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Spookraadslid Voets (Leiderdorp)
Fragment van Editie.nl over spook raadsleden. En een interview met spookraadslid Voets uit Leiderdorp.
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Kittens headbangen op de beat
Kittens headbangen op de beat
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Ambilight Demo 2
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Ark Survival evolved
We're going home after a day of hard work :) Music: Gareth Emery - Long Way Home (Altered Extended Mix)
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Ambilight Demo 3
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Far Cry 3: First time Co-Op gameplay with Stanley [NL]
First time we play this game :) (Sorry for missing my voice-over in the game, sound settings in Shadowplay was set In-Game only, so you'll be only hearing Sintex :)).
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DayZ in Real Life «I'm Friendly!»
Taken from MrTVCow to share in Steam. Hopefully he won't mind. :) Here's the real deal: http://tinyurl.com/pluyab8
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H1Z1 Car Chase
Game: H1Z1 (Alpha) Music: 047 - General Error
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Ambilight Demo 4
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DayZ SA: How to Wall Glitch
This how to do it on the airstrip.
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This is DayZ...
Just having some fun with a new character running about. Well, that lasted about 5 mins :) Image courtesy of SonOfNero @ forums.dayzgame.com (http://bit.ly/VzroH2)
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Ambilight Demo 1
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Far Cry 3 [fast-paced action co-op gameplay]
First few levels with a lot of action, captured for your pleasure! Music by Franklin van Uden (Rambo: First blood part II - Quick Hunt Remix) and N-Joy of TSW (We'll never be apart, Commando Highscore). Downloadable @ http://remix.kwed.org
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