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Cory Everson ♥ ♣
Cory "Corinna" Everson- 6 time Ms Olympia. We have provided this clip, (slide show) as a tribute to Cory Everson, to portray her beauty, as well as her strength. In the same light, we recognize that Cory has brought the foundation of the Eternal Light to her children. To provide one with the foundation, as with the family, makes their light a beacon, to be seen by everyone. The heart remains a true testament of one's accomplishments in life. As Yahweh searches the minds and heart of everyone, He has surely provided Cory with compassion and love, as to her family also. Each of us are refined to the day in which we are redeemed, namely our soul at the transfiguration. We are truly confident, that Corinna 'Cory' and her family, shall be among those whom are granted passage into the Kingdom. We wish to thank Cory for the courtesy of using her photos, as we also wish to thank A-Ha for their song "Take On Me". This music seemed to be the right choice to attach with Cory, and her superiority, poise, and character by claiming the Ms. Olympia 6 times. The seventh is reserved unto One whom many may not see, but continues in motion each, and every day. We send our love to Corinna and her family members.
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Pow Wow Narragansett Indian Tribe
This is the annual Pow Wow for the Narragansett Indian Tribe, located in Charlestown, Rhode Island. Considered an Indian Council, where the ceremony encompasses prayer at the onset. Along with prayer, is the burning of sage, a continual tradition. Sage, derived from the mint family, emits an aromatic scent. The ever present medicine man cleanses the ceremony with sage, to cure the sick or effect success in hunting, and always giving thanks to the Eternal One. Dance and food are always innate within the ceremony. Pictures are forbidden to be taken of the Ghost Dance, nor is any filming allowed of this dance. The sound of the Indian drums are perpetual. The calumet, (peace pipe) is always in the midst of the ceremony. The harvest can come at any time, never knowing the day, time, or hour. † Due to intermittent rain which covered this two day feast, some camera shake is noticeable. Trying to keep the lens covered was a small task. In addition to this, this is my first video uploaded. As you can notice, I'm not a film director.
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Marilyn Monroe Valentine's Day Tribute by Youth Group
This is our tribute to Marilyn Monroe. We know that this day, Valentine's Day, would be a day to be cherished by Norma Jean. Norma's heart, compassion, and love for others, encompassed her spirit. To give, is greater than to receive, in which Norma offered us in the way of entertainment, as well as providing her time with others, and expecting nothing in return. Her beauty was enhanced by embracing others, whom she knew not Yet, by true emotions emanating from her heart, Norma displayed her love, and affection to everyone. Her extreme beauty defined the heart of a refined, truly refined woman. Our heart is with Norma always, and also our love. There is nothing greater than love, the love which was innate within her. She received her name, Norma Jean Baker during baptism performed by Aimee Semple McPherson at the Angeles Temple. Norma later converted to Judaism. Whichever way any may seek to toss arrows at her, for any reason, one may consider the day of the harvest, in which no one knows, but One. אלוהים מגיע כאשר אתה לפחות מצפה. WE are truly confident that Norma shall be redeemed from the resurrection of the body, at the transfiguration, where each of us will be given new bodies immortal. We claim not the images as belonging to us, nor do we have any intentions to infringe upon the right of any copyright law, implied, or written. The music is by Youth Group, Song is- 'Forever Young'. We wish to express gratitude to GOOGLE, whom has provided most of the photographs, accompanied by film reels, in which we have developed in portraying Marilyn Monroe. We would also like to make apparent the inspiration of MidnyteFox, whom has provided insight to us. His channel is present on You Tube. Most of all, we praise Our Eternal Light, by the Power of the Holy Spirit, in giving us direction, as also guiding our heart.
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Seat Coupler 1
Technical Link Only- GM-20614 Compatibility Installation
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Dodge Challenger:  "Lifting With Floor Jack"- ZL1 Addons
This is a demonstration video for the ZL1 Addons 1087 Magnetic Jack Pad. The pad works with ease and is very strong. We would highly recommend this pad. ATTENTION: * This is actually: 80/20 Inc 25mm X 25mm Mono-Slotted T-Slot Aluminum 25 Series 25-2501 X 1830mm N. The price is approximately $17.00 for six feet. I was unaware of this aspect before purchasing from ZL1 Addons. The rare earth magnets were added in the channel by ZL1 Addons,"otherwise the same" We’ll certainly keep that in mind for future reference.
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Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation Pow Wow 2015  Additional Footage
Some additional footage of the 2015 Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation Pow Wow. Schemitzun: (Feast of Green Corn and Dance).
