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Heritage of the Wolf by James Horner - piano cover
Beautiful song. Rest in peace James Horner.
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MASHUP: Unforgettable (French Montana) VS One Dance (Drake)
What happens when French Montana & Swae Lee meet Drake? Mashup of Unforgettable versus One Dance, created on Audacity. Enjoy!
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MASHUP: After All (Holy) (David Crowder Band) VS The Battle (The Chronicles of Narnia)
Made this using Audacity, so not the clearest mashup. Enjoy!
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MASHUP: Faded (Alan Walker) VS Love is War (Hillsong UNITED)
Made a mashup of the Faded instrumental by Alan Walker and the epic Love is War by Hillsong. Enjoy!
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MASHUP: Alive (Hillsong Young & Free) VS Where Are Ü Now (Skrillex & Diplo feat. Justin Beiber)
Made a mashup of "Where Are U Now" by Justin Bieber/Skrillex/Diplo and the fast-paced song "Alive" by Hillsong.
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MASHUP: Elastic Heart (Sia) VS Victory (Two Steps From Hell)
What would happen if Sia and epic orchestral music crossed over...??" "Elastic Heart" by Sia mashed up with "Victory" by Two Steps From Hell. Enjoy!
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Indian Summer Remix   Jai Wolf, Sid Sriram, Jairus James
Happy India Independence Day!! Genius producer Jai Wolf made the amazing ambient summer track called "Indian Summer". I heard it and immediately knew I had to layer it with some other tracks to make a song dedicated to today's Independence Day for India. I added the amazing classical runs from Sid Sriram from his live performance of "Loveshine" at Rockwood Music Hall, and lowered the pitch to match the Indian Summer track. I then added my own lyrics and chorus melody. Let me know what you think! Here are the lyrics: "Let's go together Run to the north and Look at the glistening marble walls Now to the south Where smells of the cooking Draw in the hungry from afar East to the west Feel our spirits rising The nation sings out A familiar song The sun is now setting But soon it will rise And we won't forget our time In the Indian summer"
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REMIX: Never Say Never (Justin Bieber feat. Jaden Smith)
Please watch full video, remix is in the middle. All respects to Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith...and Jackie Chan. This is just a remix, nothing more. Enjoy! Thanks for the views! :D. Wow its been a while since i uploaded this....maybe a re-remix? ;) Coming Soon
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MASHUP: End of an Era (Zack Hemsey) VS Sky Full of Stars (Coldplay)
Mashup of End of An Era by Zack Hemsey with Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay
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MASHUP: One Last Time (Ariana Grande) VS Bang My Head (David Guetta feat. Sia & Fetty Wap)
Just mashed up Fetty's vocals from Bang My Head with Ariana Grande's One Last Time
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MASHUP: Future Looks Good (by OneRepublic) VS God Who Saves (by Hillsong)
Who'da thought One Republic and Hillsong would sound good together? Mashup of Future Looks Good by OneRepublic and God Who Saves by Hillsong, enjoy!
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MASHUP: Don't Let Me Down (Chainsmokers) VS Live Your Life (Rihanna) VS Numa Numa (O-Zone)
Newest mashup, mashed up Don't let me down by the Chainsmokers and Live Your Life by Rihanna & T.I. and Numa Numa by Ozone
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MASHUP: We Are (Kari Jobe) VS. Mighty to Save (Hillsong)
The mashup starts at the break of "Mighty to Save", so if you want to forward a bit, understandable. Using Audacity and Windows Movie Maker, I created a mashup of two great songs,"We Are" by Kari Jobe and "Mighty to Save" by Hillsong. The Hillsong track sounds weird because I had to lower the key in order to match Kari Jobe's voice, and even then I raised her key, to find a sort-of middle ground (if I put it too high so Hillsong would sound normal, Kari would sound like a chipmunk, ain't nobody got time for that). Enjoy, and God Bless!
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MASHUP: Everlasting Father (by Elevation Worship) VS. Pachelbel's Canon in D
Mashed up Elevation Worship's "Everlastin Father" and the classic Canon in D by Pachelbel
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Angels (Sandy-Hook, Connecticut Massacre Tribute) by Jairus James
I had heard about the massacre all over the news today...the least I could do was tribute a song to the survivors and families. I wrote and composed this myself, and I dedicate it fully those affected by this horrific event. Let us never forget but always strive to live better from what has happened. Hope still remains. The background instrumental track belongs to Bebo Norman's "God, My God". Everything else is original. God bless!
