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How to Get Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 from NOSTeam For Free!! Full Tutorial
Hi guys, I just got my Storm 4 game downloaded for free from NOSTeam last night when I saw that it was uploaded and decided to make a tutorial video for everyone who doesn't know about NOSTeam yet so there you go. I show in the video a demonstration of the game working so this is a legit video and legit download. When you open the files such as the part 1 file, your Windows might say untrusted publisher and whatever other bullshit so just click Run Anyway and it should work. The screen settings can be changed to fullscreen or windowed in-game or in the config.ini file included in the game folder. Simply change the "windowed=1" text line to "windowed=0" for full screen if you want. Link for NOSTeam's website: www.nosteam.ro Link for game: http://www.nosteam.ro/index.php?topic=8415.msg192938#msg192938 Music used in video: Clark Kent & Yinyues - Cosmos Game: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 PC
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Dissidia 012 Jecht Timing Combos
just showing all the combos that jecht has the timing ones
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Dissidia Final Fantasy: Jecht VS Chaos + best equipement/accessory set
Hey guys this fight is me fighting Chaos using Jecht. My Jecht setup quite simple, all for physical damage increase. My accessories grant me 85% more physical damage plus my Weapon's bonus of +25% which totals to 105%, for bravery wall rush it's 105% so together with the other 105% that's 210% more physical damage!! In addition to this i get 30% EX Core Absorption and 30% EX Core Absorption, together with Force Begets Courage this gives me a lot of free BRV points. Also the adamant set is one of the strongest sets in the game, if you want you CAN get the Genji set which i have but i'm too lazy to waste 20 CP on an ability just to equip heavy armor -.- but that's your choice, if you do use the Genji set you will just have more defence and a bit more base bravery(bravery u start the fight with). Equipment: Weapon- Ragnarok(Physical Damage+25%) Shield- Adamant Shield Helm- Adamant Helm Armor- Adamant Vest Special Effect from Equipment set: Adamant Chains- BRV Boost on Dodge+30%, Midair Evasion Boost Accessories: 1.)Power Ring(Damage+5%)0 2.)Pearl Necklace(EX Force Absorption+30%) 3.)Hyperstar(Wall Rush BRV Damage+20%) 4.)Hyper Ring(Damage+10%) 5.)Gaia Ring(Damage+15%) 6.)Muscle Belt(Physical Damage+15%) 7.)Muscle Belt(Physical Damage+15%) 8.)Champion Belt(Phsycial Damage+25%) 9.)Force Begets Courage(EX Core & EX Force to BRV) 10.)Dragonfly Orb(EX Core Absorption+30%) Summon: Gilgamesh- A strike with the strongest of swords triples your bravery. But if you're unlucky...(either triples Bravery or you loose all of it and it goes down to 1) Thanks for watching, like comment & subscribe for more videos like this!!
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Best Enhancements for Warrior(RARE & NON-RARE)
All fighter enhancements for highest HP possible and for frequent crits. You're welcome to try Luck enhancement for an unstable weapon but i wouldn't recommend it unless you are fighting a boss.
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Dissidia 012: Jecht Combo two new ones
This is just the vid with all jecht combos but not all hp endings there is 4 that i didnt show but its for a reason, which is because they almost never hit your enemy target
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Best Enhancements for Rogue
This time it's a video showing you guys the best enhancements for the rogue class! Hope it works well for you :D.
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Just a quick video on how to level up characters in Dissidia Final Fantasy. This also works in the second game. Just equip the 3 Chocobo items you get form the fat chocobo play plan called Treasure Hunter other than that there isn't really any items required. Best opponent to fight is the Emperor aka Mateus because his blue Flare attack can be repelled and used against him so let him break you until he has 9999 BRV and then smash his blue Flare so that it kills him, no need to even hurt him with your attacks just don't accidentally get caught up in his Flare. In this video i used Squal, i will be also uploading a fight similar to this with Exdeath.
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Hi guys! This is a video showing you how the Dragon Shinobi Bot that i custom made works! I ACTUALLY SHOW THE BOT IN ACTION UNLIKE ALL THE OTHER FAKE BOT VIDEOS!!! You should be getting around 100 tokens per 2 hours or so depending on your WiFi and how much it lags for you. My WiFi is super shitty so it took me about 7 hours to get 620 tokens which gets you every single Dragon Shinobi item in the merge shop! REMEMBER THAT THE TOKENS DO NOT STACK UP HIGHER THAN 300!!!! You will have to spend them before you can bot for them again, if you are at 300 and the bot keeps doing the quest it will never accept the tokens!!! Subscribe for more bots and how-to videos!!! If you want a bot made for whatever you want just msg me on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/kurosakidude i will get back to you ASAP with the bot file! LIKE THIS PAGE FOR ME PLS: https://www.facebook.com/ArchfiendsOfNulgath Link for Non-Member bot: http://www.mediafire.com/download/rd0obiiavbbp1sh/Dragon+Shinobi+Bot+for+Non-Members.dmbot Link for Member bot: http://www.mediafire.com/download/peuab62dq7w13xk/Dragon+Shinobi+Bot+for+Members.dmbot Le Bot 7.8: http://www.mediafire.com/download/peuab62dq7w13xk/Dragon+Shinobi+Bot+for+Members.dmbot LINKS WORKING AS OF 19/10/2013
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Best Enhancements for Bard
Best enhancements for this class are the following: Helm: Luck Cape: Wizard Class/Armor: Wizard Weapon: if unstable(large dps range, for example 11-215) then Luck, if stable(130-130, 112-153 dps range) then Wizard If you guys have a question about a specific weapon and what it's enhancement should be then comment and tell me the name, i'll respond ASAP. Subscribe for more videos like these!
