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Flyzone Micro Calypso Review
Flight footage coming soon! Thanks for watching!
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Hobbywing Max 10 SCT ESC Unboxing!
Just a quick unboxing of my hobbywing Max 10 SCT Esc. I will put this in my Traxxas rally when the other parts arrive. Thanks for watching!
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Traxxas Backslash Conversion PT.1!
In this video I show how I have mounted the body on my Traxxas rally, you can also see that the electronics have been installed, so a running video is coming soon! Thanks for watching!
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GoolRC 3000KV Brushless Motor And 45A ESC Unboxing!
Hopefully I will make another video for Monday about this brushless system in my Traxxas skully, once the other parts arrive. GET A BETTER COMBO HERE: https://www.banggood.com/9T-4370KV-Brushless-Motor-60A-ESC-Speed-Controller-Combo-Set-For-110-RC-Car-p-1247757.html?p=WD280313598297201708
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Lipo Batteries 101--What is "mah", "c" and "s"?
In this video I talk about the differences in lipo batteries of various sizes and ratings, their applications and most importantly, what "mah" "c" and "s" mean on a lipo battery. Thanks for watching!
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DIY Flite Test Tiny Trainer Tricycle Landing Gear!
Hopefully I will test fly it soon!
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Traxxas Monster Mutt--Should I Open It?
I have two options, I can either open this one, and keep it, or sell it in its original box for more than I paid, and then have some more money to get other RC stuff!
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Traxxas Steel Output Yokes--UPGRADE#3
In this video I discuss why you should upgrade the differential output yokes on your RC vehicle. Full tutorial coming tomorrow! Thanks for watching!
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Turnigy XK3665 3190KV Brushless Motor Unboxing!
Hopefully I will be able to install this in my Traxxas rally soon! Thanks for watching!
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Traxxas Skully Gets Some GPM Drive shafts!
This video is about the new GPM steel drive shafts that I bought online. They will fit in the Traxxas rustler, slash 2wd, slash 4X4, stampede, skully, craniac and the monster jam series.
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GoolRC 60A ESC And 4000KV Motor Unboxing!
Just tested it! Very fast system! My tires balloon at 50%! I will make a running video hopefully tomorrow before giving my final verdict. I am running 3s on this system! Similar brushless combo: https://www.banggood.com/9T-4370KV-Brushless-Motor-60A-ESC-Speed-Controller-Combo-Set-For-110-RC-Car-p-1247757.html?p=WD280313598297201708
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Hornby OO Gauge Track Setup Using Analogue Controllers!
Hopefully this will help anyone who is unsure of how to setup their track! Consider subscribing!
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Traxxas Skully VXL--Woodland Adventure!
Thanks for watching! In this video I am using a Traxxas skully with a GoolRC brushless system, 4000kv motor and 60Amp Esc running on a Floureon 3000mah 3 cell lipo! This gives about 30 minutes of run time per charge! No intro for this video, I liked it just like this! Videos every Monday and Friday! Similar brushless combo to the one used in this video: https://www.banggood.com/9T-4370KV-Brushless-Motor-60A-ESC-Speed-Controller-Combo-Set-For-110-RC-Car-p-1247757.html?p=WD280313598297201708 ♫Music By♫ ●Weond – Distant [Bass Rebels Release] ●Song – https://youtu.be/RqD_NMpQsZg ●Download/Stream – http://smarturl.it/distant-br ●Weond – http://smarturl.it/Weond
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Traxxas Skully Speed Run!
In this video I tape my phone to my Traxxas skully and record the top speed! I think with higher gearing and with plenty of space I could hit 40mph. Similar brushless combo to the one used in this video: https://www.banggood.com/9T-4370KV-Brushless-Motor-60A-ESC-Speed-Controller-Combo-Set-For-110-RC-Car-p-1247757.html?p=WD280313598297201708
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Flyzone Micro Calypso Flight!
Enjoy! If you like this video, consider subscribing!
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I Got A Traxxas Rally 1/10 VXL!
This is awesome!
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Traxxas Skully Upgrade Plan!
