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25.94 single, 2.99.99 mean of 3
Cube: Weilong V2 Scrambles: 00:25.94 L2 U F2 L2 U' R2 U' L2 D B2 U2 B' L2 F R B R' L2 D' R' L2 U' 00:31.59 U2 F2 D2 U' L2 F2 D B2 D' U' L' B' D2 F D' R' L F2 L D' B' U 00:28.34 B2 F2 U F2 R2 D2 B2 L2 D2 L2 U' R B' R2 U2 F' U2 L' F' L2 U2 00:30.05 U B2 F2 R2 B2 F2 U' B2 D' L2 D' B' D2 R2 L' D' U2 F' U' R F' U'
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new PB (24.17), sub 20 fail
Cube: Weilong V2 Scrambles: 00:24.17 R2 U F2 U2 L2 D' R2 D R2 U' B2 R' U' R B L2 U2 F2 R' D2 U' 00:30.87 R2 F2 D F2 U2 L2 D B2 U F2 L F2 D B L D F2 U B'
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ao5 24.89
Cube: gans 356 air 1. 23.52 R2 D2 F' D2 R2 B' L' B L2 U R2 D R2 L2 F2 U D L2 D2 L' 2. 24.81 L2 F' L2 F R2 F' L2 B2 L2 U2 B' L D2 F2 D U L' F U' B R' 3. 24.08 B F2 L2 F2 L' B2 R D2 U2 F2 L' R' D' U B' D' R F2 D' R2 B 4. 25.83 U' L2 D2 U2 R U2 R2 U2 R D2 R' U2 F' U F2 D2 L B2 R B' U2 5. 25.76 D2 L2 F2 L' U2 L2 B2 L' B2 R' F2 U L2 D' B' U B R' B2 L2 U
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Rocket jumping of pl_thoundermountans (spawn to spawn)
Song: SharaX - Bonus Ducks!
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21.06 single
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Python3/Pygame - AvoidEm - 25/12/16 Update
Source code: https://github.com/mircodezorzi/AvoidEm
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Rocket jumping of pl_badwater (spawn to back-roof)
Song: TooManyMoths - In The Beam (feat. WillFromAfar)
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Cp Snakewater (6v6 Solly Highlight)
Airshot on a soilder!
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Koth Airfield (9v9 Solly Highlight)
7 kills and 1 destruction as soilder with kritzkrieg!! Demo download: http://www63.zippyshare.com/v/GscVMOq9/file.html
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Binding Of Isaac: Breaking Run
This is a 1 year old video, had to post it a few months ago but I was too lazy to do it ...
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Rocket jumping of pl_upwards (spawn to wooden bridge)
Song: wazgul - Erectin' a River
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Koth viaduct (9v9 Solly Highlights)
A sick airshot from above!
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Koth Airfield (9v9 Demo Highlights)
Some caber/lock n' load kills in airfield
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