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God in Fire: Dissidia 012 [Duodecim] FF Soundtrack
this is my edited version of the Cantata Mortis & God in Fire track from dissidia. i love the God in Fire part of the original song and got tired of scrolling through the gay cantata mortis orchestra part at the start. Enjoy!!
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How to put GBA and games on ipod touch 4gen jailbroken
hi there youtubers i made this video for those who don't know how to get Gameboy Advance games on ipod touch jailbroken this could be done on any idevice(iphone, ipod touch, ipad, etc...). so yeah you need CYDIA and of course wifi connection. These are the steps: 1.) Open CYDIA 2.)Go to "MANAGE", "SOURCES" 3.)tap the edit button on the top right part of the page 4.)Then tap on "ADD" and add these sources 1. apt.xsellize.com 2.apt.123locker.com 5.)So after all that you have to exit CYDIA and re enter CYDIA again and repeat step 2 and look for the first source i listed, there you find the emulator and bios it's going to say gpSPhone+Bios it is free. 6.)go back on sources and find 4pp13 team repository source click on it and you will see packages pick any you want the tenth one down is games that start with P there is quite a handfull of pokemon games there. AND THAT IS IT IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS EMAIL ME AT andrew9708@hotmail.com. SORRY for the bad quality. RATE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
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Naruto Generations Glitch(Preliminaries Stage)
So this is a video to show you the glitch is real and works with many characters except for so far the Susano'os, this can only be done on training mode in Free Battle.Also you need to have your chakra on infinite.
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Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations: Raikage vs Sasuke (Dash mid air confirmed!!!)
Hi this is a video i recently got it shows that you can now dash in air. This could be a new way to spam in online fights!!!:(
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GTA: San Andreas Extremely Long Wheelie on BMX
So i was shitting around in GTA and found a BMX at the skate park beside the police station and i decided to see what i can do.... looks like i did a wheelie there for over 5 km!! .I will be making more GTA San Andreas videos after this one, msg me if you want a tutorial on getting something or doing a mission :)
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Dissidia 012: Gabranth fast lvl up
This is a video of me playing as Gabranth and i lvl up 80 lvls in one fight all u have to do is euip the following: 1.)Chocobo Wing 2.)Chocobo Feather 3.)Chocobo Down 4.)LVL Gap 90 5.)LVL 1-9 6.)HP 100% Also you have to Adjust LVL to 1and fight a lvl 100 Tidus Maximum Strength, Vicious Behaviour. And You need the blue chocobo to have 5x and your bonus day exp multiplier maxed out which gives you 10x multiplier to 170% from chocobo itemswhich is in the end 1700% EXP gained so yah
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UPDATE: LINK STILL WORKS AS OF 25/07/2014!!! 100% WORKING POKEMON WHITE 2 AND BLACK 2 ROMS WITH SAVE PATCH AND EXP PATCHES ALREADY INCLUDED!!!! NO SURVEYS AND NO PASSWORDS!!! Instructions to use: 1.) download the file from: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jvym4bsg2n49nc1/DS+Emulator+%26+Pokemon+White+2+%26+Black+2.rar 2.) Right click on the downloaded file 3.) Click Extract Here 4.) Open Folder 5.) Open Desmume 6.) Click Open Rom 7.) Navigate to the same downloaded folder and open the Rom folder 8.) Choose Pokemon White 2 or Pokemon Black 2 and begin your journey! Subscribe for more awesome downloads like these!
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The True Power of Righteous Fire (77 Shrine map done at lvl 72)
Hi guys, this is my first lvl 77 map run on this build and it looks like everything went perfectly. At the time of recording, the character was level 72 so i did the whole map at level 72. My software fucked up while i was editing so all my music was deleted along with all the other edits. Will put these back up soon. Feel free to skip to the end to see me kill Piety or watch the whole thing to see proof that i never died. Add me in-game: OlafTheFearless Link to build: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/926461/page/1 Link to my gear and gems setup at the time of recording: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1166851
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Best Dragon Shinobi Enhancements!!
All thief guys, most evasion% means more heal and dodge everything!
