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Dungeons PC gameplay HD
Thi is gameplay from the new game Dungeons. If u want download link subscribe and ill send u the link and how to download it.
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Singularity awesome gun gameplay HD
just a little video showing you guys a cool weapon that singularity has. Hope u Enjoy Comment and subscribe for more.
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Top 10 psp game of 2009
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Battlefield 3 ultra settings (9800gt)
this is the besta version. u need the lates driver update for ur card. u can get it from nvidia.com. Note: this driver still in beta testing but it will improve ur performance up to 25%
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League of legends Rengar jungle path
Want to play sing up here: http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=4e0a3ccf33fac657987886 This was done without a leash, with one its way easier.
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Wisin y Yandel (tu vives en mi)
WY records, new cd " LA REVOLUCION"
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Just Cause 2 gameplay (nvidea 9800gt) max out
A little gameplay video showing the new game Just Cause 2 Hope you Enjoy Coment & rate
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Monster Jam 4/26/2010 FL Naples
I record this when i went to the show on sunday in Naples Fl Enjoy and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE
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Mass Effect 2 gameplay (quad core & geforce 9800 GT)
A little video showing how good Mass effect 2 looks All settings on max resolution 1440 by 900
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Battlefield Bad Company 2 rush mode gameplay (geforce 9800gt)
This is the rush mode of the awesome game BFBC2. Comment, Rate and Subscribe. Pc spec: geforce 9800gt intel core 2 quad 2.5 4 gb ram All setting on medium.
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Splinter Cell Conviction: Coop campaing gameplay
This is a coop gameplay for the upcoming game Splinter Cell Conviction
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StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty gameplay HD max settings
Just little vid showing u guys the new starcraft game. hope u enjoy Subscribe for more
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Combat arms -cabin  fever gameplay (max out) HD
little video showing the fireteam mission in Combat Arms
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left 4 dead 2 infected gameplay (9800gt) part 1
I was playing as an infected and having fun with this awesome game.
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BattleField Bad Company 2 multiplayer gameplay on 9800gt
NOTE: This is my first time playing so i kind of suck Hope you enjoy
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Dc Universe online beta giveaway
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Dungeon Siege 3 gameplay (9800gt)
Note: this is the demo which you can get from steam. Average 45 fps with fraps and 60+ without. Comment, subscribe and like.
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Savage 2 beast gameplay hd
A little video showing you guys this awesome game. hope you enjoy and subscribe for more gameplays in hd.
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Tropico 3  Showing my Tropical Island HD
A little video i made showing my tropical island in tropico 3. If u want download like pm and i will send it to you. Comment and Subscribe.
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Split/Second secret car unlock
Ps3/xbox306---From the main menu,click into the options tab. When in the option menu enter the code (look picture). PC--- When on the "Press Start" screen of the game you need to enter the following combination using the directional keys (look picture) I do not own this. All the credit goes to actualgamer.com Need help comment i i will tried to help you, tested in the pc version and works.
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APB action gameplay HD
Just a little video of me playing a APB. Enjoy. Comment and subscribe for more gameplays.
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Singularity gameplay HD (9800gt)
This game is awesome and somethimes scary but if you are a bioshock fan definitly get this. pm if you wan the download link
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Top 10 psp game of 2010
10 of the upcoming psp game enjoy. RATE AND COMMENT if u like it.
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Sniper Ghost warrior gameplay part 1  HD
This is footage of the second mission in this game
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Battlefield Bad Company 2 awesome sniping spot
I found this really good sniping spot while playing as a defender in Port Valdez Enjoy.
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Nail'd PC gameplay HD
Little vid showing you the new game call nail'd. Subscribe,Comment for more gameplay Comment if u want download link
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Top 5 PC game to look foward to.
5 good games coming out for PC.
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Alien Swarm multiplayer gameplay HD
You can get this game for free on steam and play it. It has very good graphics but only one mission with like 6 parts.
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Kane and Lynch 2 HD gameplay 1
the game is very good the only bad thing about it its that the camera shakes too much when sprinting and in some action scenes. Comment rate and subscribe PM for download link
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Overwatch: Mediocre Anna!
Quick match with anna, only the first part because we had a leaver and everyone left.
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Singularity gameplay HD max out
Just a little video showing me killling zombies or whatever those things.
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Call of Duty Black Ops  unboxing + gameplay
Enjoy and subscribe
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Just Cause 2 Trailer 2
The new trailer for the upcoming game Just cause 2 Release date: 23 march 2010
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Split/Second survival mode gameplay  (nvidea 9800gt) HD
In this mode basically what u have to do is avoid the gas tanks that the truck throws at you. There is another one where u have to avoid the gas tanks but a helicopter is the one that throw them. Comment and Subscribe ENJOY
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Splinter Cell Conviction shooting gameplay (9800gt)
I record this gameplay while playing the deniable ops on normal mode Is all shooting not much stealth.
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Medal of Honor Beta gameplay HD
Note: First time playing so i may suck
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Playstation 4 reveal
This is the real PS4 and it looks sick.
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Split/Second gameplay hight settings (9800gt) HD
This is good and if you like racing games this is definitly for u.
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League of legends Yorick gameplay HD
WEant to play LEague of legends click this link: http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=4e0a3ccf33fac657987886 NOTE: this is my first time playing him so mistakes were made.Very fun champion definitly worth checking out.
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Fallout new Vegas HD gameplay
Little vid showing u guys the new game Fallout new vegas Pm for download link Dont forget to subscribe and comment
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Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West gameplay HD
Lead and Gold is a multiplayer game in a old west kiend of style.U can play it for free on steam between 22 of july 2010 until 25 july 2010
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Dead Rising 2 gameplay 1 HD
a little video showing dead rising 2 for pc Pm if u want link to download game. Comment and subcribe for more gameplays.
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Need for Speed World beta gameplay HD
This is footage of the new need for speed that is coming out for pc.
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Singularity-pure action gameplay HD
just a video showing mme killing creatures in this awesome game comment and subscribe for more.
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Killing flooor (clots gameplay)
I record this while playing on the map doom and all the enemies were clots.
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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days gameplay HD
Note: This is the demo, you can download it from steam. This is my first time playing so i may suck a little.
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