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Perth Mint Lunar Lion Privy
Set of 4 Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat all lion Privy. Will be up for sale soon, reserve yours today!
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Australian Perth Mint Lunar series update
Lunar series update!
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Double Eagle Real or Fake???
Customer wants me to find out if its fake or not.
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Year of the Tiger Kilo
Year of the Tiger
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1/10oz Gold Somalian Elepahnt Purchase from His and Hers sale
1/10oz Gold Somalian Elepahnt
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Perth Mint Lion privy Blow Out Sale
Perth Mint Lunar coins Lion privy set of 4 Dragon,Snake,Horse,Got all lion privy $145 free shipping pm me if you are interested
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Removal of pins on right thumb!
3 Months later! Finally!! First one was painful the other 3 were a cake walk compared to the first one.
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Recent Pick ups! (Salivate Metal Impersonation)
Just some of my recent pick ups! Also my best Salivate Metal Impersonation! Comedy skit. For entertainment purposes. Like,share, comment, sub!
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1 year of Stacking,Collecting Silver/Gold Top 7
1 year anniversary of Stacking and collecting silver, Top 7 coins. I had too many to choose from it was very hard but here u go.
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Silver stack update 2-21-15 wedge tail eagle
First PCGS graded coin ms69 2014 Wedge tailed eagle. shout out to coinkeeper
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Silver Stack Mini Update December 27 2014
4oz more ounces Burundi African Lion, Niue Goat, Tokelau snake & horse.
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Silver Stack Update October 16 2015
5 more ounces, libertad, barber, 2013 elephant, yellow fish tuna, prospect round.
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Rwanda Wildlife set up to date!
Rwanda Wild Life set F12/F15 and none privy aswell, together i have the full set! For sale if you are interested!
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2 year stack update!!! plus contest!
Contest Rules: Must follow rules in order to win 1. Subscribe and like Share 2. Comment with the correct amount of Silver, Gold, Copper. You can also add chances of winning by referring people over to the contest. One extra chance per person you referred only if you guess the correct amount properly. People that are referred should put on their comment who they were referred by for Example "Referred by Silver GT, My guess..." Other ways you can win: Even if you don't guess the correct silver,gold,cooper amounts, if the person you were referred by guesses it correct you are automatically in the drawing. WINNER: WILL GET 1oz SALIVATE METAL ROUND
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Silver update Sep 11, 2014 5 1/2 more ounces and unboxing
5 1/2 more ounces. Enjoy
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I am back! looking to regain my stack!
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Silver update September 25 2014 4-1/2oz
4 1/2 oz of silver added to my stack.
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Daughter's favorite silver coin
Daughter's favorite silver coin, the video was cut a little short because my daughter got a little too excited. Was going to give a shout out to coinkeeper. But it didn't really work out that way.
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MidWest Stacker trade & Provident Unboxing
Trade with Midwest Stacker, and provident unboxing https://www.youtube.com/user/MidWestStacker
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Mercury Dime 1/10 GOLD
Sending 10 1/10oz Mercury gold coins for grading.
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Silver stack update July 17 2014
1 trade and two new additions
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Rwanda Wildlife Set Update/Shoutout to stillkeep1
Rwanda wild life set 2009-2015, Stillkeeping one contest.
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My First Silver Stacking Video May 2014 5oz
1st silver stacking video May 2104
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Mercury Dime Sale
Email me at Silvergt24@gmail.com
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Silver update  Oct 30th 2014
10oz added to my stack, provident, jm bullion, silver gold bull,
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Canadian birds of Prey Series
Canadian Birds of Prey, also have 20oz of the 1.25oz Bison for sale.
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Silver Stacking update June 26th 2014 5oz's
Just my weekly update. 5 more ounces.
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2015 ATB'S
Recent purchase of ATBS
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Tokelau Lunar Series coins Reverse Proofs
Some reverse proofs i have
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Silver update, Super Bowl prediction
Just a quick video about my new pickups, Also a horrible Super Bowl prediction
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September update 2016 Pearl Harbor 1oz You Tube first??
Pearl Harbor 1oz Year of the Rooster Perhmint 2016 Samolian Elepahnt 2016 Mexican Libertad
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Canadian Maple privy (2014 vs 2015)
It seems like the 2014 Maple privy is a lot frostier compared to the 2015
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Perth mint & Benin Free Silver GIFT
just some free ass silver! thank you mystery person from Germany!! Sorry about the audio! but no time to redo the vid! enjoy
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Silver stack update August 28th 2014 5oz
5 more ounces, 2 new pieces enjoy.
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Frank P a scammer?
Did this vid in a rush excuse the enter text here.
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How i store some of my silver.
An alternative to storing silver, 2 year update coming along with a chance to win a free Salivate Metal Round.
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American Liberty 2016 Medal
Dont forget to sub!
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Silver Stack update August 16th 2014
2 1/2 oz silver added to collection
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Silver stack update November 12 2014
10 more ounces added to the stack from jm bullion. I know i said sept but i got my months mixed up. Also for the contest 500 subs not 200.
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Silver Stacking June 12th 2014 Update 5oz
UPDATE TIME: 5oz more which brings my total to 17.5 oz
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Au Vs Walt Who will win???? The results are In..
Contest Drawing! came down to two Lads fighting it out for the top Price! 1oz Salivate Metal Round!
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Contest Update
Drawing will take place tonight!
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Respond to Stillstacking Pro
Respond to SilverstackingPro. Not taking a shot at stillkeepin1 just seems weird, but you cant Control who subs you, but you can control who u sub too. Does this count as a shout out vid for stillkeepin1's contest??
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Lady caught on live TV trying to steal a wallet?? Cowboys game OLD
Skip to .8 seconds It looks like this lady is trying to steal something?? What you think?
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Silver stacking 2nd update 5oz
Bought 5 more oz from silvergoldbull, and i am disapointed.
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Zombucks Set
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Silver staking May 28th 2014 Silver update 2.5 ounces
Bought some silver from local pawn shop.
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Dos Pesos  & 1/4 Standing Liberty
Quick update: Mercury Dime 1/10oz gold for sale PCGS 70.
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