I have ordered the following: GoolRC S-Series ESC/Motor/Program Card Combo Floureon 3s 3000mah lipo battery Liquid electrical tape 3M double sided tape for attaching ESC. Total: Just under £80! All of the above should arrive by next Friday, so hopefully I will make a video around then! Thanks for watching!
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Traxxas Skully Slow Motion Jumps!
Cool slow motion, the shocks on my truck are awesome! More to come!
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West Wings Amethyst, First Flights And Crash
Like and subscribe. Music by Vexento.
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Sport Cub S Review And Flight!
This is my review on the sport cub s, a fantastic micro plane designed for beginners. Subscribe to Daniel Kezar, he was the first person to subscribe to me on YouTube!
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DIY Electric Longboard--Meepo Rear Truck
I'm ordering some more parts soon! Thanks for watching! I'm also working on getting a lot of RC videos together! Never stop the RC!
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2017 Rewind, So Far!
Thanks to all of my subscribers and viewers! If you are new to my channel, this is what it's about!
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Traxxas Titan 12T 550 Motor Fix!
How to fix a squeaky Traxxas motor! Hopefully this helps anyone that is unsure. I might make a proper tutorial upon request.
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Traxxas Skully VXL Running Video!
FINALLY! I have been trying to film this for a few days now, but the weather wasn't cooperating. Finally a break in the weather came! Thanks for watching! Similar brushless combo to the one used in this video: https://www.banggood.com/9T-4370KV-Brushless-Motor-60A-ESC-Speed-Controller-Combo-Set-For-110-RC-Car-p-1247757.html?p=WD280313598297201708
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Traxxas Rally 1/10 VXL Snow Slow Motion!
Here is some slow motion of my Traxxas rally in the snow. Enjoy! Music By♫ ●NYOR – Falling [Bass Rebels Release] ●Song – https://youtu.be/5FXmhbyXcdY ●Download/Stream – http://smarturl.it/falling-br ●NYOR – http://smarturl.it/NYOR
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Traxxas Skully, 30 second Mountain Climb!
Hope you enjoy! I had to carry my Traxxas Skully up most of it! Well worth it though! If you do like the video, please like and consider subscribing! More to come, hopefully improving my RC arsenal soon!
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Sketchy Micro Sport Cub Snow Flight!
It snowed! I decided it would be a good idea to fly my sport cub in a really confined space, luckily I didn't break anything. If you are wondering why I am not using the skis that I made, it's because they add a little weight to the plane, making bit a little bit too fast to fly in this space. Thanks for watching, and consider subscribing!
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Traxxas Skully Aluminum Caster Blocks And Other Upgrades
A quick video talking about what I have upgraded on my Traxxas skully. Thanks for watching!
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Two Weeks With The Traxxas Skully, Review!
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NEW RC! Traxxas Maximum Destruction!
I ordered this from eBay as a used truck in working condition without a transmitter. Just in case you don't know, the Traxxas monster jam series of trucks are really rare. I managed to get a good deal on mine! Let's just say that the shell is worth more than I paid for the entire truck! Thanks for watching!
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Traxxas Backslash
Video of my Traxxas backslash driving around. Thanks for watching! Specs: Hobbywing Max 10 SCT ESC Turnigy XK-3665 3190kv motor Floureon 3s 3000mah lipo Aluminum rear stub axle carriers Aluminum shock caps Associated Pro line RC8B3e body ♫Music By♫ ●T&III – Slide [Bass Rebels Release] ●Song – https://youtu.be/R6ABGLWGeDY ●Download/Stream – http://smarturl.it/Slide-br
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Never Stop The RC! Thanks For 100 Subscribers!
After I post this video I will probably have less than 100 subscribers again, but oh well! Never stop the RC! Thanks for watching! Good brushless motor and Esc combo(similar to the one in my Traxxas skully) : https://www.banggood.com/9T-4370KV-Brushless-Motor-60A-ESC-Speed-Controller-Combo-Set-For-110-RC-Car-p-1247757.html?p=WD280313598297201708 ♫Music By♫ ●Jay Sarma – Staircase [Bass Rebels Release] ●Song – https://youtu.be/TVMtUlqal-I ●Download/Stream – http://smarturl.it/Staircase ●Follow Jay Sarma – http://smarturl.it/JaySarma
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Traxxas Rally In The Snow!
