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Heart palpitations all day long
I've been having all day heart palpitations for years now with no relief. I can literally feel my heart pound every heartbeat. Please comment if you experience the same thing thank you
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1958 Chevy Truck
Quick video showing you my dad's custom 1958 Chevy
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Low blood pressure
I've been having really low blood pressure and heart rate. Want to know if anybody out there has the same issue and what they're doing about it and what you're symptoms are.
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Heart palpitations
This is just a quick video on the heart palpitations I was having they've been pretty frequent let me know what you think sorry if the volume is not loud
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Battery life on galaxy s4
Just wanted to show you guys the kind of battery life I'm getting out of my galaxy s4. If you have the Galaxy s4 let me know what kind of battery life you're getting
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Fireworks go off when dude is trying to sleep
Fireworks go off when dude is sleeping
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Stand up on street bike
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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My very slow heart rate
Heart beating slow with some chest pains
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