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bart testing mic
bart overused mic and make a mess
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Trolling in the barbershop
Funny moments
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Dirt 4 gtx 1050ti with i5 2500 1080p @ 60fps
if you notice some kind of stutter in the video its because of shadow play fail to render smoothly but in actual gameplay there was no stutter at all and the game runs smoothly at 60fps all time in 1080p.. my pc specs: gtx 1050ti i5 2500 3.5ghz 12 gb ram
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The division...extraction point
Thats what really happen in the extractions point in the division
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Skullgirls painful tutorial xD
Its very hard...I set on this stage of tutorial for more than 3hrs...I finally made it...thanks God I was recording...enjoy my short victory
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funny man with cat mask...scared those kittens
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Dirt4 gtx 1050ti with i5 2500 medium to high settings 1080p 60fps all time
Dirt4 on gtx 1050ti with i5 2500 on 1080p my pc specs: gtx 1050ti with i5 2500 12gb ram graphic settings medium but with high textures and high shadow quality....the rest of settings are all on medium with Vsync ON.... the game never drop below 60fps on these settings.....I hope this will be helpful if you have any questions or any request leave it in the comments... enjoy
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