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Dissidia 012 Onion Knight VS Feral Chaos (Onion Knight Power)
well this vid show u how u could use onion knight against feral chaos and take of lots of hp cuz i took 53000 so yah
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AQW How to get Combat Trophies(Non-Mem/Mem)
This way to get Combat Trophies works for Non-Members and Members, anyone can do it, no level restrictions. Just join Bludrut Brawl and wait up to 5 minutes, make sure you are logged on to the Cysero server!! If you need help with anything else in AQW just comment it and i will either make a video for it or leave a response to help you :).
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Games for sale good deals
Hi people I Am selling transformers the game for 15$, god of war chains of Olympus for 15$, G-Force for 15$, and these gameboy games they work for all gameboys: Backyard skateboarding-10$ Finding nemo-5$ 172 in 1cartridge-20$ Ice Age 2-20$ Metal Slug-10$ Price are negotiable and if you take all it's 15$*3+20$*2+10$*2+5$=110$ and because you take all 10$ off so it's 100$ for all will trade most of the games for naruto ultimate ninja storm 2 (PS3) English version plz!!!!
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Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough Part 1(beginning to start of Route 3)
so this is my first video on pokemon yellow i am using VBA and HyperCam 2 to record/play this so comment on how i did i tweaked it up a bit with movie maker so its a solid video... Anyways today we start at pallet town with the player named Andrew(me) and we go all the way through pallet town up, first gym, and get started on Route 3 i catch a mankey and name it Po(reffering to kung fu panda character) and pikachu, and level them up to level 12, part 2 is coming next day after this release so keep up!! cya next time :)
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Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies on Drugs!!
Was playing Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies and this happened after a Zeus Cannon shot! LOL. Sorry for the crap video quality guys, was filmed with a phone.
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Best Enhancements for Mage(PVP)
Best enhancements if u use mage for pvp! NOT LUCK, NEVER USE LUCK. Sure luck gets you high crits but it's never a good idea when fighting an experienced pvp player and this set that i showed hits way more crits in a fight than a lucky set guys so don't be stupid ! USE WIZARD ENHANCEMENTS FOR MAGE!! The only time you ever should use a luck enhancement is on leprechaun classes or an unstable weapon such as these: http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/ungodly-reavers-of-nulgath http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/vital-bloodletter-of-nulgath http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/overfiend-blade-of-nulgath NOTE: i am doing a video for enhancements for almost every class there is because i own almost all of them but if you need a video for a specific class that i haven't posted yet just message me or comment it ! Subscribe for more videos like this one!
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Best Acolyte Enhancements
Best Acolyte enhancements are basically the normal healer enhancements guys nothing special. Sorry for saying Healer class in the video, it's actually Acolyte XD.
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Dissidia Final Fantasy: Sephiroth(lvl 1) vs Exdeath(lvl100), no equips or summons
shows that killing a lvl 100 guy that is the best guard type fighter in the whole game is easy without any equips or summon stones and being at lvl 1. thx for watching i will be posting more videos in the near future so be sure to subscribe.
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Pledge of Blades EB Witch Blade Vortex 2.1.0 69 Map Run 84 iiq @lvl 70
Hi guys, some of you waned to see the build in action so I made this quick video of me running a lvl 69 Mountain Ledge with 84% iiq, which as most of you know means the mods are usually quite hard but as long as it's not physical reflect it's no problem for the build XD. I sped up the video 2x so keep that mind and make sure to watch it with 1080p quality. The quality setting might make it 1080p for you automatically but for me for some reason it started at 360 everytime so if it looks badly recorded make sure to change the quality. Thanks for checking out my build! Link to the build guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1508267 Music used for video: West Klintwood- Interplanetary
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Vindictus Sword Vella Shakarr Fight
5th anniversary weapons vs shakarr XD
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Just a quick video on how to level up characters in Dissidia Final Fantasy. This also works in the second game. Just equip the 3 Chocobo items you get form the fat chocobo play plan called Treasure Hunter other than that there isn't really any items required. Best opponent to fight is the Emperor aka Mateus because his blue Flare attack can be repelled and used against him so let him break you until he has 9999 BRV and then smash his blue Flare so that it kills him, no need to even hurt him with your attacks just don't accidentally get caught up in his Flare. In this video i used Squal, i will be also uploading a fight similar to this with Exdeath.
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Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough 1
Ok so this is my first Pokemon Game walkthrough this time i am playing pokemon Emerald Version i will be going through the whole thing counting all the legendaries but im not going through the battle frontier thx for watching and i will be posting another video soon
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20 Karstaags Absolutely Raped in Under 3 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!
Crafted a Dragonbone bow that only has 225 attack and they get assraped XD. Mods used to kill: Abundant Enchantments- http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/41375/ Hellion Arrows- http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/12293/? I don't own any of the content shown in the video. Video is for entertainment purposes only. ©Bethesda
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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Gameplay
So I just quickly made this vid and it shows online BP fight and player match fight sorry guys I can't fight as well with one hand but I won anyways LOL in both fights so yea and I also explain some other info(sorry for any bak ground sounds):P
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