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Soo...basicly let me tell you the story: My first company called Cookie Company started in 2016/2017. My company was doing great for the begining. I started making game called Quis 1. After one day, i created the demo version of the Quis 1 but i din't published the game becose it has around the two errors. But that din't stop me for making games, i was making more and more games but none of the games where published. And on the second november 2017, i created (with the help of me and my brother) the first application called NoN-Console, that was my first published program i ever made. That was the day when my company started to be a company. And after a week i created new NoN-Console called NoN-Console Style. The company started to grow even more. But no one downloaded my program and after four months i created my new company called Eyeball Company and there my story ends.
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