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Frontier fios 500/500 speed test
Hello everyone this is my very first video I've published to you tube and it will probably be the last it's simply a speed test of fios from frontier communications it's the highest plan fios has enjoy and feel free to comment update: these speeds were consistent except during prime time i called frontier and they connected my service to a different network card which fixed the slowdown during the internet rush hour if you guys have slowdown during peak times ask your provider to move you to a different network card it should fix the problem
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Ping and packet loss test with command prompt
Exactly what the title says I show you how to test ping and packet loss with the command prompt this is on windows 10 so I don't know how to do this on mac or Linux
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Warhawk ps3 server shutdown imminent?
Hey guys so I wanted to make this update video of warhawk and look at the current state of it I'm not saying they'll shut it down but it sure seems like it watch the video it'll explain why I say that
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Setting off the Delirium from TNT Fireworks
Pretty self explanatory this is us setting off the Delirium it's one of the biggest fireworks we're allowed to legally purchase in Lakewood California I deliberately put my finger over the mic but you still shouldn't turn your volume up too much
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Call Of Duty Ghosts squads mode wargame gameplay PC
I uploaded a video like this earlier but it got a strike for some stupid reason so i recorded another match and named it different. we'll see if it works. Squads is offline bots so there's no humans in this match i'm not into playing online so go watch someone else if you wanna see online gameplay. Enjoy the video and feel free to comment. Just know that childish and immature insults like "you suck" will result in a permanent ban from my channel!
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Call of Duty  World at War | Pezbots gameplay
Today i'm bringing you guys gameplay of Pezbots on call of duty world at war on PC. Pezbots is a mod you can download which allows you to play with bots by yourself or with friends. if you interested you can check it out here http://www.moddb.com/mods/pezbot/downloads/pezbot-005p-for-world-at-war Unfortunately i was not able to bring you guys multiple matches because the mod requires you to start a new server after every match. But since they last up to half an hour it's no big deal Credit goes to Lord_gannondorf for the creation of this mod.
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Mass Effect 3 | Leviathan reveal
This is the Leviathan reveal in the Mass Effect 3 DLC. This conversation wasn't as good as Sovereign on Virmire or Vigil on Ilos but it was still a great one nonetheless. Obviously there's major spoilers here so if you don't like them don't watch this.
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Mass Effect 2 Arrival chat with Harbinger and Alpha relay explosion
This is one of my favorite moments in the entire trilogy. After stopping Kenson, Shepherd is forced to destroy the entire system to delay Harbinger. This essentially makes the batarians go extinct. This is where the stakes of the reaper invasion start to become apparent. And it sets the stage perfectly for Mass Effect 3. The Arrival DLC should be the very last thing you do in Mass Effect 2
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Ah yes, "Reapers"
Today i bring you one of the funniest lines I've ever heard in gaming. It's in Mass Effect 2 when you speak to the council if you saved them in the first game. Of course the council being the council, they're unwilling to believe your warnings about the reapers.
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Mass Effect 3 geth and quarian peace-Legion's sacrifice
this is the final paragon/renegade check in the entire trilogy and it has very specific requirements throughout mass effect 2 and 3 and can be irreversibly screwed if enough requirements are failed it is possible to do this without playing mass effect 1 although it is a lot harder so to have the best chance play all three games you can look up the requirements if your having trouble
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Mass Effect 2 The perfect import (READ DESCRIPTION)
so this is an import of a mass effect 1 character where i did every single quest and got to level 60 it took a f*** ton of time also i have played mass effect 2 so i was able to get additional bonuses the reason this video is so long is because i didn't take out the combat parts because i wanted you guys to see the end of the mission where it gives you a rundown of your bonuses if you don't wanna watch the whole thing just watch the beginning and the end
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Just Cause 3 final battle played on PC
this is the final boss of just cause 3 compared to just cause 1 and 2 this was pretty disappointing for some reason i was playing the game at 1440p but the recording is at 1080p
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Call of Duty  Ghosts | more wargame gameplay
Much like my last video, this is wargame of ghosts on PC. In the middle of the video i fiddled with some key bindings so any console players who end up watching this will get to see a slight glimpse into the options of PC gaming. Enjoy!
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