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MASHUP: Swan Lake VS. One of a Kind (G-Dragon)
I had to make a mashup for my ballroom dance class, turned out pretty good!
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MASHUP: How Can It Be (Lauren Daigle) VS Jesus Loves Me (Chris Tomlin) VS And Can it Be
Remixed 3 favorites of mine into one, all with the same great underlying message. How Can It Be by Lauren Daigle, Jesus Loves me by Chris Tomlin, and And Can it Be (a traditional hymn by Charles Wesley). Enjoy!
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Don't Let Terror Win the Fight (Tribute to Peshawar Attack Victims & Family)
So I made this song in tribute to those killed and those suffering from the Peshawar attack in Pakistan. As stated in the video, I hope this can convey not just the emotions of the individuals involved in this horrific event, but also those who have lost loved ones due to terror anywhere and anytime. Also stated in the video: This song is a story seen through the eyes of a loved one as they hover over a victim of the Peshawar attack that happened in Pakistan recently. The ticking clock represents the time passing by, but when it picks up at the end, it represents hope. The fire sirens represent the emergency situation. The bridge stands as the chorus of all the loved ones singing together, defying terror and stating "we won't fear". I made this song using GarageBand for iOS. Siren sounds from YouTube, images from BBC Asia News, my clock, some reverb and echo were also used.
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MASHUP: Dying For You (Otto Knows feat. Lindsey Stirling) VS Rude (MAGIC!)
Just made a mashup of Dying for You by Otto Knows and Rude by MAGIC
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Cover: Say Something (orig. by A Great Big World) by Jairus James
(Listen with headphones! Careful around 2:25). Made this cover of Say Something entirely by GarageBand for iOS. Technology is awesome.
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MASHUP: Break Every Chain (Jesus Culture) VS Forever Reign (Hillsong)
Did a small mashup of Hillsong and Jesus Culture, after hearing they sounded similar. Used Audacity.
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Cover: Falling (orig. by Paul Baloche) by Jairus James & Shane Thomas
The song is called "Falling", by Paul Baloche. The guitar & loop in this is by Shane Thomas, and I realized "Falling" goes well with it, so I decided to make the mix. Enjoy, and God bless!
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MASHUP: Only King Forever (Elevation Worship) VS Now is the Time (Delirious?)
Elevation Worship meets old school Delirious with a mashup of Only King Forever and Now is the Time. Enjoy!
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MASHUP: Miracles (Jesus Culture) VS. Miracles (Two Steps From Hell)
Who knew the epic "Miracles" from Two Steps From Hell and the powerful "Miracles" by Jesus Culture would be such a great match? Check it out! I made this using Audacity.
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No Longer Slaves - Jairus James & Rufus James
Live-recordings, assembled on GarageBand for iOS.
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He Lives in You by Jairus James (The Lion King)
The music in the song is completely made from the ground up using GarageBand for iOS. Enjoy!
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O Praise the Name acoustic cover
Since the convention was more or less disappointing, I figured I had to do this song a little bit of justice, since the message and words are so profound.
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Sky Full of Stars & We Found Love by Jairus James
Made this song from scratch on Garageband on iOS. Enjoy!
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Cover: Come to the River (orig. by Rhett Walker Band) by Jairus James
Did a cover to the great song "Come to the River", used Audacity to layer the sounds, enjoy!
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MASHUP: Levels (Nick Jonas) VS Superstition (Stevie Wonder)
Another mashup for you guys, this time with Levels by Nick Jonas & Superstition by Stevie Wonder.
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I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing studio cover by Rebecca Oziel & Jairus James
Covered Aerosmith's I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing with my super-talented friend Rebecca Oziel a couple years back in the school's studio room. Thanks to the class of Pachence for helping produce it!
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It's Gotta Be You - Cover; orig. by Isaiah Firebrace
Cover of "It's Gotta Be You" orig. by Isaiah
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Cover: Home (orig. by Phillip Phillips) by Jairus James
Did a cover to Home by Phillip Phillips, used Audacity for layering. Enjoy!
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Lake & Field in 4K
Local area lake and field in High Definition 4K
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