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INCREDIBLE Dance Performance by SWAT
This is a video from our farewell on 17/2/2018, featuring Swastik of X A. Seemingly so nerdy, he proves that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover, and he did so in thara local version!! How about that!! This is him dancing for Vanjara Vanjara Konga from Kanchana. *Our hearts remain connected even though we are miles apart.* Stay tuned, this is myself signing off AWESOMESAUCE (Iyappan)
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List of edu apps for students - TeOlogy
Hey guys this is my first vid on the channel This vid is all about educational apps. All the apps mentioned here are obtained from Google Play Store and they are absolutely free So check them out. Amazon kindle http://sh.st/O2Nro Duolingo http://sh.st/O2N1G Microsoft Excel http://sh.st/O5c53 Google goggles http://sh.st/O5vA9 Like. Comment. Subscribe. TeOlogy Oggy
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PUNARV of our class made a poem for our ma'am... Funny and aspiring to make many others, it hides a deep meaning of sorrow and loneliness in it.... The poem goes like..... To achieve success we need motivation We should also have devotion hands🙏 You came into our life in twenty-sixteen And made yourself as a queen 👑 Although you don't know Spanish You teach us perfect English 🆎 We've been through tough times D'you know this poem rhymes🔛 Even though you have scolded me a lot Do you know that summer is hot🔥 I don't know what is heaven But you've been there for me 24/7 🕒 You've played an imp.role in my teenage By directing me out of this cage 🐤 My love for you is infinite It is awesome just like dynamite💣 You're so calm and kind This quality is so hard to find🔎 We've been linked since previous birth And will be connected until death 💀 You've always been dutiful Remember my handwriting is beautiful♌ (like you) This poem is amazing!! *Remains connected is my heart* *even though we are miles apart*
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How to make the best intros on android - TeOlogy
Yo guys. So now we'll be learning how to make an epic intro. The app we've used here is Kinemaster. You can download it from here http://sh.st/O27he TeOlogy Oggy
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CAKE cutting during FAREWELL
And yet again this is another video on our farewell. We miss you guys a lot!! This video is based on our MOST BELOVED *SUSHILA* *MA'AM* cutting the farewell 🎂 CAKE 🎂 *Still connected is my HEART* *Even though we are miles APART* Farewell guys!!! Farewell 🍀 ☀ 🍀🍀 🍀🍀🍀 🎁 Have a nice weekend!
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Hacking Shadow fight 2 2016
Yo guys this is another vid on the channel. No obb Link http://sh.st/O2Mk5 No obb required. TeOlogy Oggy
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