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SE Satio WVGA with LED Flash,Revolutionary of Camera Smart Phone
Video quality was reduced a bit when I uploaded it.
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Nokia N8 vs iPhone 4 video test.mp4
How usable is the N8? :P
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YouTube- Sony Ericsson Satio - Interview with Imagination Technologies.mp4
This is which I got from youtube,Juz wanna share with u guys what did they use and they won't stop here, which means they will produce a better quality phone after iphone 4g releases :) Enjoy!! With imagination technology :)
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SE Satio WVGA without flash,revolutionary of camera smart phone
SE Satio WVGA without flash,quality has been reduced a bit when being uploaded.
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Hungry Shark World showing off my Megalodon with full upgrades
Hungry Shark World 0.8.0 version played and captured on Galaxy Note 4 (with built in H.S.W software) not so good compared to other recording softwares.
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Fish pond shot by Nokia N8(with clumsy hand) insanely good quality
Sound recording was insanely good,way better than my ip4,and video quality too,ip4 was so washed out and dark so I didn't upload it. Hope it makes my day :)
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WVGA Test Video,Sounds also included
This is tested in bright day with normal,exposure,and contrast, WVGA @ 30fps(864x480) resolution,Enjoy!
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Showing off my Rise of Berk
Dragons:Rise of Berk Ver 1.18.12 (latest Android) Link for this game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ludia.dragons&hl=en
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Left for dead 2 survival mod
Taken by HTC sensation xe for fun playing games
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Shopping mall while walking
The quality is still nice and you can hear my sound among d noise of the surroundings. Good work of Dolby Digital. I can recommend it as the best camera on mobile yet+flexible,easy-to-understand UI
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Meet The Idle Team(Team Fortress 2) From EmperorFaiz
Seen from another person and like it so much so uploaded it again! Made and owned by EmperorFaiz
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