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Macclesfield Town Football Club Parade Champions.
Macc town champions football club video from Mavic Pro Samsung galaxy s8 no filter at 1080p 30 fps
Dji go app 4.2.12 577 version Testing  was using otg Samsung galaxy s8 Android version Oreo
First it was very windy and the Spark handled it like a little champ. Used the Dji spark Samsung galaxy s8 Android version Oreo Dji go app version 4.2.12 577 highly WiFi area I got to 4000 feet and turned around because it was very windy and heavy rain clouds was everywhere as you can see in the video. The new app wasn't bad stock everything on the spark.thanks for watching Enjoy.
Macclesfield Cheshire UK from South Park.
Distance 1500 meters using Otg cable with 4.1.15 App Samsung galaxy s8 Android version Oreo. Video feed was pin sharp absolutely no lagging and never lost video once. Dji Spark Drone.
Testing the new dji go app 4.2.12 on OTG with the Samsung galaxy s8 Android version Oreo
This is straight from phone cache look how smooth video link is by looking at the Cars absolutely no lagging or dropouts. Dji spark. Macclesfield Cheshire UK.
Dji Spark Testing 4.2.16 587 version
Testing the new dji go 4 app Got to 2100 feet and it disconnects was quite a lot of trees in front of me but the video feed was great and the rth feature worked a treat.
Testing Facebook live streaming on the Dji spark
Using Samsung galaxy s8 Android version Oreo dji go app 4.2.12 with OTG
Testing the new dji go app 4.2.16 587 With The Dji spark...
Dji spark 5.8ghz go 4 app 4.2.16 587 in my local field there is a big estate on each side of the field and a mobile phone tower mast. Went back into ce mode because fcc mode has been giving me really weird lagging problems, as soon as I ok'd the WiFi message the lagging goes. So flew in ce and it surprised me.
Dji spark with dji go 4.2.12 testing.
I used Samsung galaxy s8 Android version Oreo dji go app 4.2.12 no range booster with otg
Dji spark video new app 4.2.12
Dji go 4.2.12 with OTG Samsung galaxy s8 Android version Oreo flight today 18th April
Macclesfield Town Centre and St Paul's church.
Using the Dji Spark on WiFi and Samsung galaxy s8 Android version Oreo With the Mod 2.0 App.
Dji spark video
Seeing how the range is and stopping above a friend's house.
Dji Spark on Macclesfield Canel
Using dji go app 4.2.16 no filter at 1080p 30fps Samsung s8
Dgi Spark Drone flight of Macclesfield Cheshire UK
Dgi Spark Drone flight from South Park view of macclesfield Cheshire UK. I've put 3 videos together so I'm not uploading 3 separate videos. The tech I used is as follows Dgi Spark Drone, WiFi, Dji go app 4.2.6. And Samsung galaxy s8 Android version 8.0 Oreo. Hope you enjoy. DgiGav.
Little Night time flight with Sparkie Gee.
Sparkie Gee Buzzing about Eye In the sky
Distance test
Dji spark distance test using WiFi and 4.2.6 go app
Rip to Stevie Preece Done from the Mavic Pro of Macclesfield from South Park
Using the Samsung galaxy s8 Android version Oreo dji go 4.2.12 577 app stock Mavic Pro 1080p 25fps this is straight from the sd card.
I think it's The Mavic Pro weather not Spark 😁
Windy in uk this bank holiday weekend wth.
Mavic Pro 2k of Teggs Nose macclesfield
Mavic Pro Samsung galaxy s8 Android version Oreo of Teggs Nose macclesfield Cheshire UK
Mavic Pro Slow mo yesterday's flying
Slow motion of the Mavic Pro.
Mavic Pro Using the Spark Side tss app
Testing the Mavic Pro with the tss app and flying my Spark as well. Met a new fvp drone flyer while out can't wait to get some Goggles now.
Night time flight with Sparkie video straight from cache.
Night time flight with Sparkie video straight from cache Track: Lemon Fight - Stronger (feat. Jessica Reynoso) [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/gDwVGS75sUA Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/LFstrongerYO
Shutlingsloe With Dji Mavic Pro.2k.
Used Mavic Pro at 2k 30fps Samsung galaxy s8 phone Sunday 13th May 2018.
Teggs Nose macclesfield with the Mavic Pro.
Mavic Pro with Samsung galaxy s8 and screen recording app.
Sutton reservoir Macclesfield With the Mavic Pro Sport mode
Testing the Mavic Pro video quality in Sport mode with the New Dji go app 4.2.14
4am this morning 😀
Let the cat and dogs out this morning as i Can't sleep.
Leon by Magisto
Created by Magisto - Magical Video Editor (www.magisto.com)
Dji Spark macclesfield Teggs Nose screen recorder.
Dji Spark otg cable no range extenders used Go App 4.2.14 took off straight from a hill. Everything seemed to go fine.
Me out walking my dog in south park.
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Mavic Pro gimble problem and the stock wire is rubbish.
First I had disconnections with the stock cable you get and 2 minutes later had a weird gimble reset anyone had this?
Middlewood Way Bollington Mavic Pro 4k 30fps.
Used +1 +1 +0 100 iso sunny then locked exposure. On Samsung galaxy s8.
New go4 app on my Dji Spark flying at night Testing seems ok.
This is the 720p cached video from my phone so this is what I seen when I was flying it. Didn't have one disconnection and was about 3000 feet away from myself. Thank for watching Enjoy.
Macclesfield Canel Sunday 25th March 2018.
Dji spark footage along macclesfield canal bridge enjoy. Thanks.
Typical British wind
No flying the Dji today.
Dji spark video Flying on a windy day
A quick edit of flight today.
Distance test using WiFi on Dgi Spark
All credit for music Zara Larsson MNEK - Never Forget  Macclesfield UK. Over macclesfield town f.c
Macclesfield St Paul's cathedral Dji spark
Using the spark on WiFi having a look at the st Paul's cathedral church.
Macclesfield Forest Mavic Pro 2k 30fps
Taken from the Mavic Pro Drone
Macclesfield flight with the Dji spark
Testing the new dji go app 4.2.12 with OTG Samsung galaxy s8 Android version Oreo in WiFi populated areas spark didn't have one single video dropout.
Dji Spark weird compass turn when in sports mode.
Flying today and my spark did this twice really weird turn to the right after I was adjusting to go right has anyone else with a spark had there's do this? I didn't do any input when this happens.
Dji spark video low flying through the flowers.
Used the Dji spark go app 4.2.14 583 settings was Sunny 1080p 30fps camera set to auto. Samsung s8. No post editing.