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Dodge Challenger Sxt Plus 2013 Undercarriage + "Jack Points"
We know a lot of guys have been seeking video of the undercarriage of the Dodge Challenger, along with the appropriate jack point areas. In the video are the locations where raising a vehicle (Challenger 2013) is feasible. Detailed the undercarriage (unibody Or Unit Body), applied Aerospace Protectant 303 to the plastic, and all rubber hoses, and boots.. I used WD-40 to lubricate all metal fittings, including all stress points, cast aluminum, bushings, and anywhere where bolts and washers were located. Waxed the gas tank , springs, and all suspension components included in the double wishbone suspension. If any are interested in the ZL1 Addons (Pinch Weld Magnetic Jack Pads), you can contact John at G Sim Aviation. John's technical expertise in this area far excels any other manufacturer option for jack pads. The calculations made by John to formulate these jack pads are very precise. As to the video, I had to edit some audio content; but left the video intact. George is a friend of mine that indulges in a lot of talk. The Dolphins lost to the Patriots. People present: Mike, Jay, George, Paula Duffy (CPD), and Joe. Any can provide their analysis, as to this video. Hope you guys may acquire some information here. Email- Zl1addons.com Phone: 858-527-8727
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Schemitzun 2015
Pow Wow: Feast of Green Corn and Dance. Location: Ledyard, CT.
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Dodge Mechanic Performing Maintenance
Can anyone identify the internal noises associated with a maintenance procedure which was being conducted by the technician? There are several sounds associated with normal components which can be identified. However, a succession of noises are very audible, whereas the technician was performing a maintenance procedure on my vehicle. Starting at around .54 seconds moving further are a succession of noises. Can any identify these noises and what the technician was trying to do? This is a question posed to those familiar with the aforesaid service procedure.
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Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation Pow Wow 2015  ‘Supplement’
2015 Mashantucket Pequot Tribal nation Pow Wow of Green Corn and Dance. Supplementary footage.
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Dodge Challenger "Lifting with ZL1 'Premium' Magpad"
Dodge Challenger Lifting with ZL1 'Premium' Magpad
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Alternator (P60 Recall) - Denso
Some pictures, and short clip of the Denso alternator (P60 Recall) installed by Tasca Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram of Westerly, Rhode Island. * We're race ready.
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2013 Dodge Challenger Sxt Plus "Rust Bucket"
This is my "New" 2013 Dodge Challenger Sxt Plus with Sport Suspension, and electronics convenience group. Purchased this vehicle "New" from Colonial South Chrysler Dodge in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. This vehicle is full ,of 'Rust'; notice the front and rear suspension that has an abundance of rust. The steering knuckle bolts, and nuts rusted completely. The control arms are with rust as well, and the exhaust. Is the exhaust stainless? Misalignment of body panels are present as well (driver door). Is this a robotic assembly line, and is "quality" control still being used? The plastic stickers were never removed from the weep holes in the trunk area. There is also 'Rust' in the gully area of the trunk; "unnoticed by me at time of purchase". The vehicle took me about seven days in detailing work, for there were tar spots embedded in the clear coat finish. The monotone paint is really horrendous. In addition to this, Colonial South lied on the "Odometer Disclosure Statement", in stating the aforesaid vehicle had 13 miles. In fact when I took delivery, the said vehicle had 117 miles. General Manager, Mark Babineau promised a hat, and t-shirt to my handicapped mom, in which she never received. Mark also promised me a locking gas cap free, in which I received not. Mark said that he would provide a "free" oil change for the odometer disclosure, of being false. I was not at all pleased with that fact. As for the rust in the trunk area, Mark said he would bring the vehicle to a Ford dealership to have it painted, "trunk area". Dodge Corporate, along with another Dodge dealership stated this was absurd. Apparently, there is no body shop at Colonial South, which I was not aware of. I contacted the Attorney General in Massachusetts and they refused to do anything, other than providing me a free oil change, and promised merchandise. Dodge Corporate blamed the salesman for being dishonest on the odometer disclosure. This vehicle now sits in my garage with about 150 miles, on a "NEW" vehicle. This car has never seen snow, nor rain. Any lawyer wishing to represent me on this matter would be truly appreciated. Audio recordings, photos, and video can certainly corroborate the facts without any doubt. This vehicle (2013 Dodge Challenger Sxt Plus cost me nearly 30k. We would hope that the Chrysler Corporation may take notice of these faults, and the "Rust". Beware when purchasing a vehicle today, as most corporations use the bare minimum, and most cost effective materials. A 'plastic' car with a uni-body frame. I'm ashamed for buying this car. Researching for nearly a year was not long enough to notice all the 'faulty' aspects of the Dodge Challenger. Good luck "Hemi" owners. Those four cylinders shutting off at cruising speed is a 'wonderful' idea, ( V-8). This is most likely why Daimler left years ago. German technology would not tolerate such changes, whereas the vehicles were not being assembled properly.
