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jodi arias day 31
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Insulting to say the least
Beta Testing
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For Parker
For Parker and his quest of becoming a fine youngman. Be who you admire and show those standards and values and live them evey mintue everyday.
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Truth will out
Athens greece days ago and I was there for many days and nights in the square, we had no riots. They dare not when families are hand in hand night after night. THE RT REPORT IS ALL COOKED, THE RIOTS ARE BEING STAGED!
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some days in 2011 039.avi
I am so very exhausted, being at the Biderberg event for me was something I could not have missed as I live so close to the event this year. I all am trying to have persons to look at the actual laws as they stand now and to realize the preferred weapon in the battle of any freedom is based in our own laws. I meet many persons that listened to my point and I passed out as many copies of my SUIT as possible I wished I could have presented it to The Bilderberg Group themselves, but that is a dream is it not. For now I merely a post my Ideas and worries, I wonder if the message of the facts as Iprecieve them will get to the attention of the public and of the Media?. I am a simple Human Being, I have only one agenda if you will. I wish to be heard in The Court of Human Rights(under Common Law Jurisdiction) for the violation of my humanity, being signed into savery as an infant and traded as if I were a plot of land. I hate the fact that under Maritime Law these Market traders have rights over all I could ever possess, by use of "Possession laws" in those laws they can claim to all products I could design, create, manufacture, also lay claim to all I materialize from those afore mentioned means. Materialization means: if from my own creativity I earn moneies and build a house, buy a car or let us say a coin collction, by their "Maritime law" Possession and equity codes and laws, I have second claim if I am fortunate not to owe any other debts, if so my claim on my own labors would be 3rd, 4th, 5th depending on how many entities I owe debt to. All have claims before myself. I am so saddened that more human beings do not see this is the system of "Maritime owership laws. I do see conspircy first in all of this, I see Elegant, Intricate, Inteligent, Spherical design, It would seem to be a "Perpetual ATM" Humans are the cash meachine they never have to fill, but they do by corrupting Governments and laying on debts that would take slaves several generations to satisfy. If we as a Human Race are ever to combat this, we need to be in deep and meaningful study of the vary laws that seemingly validate this system of ownership. I most Sincerely thank you for your time and efforts.clarisd@yahoo.com
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Thank You All
Thank you for all the activity on this subject! It is always a pleasure for me to get the mind working in myself and others, hearing all the various thoughts and opinions as well as new information. If your not learning your not alive!
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Thanking you all!
JA trail day 31
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Pay for freedom
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some days in 2011 028.avi
Builderberg 2011 had to get home to sleep, had not sleep in a week for the fact I was working on THE SUIT and then went over the mountains to be there and got wiped out, am going back today to get some films. Wish me luck.
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For Parker and his quest
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the lake for sure! 001
A little bite and then back we go
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slavery by any other name is what it is
Logic applied to the facts, this is based on open fruad.
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the lake for sure! 2014
Lake Como, outting with a friend!
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JA day 31, repost
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Just a test
jerking around
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A site to remember
Petitioning a site and why
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education and dividing people on all levels
How special interest groups are destroying true intellectual growth
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The Greeks have been protesting for over a year.
Slavery by means of unlawful debt assignment. Genocide!
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Webcam video from July 9, 2014 11:03 AM
new mic/headset
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remake wonderings1
just some thoughts about prejudice
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clarisd's webcam video 30 November 2011 01:38 (PST)
clarisd's webcam video 30 November 2011 01:38 (PST)
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Movie Arigna
just walking home
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Just an Agony Aunt
Advice of the cheeky sort
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The Truth is
Knowing that an education is not equal to intellect! OUR most basic duty to our liberty
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Our most basic Duty
The NDAA is an open delcaration against our most basic rights. We fail to do our most basic duty to the system and we see the massive voter fraud and it is our failure to attend to it at all levels, but our most basic level of access is our local councils. WE HAVE A DUTY TO ATTEND to the failure of the system as it stands. An American living at last post. But still for now a citizen of the USA
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slavery by any other name, title or label is still slavery.
just my knowledge on this subject.
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clarisd's webcam video 17 January 2012 02:08 (PST) Unlawful NDAA
In answer to a vid produced by Mark Dice
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inciting violence
I follow various people and communities, at this time I am following the violence called for by the entertainment industry, as well as politicians and so much more. So much for safe spaces!
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clarisd's Webcam Video from 18 June 2012 04:33 (PDT)
clarisd's Webcam Video from 18 June 2012 04:33 (PDT)
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clarisd's webcam video 16 January 2012 22:52 (PST) MLKthe truth
The mind control used in agenda based education is so very deminstrated by the many vids about MLK, When are we as a human race going to seek intellectual repair and realize that we are being treated as BOTS for agendas that are anti population intellectual growth.
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Chemtrails fatal to all life on our planet, where did they get the authority to Terrorform the planet. They gave it to themselves while also using our tax $$$ to pay for the extermination of al life on the planet. Study this. See the New York times artical as well as many statements made by Holder the Science Czar. This is worldwide
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All life on Earth, we thought the Atom bomb was it, the Nutron or the Nuclear, but no they have even darker more deadly devices. Why? They cry save the Planet, all the while they create war upon war, device upon device, each more deadly than the last. The largest Carbon Footprint on the Planet is WAR, look into it! The fuel needed to wage even a small war is more than is used by all the inhabitants, The WARS use fuel and oil and so much more in one week, they use what the rest of our planet uses in 4 months. Wake up! The Sleepers must awaken
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