit to top the charts since the Macarena.
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Japan's ever-evolving vending machines
They sell everything from a hot meal to fresh fruit. See how these vending machines are made and maintained.
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Elon Musk: Don't just teach math, explain why
At the International Space Station Research and Development Conference, the SpaceX and Tesla CEO talks sustainability, AI and education
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'Rogue One' director on CGI actor controversy
'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' director Gareth Edwards sits down with CNN's Frank Pallotta to discuss fan backlash against the CGI versions of Peter Cushing and Carrie Fisher in the film.
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How Microsoft's Cortana will compete with Alexa
CNNTech Correspondent Samuel Burke sits down with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to discuss the company's plans for its digital assistant Cortana.
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Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot can backflip now
Boston Dynamics released a video of its humanoid robot Atlas hopping and doing backflips. It's the second time this week the company has teased an updated robot.
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Will recreational marijuana soon be legal nationwide?
More than 20% of people over 21 years old in the country can smoke marijuana legally under state laws. Cristina Alesci explains what you need to know about the future of the weed industry.
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Dutch engineers test 'floating island'
Rising sea levels and increased scarcity of land are forcing tech companies to develop innovative real estate solutions. In the Netherlands, engineers have tested a concept for a "floating mega island".
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Nigeria's female oil tycoon
Amy Jadesimi is the managing director of LADOL, an oil and gas servicing company, based in Africa's most populous nation -- Nigeria.
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'SNL': Nothing matters anymore
Alec Baldwin returned to "Saturday Night Live" with his impression of President Donald Trump being interviewed by Lester Holt.
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Black Mirror creator: We replaced the supernatural with tech
During a panel for Netflix's Black Mirror, showrunner Charlie Brooker tells CNNTech's Laurie Segall why he's optimistic about technology in the long run, and how the show uses tech, rather than the supernatural, to tell its stories.
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Trump's Air Force One will be built here
Boeing builds almost every one of its planes in Everett, Washington -- just 30 minutes outside of Seattle. It's also where the new Air Force One will be built. And you can see it all happen in person.
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Meet the woman trying to change book publishing in India
Chiki Sarkar is the founder of Juggernaut, a mobile first book publishing startup. Chiki was the India editor of Penguin and quit to establish a platform for authors to publish their books digitally.
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Watch all light disappear into this material
A new material absorbs 99.96% of light, making it the Guinness World Record holder for the darkest substance.
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Inside the Boxed warehouse: It's not humans vs. robots
When Boxed made the decision to automate its New Jersey fulfillment center, CEO Chieh Huang wanted to be sure that there was still room for humans on the floor. But how long will those jobs last?
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This Russian robot shoots guns
A Russian official posted a video on his Facebook page of FEDOR, a humanoid robot being worked on by the Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects. It's shown using tools, driving a car and shooting guns at targets.
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How to negotiate a raise like a pro
Steph Curry, Michael Phelps and Jimmie Johnson all go to Phil de Picciotto when it comes time for contract negotiations. CNNMoney's Ahiza Garcia gets pro tips on how to negotiate your next raise.
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How Nando's made it to Malaysia
After tasting Nando's spicy chicken in London for the first time, Mac Chung Lynn decided to open 74 franchises in Malaysia.
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Some Trump supporters hoping they don't lose Obamacare
Some Republican voters want lawmakers to think twice before repealing Obamacare, despite President-elect Trump's promises to dismantle the law. Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports.
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This is the cheapest private jet you can buy
At $2 million, the Cirrus Vision Jet is a value-buy for jet enthusiasts.
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Google Lens makes your camera smarter than you
On Wednesday, Google announced several Google Photos updates and unveiled Google Lens, which lets your phone's camera interpret people, places, and things in the pictures you take.
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Corey Feldman tells LAPD about pedophilia claims
HLN's Carol Costello interviews child star Corey Feldman about his experience being abused and his conversation with the Los Angeles Police Department. He also discusses Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and the problem of sexual harassment in Hollywood.
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Why Hollywood gets hackers so wrong
When you think of a hacker, you probably think about basement-dwellers in hoodies typing at lightning speeds - but that's not entirely accurate. CNNTech's Selena Larson tells us why the media just can't seem to paint an accurate picture of a hacker.
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Apple's Phil Schiller: To predict the future, invent it
Apple SVP Phil Schiller talks to CNNTech's Laurie Segall about the company's role in empowering developers to create the future of technology.
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J. Crew's CEO on the key to success: Ants in your pants
He might have been an average student at school, but the J. Crew CEO tells CNNMoney's Cristina Alesci his "love affair" with the fashion industry from the very beginning.
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Howard Schultz: A childhood in the projects inspired ambition
Sports got Schultz out of poverty, but magic beans solidified that he would never return. Starbucks Chairman and CEO tells CNNMoney's Cristina Alesci how his American Dream started.
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Go inside the 'Amazon of Japan'
E-commerce giant Rakuten is reinventing Japan's corporate culture with Silicon Valley-style perks and an English language policy.
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Ransomware 'WannaCry' attack explained
A ransomware attack targeting organizations, businesses and hospitals is spreading across about 100 countries.
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China's elevated bus is dead
China's futuristic elevated bus has been standing idle for months, and workers have started to dismantle its tracks.
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The $1.5 million flying car
Slovakian company AeroMobil has been developing a car capable of transforming into a plane in just three minutes. They plan on delivering the first models in 2020, if it can overcome regulatory scrutiny.
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