Here is a quick clip of me driving my Traxxas rally in the snow. I will hopefully be able to edit together a proper video once I have filmed some more footage. Thanks for watching!
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Traxxas Backslash--Part 2!
I have finished the body now and since the filming of this video I have also driven it at the beach, video coming soon! Thanks for watching!
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Traxxas Maximum Destruction--Velineon Upgrade (sort of)
I decided to put my velineon brushless combo from my Traxxas rally into my Traxxas maximum destruction so that I can get a better combo for the rally. Still need a transmitter though! Thanks for watching! Esc problem may also be fixed but I can't test it until I get a transmitter.
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T6 Config, Elevon Tutorial!
Not many of these videos around, and I found it difficult to find one! So here it is!
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Traxxas Rally VXL Running Video!
Here is the running video! It's a great truck to just have fun driving, of you ever get the opportunity to get one, then I recommend it! Thanks for watching!
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How To Build A Traxxas Differential.(2WD) HOW TO#1
Hope this helps anyone that is looking to do this!
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Traxxas Skully Brushless Beach Slow Motion!
Here is some slow motion of my Traxxas skully on the beach, the brushless combo I am using is very powerful, which helps launch the truck into the air! Specs: GoolRC 4300kv brushless motor GoolRC 60 amp ESC Floureon 3s 3000mah lipo Protek bearings in rear hubs Aluminum front caster blocks Aluminum shock caps GPM racing drive shafts Any questions just ask! Never stop the RC! ♫Music By♫ ●Netapy & Jay Sarma – Solitude [Bass Rebels Release] ●Song – https://youtu.be/9QFYG1jrz1k ●Download/Stream – http://smarturl.it/Solitude-br
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Traxxas Velineon VXL Esc Problem
If you think you know how to fix this, please tell me. Thanks for watching!
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Upcoming Project: Traxxas Backslash!
Just a brief overview of what I am going to do to my Traxxas rally to make it into a backslash.
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Traxxas Maximum Destruction Rebuild Time Lapse Part 2!
Here is the 2nd and maybe final part of this time lapse rebuild series. Just comment if you would like to see anything in particular on the channel and if you have anything RC to donate (parts etc) then let me know! As always thanks for watching and for supporting my channel! Music By♫ ●Ulchero – My World [Bass Rebels Release] ●Song – https://youtu.be/ren1DfeAKAI ●Download/Stream – http://smarturl.it/MyWorld-br ●Follow Ulchero – http://smarturl.it/Ulchero
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In this video I show the car working, the cheap servo is surprisingly good! Maybe I will put a link here for it too! Better out of the box 1/18 buggy: https://www.banggood.com/WLtoys-A959-B-118-4WD-2_4G-Buggy-Off-Road-RC-Car-High-Speed-70kmh-p-1264615.html?p=WD280313598297201708
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Traxxas Backslash Beach Slow Motion!
Here is a video of my Traxxas backslash at the beach, its fast! Thanks for watching! Specs: Hobbywing Max 10 SCT ESC Turnigy XK-3665 3190kv motor Floureon 3s 3000mah lipo 14 tooth Traxxas pinion Associated RC8B3E body Stock slash 4X4 wheels and tires Stampede 4X4 front bumper/skidplate ♫Music By♫ ●Sorgalim – Hunter [Bass Rebels Release] ●Song – https://youtu.be/rYEqkoSpkj8 ●Download/Stream- http://smarturl.it/hunter-br ●Follow Sorgalim- http://smarturl.it/Sorgalim
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Brushed And Brushless Motor Issues
I will get a replacement soon.
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Sport Cub S And SkySurfer Flying!
I spent most of yesterday flying RC planes! Enjoy!
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My New Intro!?
Suggest any improvements in the comment section! Thanks for watching!
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All Of My RC's!
Comment! Which one would you like to see in the next video?
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How To Remove And Clean Traxxas Slash Bearings--HOW TO#3
Hopefully this will help anyone that needs it! Thanks for watching!
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2017 Rewind!
Enjoy! Can't wait to see what 2018 has to offer! Never stop the RC!
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