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My first recording of me (Vegeta) vs trunks on Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3.
I yelled a little because dog was fighting lol. And I had "warrior from an unknown land playing in the background on tablet but failed too. If trunks did dragon rush I would have most likely died. But I can win pretty easily once I get the rust off. Hope you all enjoy :)
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My work on the heavy bag
Just 3 rounds out of my workout here. I wanna improve and have a lot to imporve on so any feedback would be much appreciated :) also the gym is the Mix Martial arts Academy in Sebring, Fl
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DragonballZ budokai 3 HD. Me (vegeta) vs omega shenron
I had 2 prior losses to Cooler with spaceship on orange health so I changed my opponent lol. Other characters might be mixed too in future videos. Hope you enjoy and I will improve with camera light and recording through time. thanks :)
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