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Legal/litigation system and court structure in Bangladesh
Hi, my name is Sabrina Zarin, I am partner at FM Associates. This video contains information about the legal system of Bangladesh while having regards to the court structure and how cases are adjudicated. To know more about the legal system of Bangladesh visit: https://www.fmassociatesbd.com/blog/item/29-legal-system-in-bangladesh Email: info@fmassociatesbd.com
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Foreign investment in Bangladesh via Branch/Liaison office & Registration procedure?
Hi my name is Ashiqul Islam, I am an associate working at FM Associates Bangladesh. There are major three options available for foreign investors to start investing in Bangladesh, e.g: Branch Office, Liaison Office and Private Limited Company. A liaison office cannot remit outside of Bangladesh, however, a branch office can remit outside of Bangladesh provided a prior approval has been taken from BIDA. Both of these offices may run for a time period allowed by BIDA, however, further renewal can be acquired. None of these establishments shall be considered as a separate legal entity, therefore all the liabilities and debts shall be borne by the parent company. On the other hand a private limited company can be considered as a separate legal entity. For further information visit our website www.fmassociatesbd.com or email us at info@fmassociatesbd.com To know about the procedure of registering a company in Bangladesh- https://www.fmassociatesbd.com/blog/item/24-how-to-set-up-or-register-a-company-venture-incorporation-in-bangladesh To know about legal protections Bangladesh law provides to the foreign investors: https://www.fmassociatesbd.com/blog/item/23-legal-protection-for-foreign-investors-in-bangladesh How to setup a branch or liaison office in Bangladesh : https://www.fmassociatesbd.com/blog/item/10-how-to-set-up-a-branch-or-liason-office-in-bangladesh Advantages of having a company lawyer in Bangladesh: https://www.fmassociatesbd.com/blog/item/9-company-lawyers
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How to do title search and property/land vetting in Bangladesh?
Hi I am Tasnia Siddiqui, working as an associate at FM Associates Bangladesh. Definition: Property Vetting: scrutinizing all relevant documents relating to property, e.g- Khatians, Bia-deeds and deeds. It is very recommended that a proper vetting is carried out before a property is purchased because that omits all the possibility of getting into any misleading or fraudulent transaction. It helps to get ensure the validity of the property and make you aware of the true owner. If you need to know more about what a property lawyer does in relation to vetting visit www.fmassociatesbd.com Email: info@fmassociatesbd.com
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How to get work permit in Bangladesh for foreign expatriates?
Hi my name is Nadeem Abdullah, I am an associate working in FM Associates. Anyone foreigner/expatriates who are willing to work in Bangladesh must obtain work permit in Bangladesh. Work permit has to be issued by the relevant government authority commonly known as BIDA(Borad of Investment in Bangladesh). To know more about work permit visit: https://www.fmassociatesbd.com/blog/item/21-how-to-get-work-permit-and-visa-in-bangladesh Email: info@fmassociatesbd.com
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Cyber law in Bangladesh such as facebook or social defamation & propaganda.
Hi, my name is Ashiqul Islam, I am an associate working at https://www.fmassociatesbd.com/. In the emerging market of Internet Technology in Bangladesh, the aspect of cyber crime is a growing concern. Although there is no proper law under which cyber crimes has been vastly explained, the video shall give a brief idea as to what may constitute a cyber crime in Bangladesh. To know more about cyber law in Bangladesh visit: https://www.fmassociatesbd.com/blog/itemlist/tag/IT%20Law
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What is the procedure to purchase a property/land in Bangladesh
Hi, my name is Tasnia Siddiqui, working at FM Associates as an associate in Bangladesh. It is very important to follow the essential method prescribed in the video to avoid getting fraud. To know more about property law and how rela estate works in Bangladesh visit: https://www.fmassociatesbd.com/services/real-estate-and-environment
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Cheque Dishonour in Bangladesh under Negotiable Instrument Act 1881
Hi, my name is Sarjean Rahman Lian, I am senior associate at FM Associates. Cheque bounce of dishonour of cheque is considered as a criminal offense in Bangladesh, and such act is subject Negotiable Instrument Act 1881. To know more about the topic visit: www.fmassociatesbd.com
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How to incorporate or register a company in Bangladesh by foreign owned companies?
Hi, My name is Al Amin Rahman, the managing partner for FM Associates. This video has a brief description as to how a company can be incorporated in Bangladesh. To know more about company incorporation in Bangladesh visit: https://www.fmassociatesbd.com/insights/company-incorporation-in-bangladesh Company lawyer in Bangladesh: https://www.fmassociatesbd.com/insights/company-lawyer-in-bangladesh Email: info@fmassociatesbd.com
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Labour law of Bangladesh in regards to benefits/pregnant woman & children.
Hi , my name is Sabrina Zarin, I am a Partner at FM Associates. A brief outline has been provided in relation to labor law, while having regards to the benefits of a pregnant woman under the law, and how a child labor is absolutely prohibited. To know more about employment and labour visit: https://www.fmassociatesbd.com/services/employment-labour Email: info@fmassociatesbd.com
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How to file return for Annual General meeting (AGM) of a limited company in Bangladesh?
Hi my name is Nafiu Alam working as a senior associate at FM Associates. It is a compulsory requirement under the laws of Bangladesh that every company must file their Annual General Meeting(AGM) according to RJSC guidelines. This video gives a brief idea about AGM filling in Bangladesh. To know more about the firm visit: www.fmassociatesbd.com Email: info@fmassociatesbd.com
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Types of visa in Bangladesh
Hi, my name is Nadeem Abdullah working at FM Associates as an associate. There are several types of visa in Bangladesh, but the most significant ones are E, B, A3. To know more about visa visit: https://www.fmassociatesbd.com/
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Arbitration in Bangladesh
Hi my name is Al Amin Rahman, the managing partner of FM Associates Bangladesh. FM Associates, being the leading law firm in Bangladesh we conduct several works related to Arbitration. It seems that Arbitration is an upcoming factor in Bangladesh. Unlike disputes being adjudicated in courts, Arbitration omits the hassles of time length that courts take to resolve a dispute. Arbitration helps the parties to uphold the confidentiality of an issue being under dispute, and it certainly speeds up the process. To know more about arbitration visit: https://www.fmassociatesbd.com/services/arbitration
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Divorces in Bangladesh by the people of Hindu Religion
Although Bangladesh maintains a secular legal system, however, in relation to laws regarding marriage and divorces the matter depends on the religion of every individual. It seems that divorce is not a feature to be considered in hindu religion, which is why the only resort to be adopted while acquiring divorces is to take a special system out through dissolution of Marriage. To know more about family lawyer in Bangladesh: https://www.fmassociatesbd.com/services/family-wills-and-trust Divorce Lawyer in Bangladesh: https://www.fmassociatesbd.com/insights/divorce-lawyer-in-bangladesh Email: info@fmassociatesbd.com
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How law of inheritance/succession/property transfer after death?
Hi my name is Habbebur Rahman, I am an intern at FM Associates. Generally, the right of property after the death of a person in Bangladesh depends on the religion of every individual. It depends on from person to person, e.g the law of inheritance or succession works according to Hanafi law in Bangladesh for muslims. To know more about succession law visit: www.fmassociatesbd.com Email: info@fmassociatesbd.com
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How "WILL", "Succession Law" or "inheritance" works in Bangladesh and its execution.
Hi, my name is Tasnia Siddiqui working at FM Associates. As WILLS get executed after the death of the person making the WILL, the use of such law in Bangladesh requires precision. It seems that the law regarding WILLS works according to the religion of every individual person.
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