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2013 Dodge Challenger Sxt Plus  'RUST' Part II
This is part 2, "Dodge Challenger Sxt Plus Rust". Nearly three (3) months have passed without any resolution from the Chrysler Corporation. The case manager which was assigned to me, "Nick" was never really a case manager. This information was presented to me by Diane on January 31, 2014 via telephone. Diane said, "Nick is not a case manager, but a rental agent". This video shows more detail regarding the 'rusted' components on a "new" Challenger (2013). It was somewhat difficult to shoot this footage without a lift, and in extreme cold weather. My gasping somewhat is due to the cold weather. As soon as I am able to raise this vehicle on a lift for further examination, more video will certainly capture the amount of rust in the rear suspension as well. Again, this vehicle was purchased "New" and displayed this rust from day one. The Challenger (2013) has never been in any inclement weather, rather sitting in my garage, until such time that all issues are addressed by the Chrysler Corporation.
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Marilyn Monroe
Norma Jeane Mortenson (Baker) - Born June 1, 1926-August 1, 1962. This video is dedicated in memory of Marilyn Monroe. We send our love to her. * Baptized at the Foursquare Baptist Church.
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Pow Wow Narragansett Indian Tribe HD 2 Additional Footage
Re- Edited, and uploaded in 1080P. Additional footage added, as this being Part 2.
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Pow Wow Narragansett Indian Tribe HD 1 Additional Footage
Re-Edited, and uploaded in HD Some additional footage added. Due to time limitation, the video has been divided into two segments: Part 1, and Part 2.
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Oldsmobile 100th Anniversary Celebration 1997
This is my 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham, purchased new, 'original owner'. Fully documented. Hydraulic roller lifters and valves, 7A cylinder heads (swirl port), 307- 5.0 Liter, 2.14 rear axle ratio (highway gears); can you believe it! This vehicle is 'stock', never been changed. Lead vehicle in motorcade in 1997 Oldsmobile 100th Anniversary Celebration in Lansing Michigan. Sheryl Crow was present, and performed many of her musical songs (hits). Dolly Parton accompanied the Oldsmobile Parade, I believe riding in a 1957 Oldsmobile. This is a classic, and I thought some may be interested in viewing. It would be nice to hear from those whom were present. No music accompanying footage. There is a possibility of selling. Inquire within. * I blotted out the VIN number on the 'sticker', for security. Production Numbers: 1986 Cutlass Salon 9,608 - Cutlass Salon 442 - 4,273 Cutlass Supreme - 79,654 Cutlass Supreme Brougham - 55,275 - Total : 148,810
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Schemitzun Pow Wow Peruvian Flute Player
Flute player from Peru at the Schemitzun Pow Wow 2015. * If there is any discontent from the Indian Nations regarding this video, or its content; we shall remove it.
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2013 New Dodge Challenger Rust Issues III
Still photos displaying 'rust' on a new 2013 Dodge Challenger. We would appreciate any Challenger owner replying with their opinion.
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Fishing- *GALILEE- Rhode Island
Part of our family aboard the Francis Fleet, out of Galille, Rhode Island: This is our family 'fishing excursion'. Tony, Anthony, JR, Elena, and me, Synoptic12 (Tommy) "tattoo right arm", 'for inquiring minds". Alba-Sue was on vacation. We move past the breakers, heading out to sea. There was some slight chop on the water. You can notice the fisherman 'slicing' the fish. JR, 'black hat', was not shy from handling the fish, and mangling them! An enjoyable trip. Tony-Business- Naples, FL Elena-Flight Attendant (Cannot divulge airline) Anthony- Two tours in Irag (Sgt.) 'Survived', by the will of Yahweh JR- Still searching Synoptic12- Member of the Assembly of Yahweh *Footage was originally taken from a camcorder (remember those), transferred to VHS, then burning to DVD, and copying the Video TS_ files to PC, finally editing, and transferring files to Windows Live Movie Maker. We hope that some fishermen, as others, may enjoy the scenery, and the beauty of the sea.
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Lincoln Officer Accused of Assault Has Prior Conviction   WPRI.com.flv
This is the 'cop' who kicked the defenseless woman in the head while she was handcuffed. This video shows him being convicted in 2001. Yet, he managed to keep his badge, even though the Town of Lincoln recommended he be terminated. This is just a portion of what really happens every day to people, by the law enforcement people whom you have placed your trust in.
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December 8, 2016 Technical Reference Link
Technical reference 2013 Dodge Challenger
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Vanderbilt Beach - Tortoise Time
Tortoise feeding at midday, "Apparently posing for the camera". Coded: Love You Mom ♥ * Hi Mom, won't be home for dinner tonight.
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Bad Drivers: Dash Cam Footage
Dash Cam Footage: Bad Drivers Chipset: Ambarella A7 Image Sensor: CMOS OV4689 4 Mega-pixel HDR- 'OFF' 1920 X 1080 P 30 fps Exposure Compensation: +1 ISO: Automatic Lens 6G Fixed Focus F2.0 PC Interface: USB2.O (Highspeed)
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Sacred Scriptures
The Root of Jesse, The Offspring of David, The Bright and the Morning Star, The Aleph and the Tau, The First and the Last A servant delivering the message from the messenger.
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