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Honda CVT drive bike
Honda GX35 CV transmmision Attached (sorta) to a bicycle. It had an electric motor, doesn't now ;-) See other video, he crashed it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ci3t_0AnDzo If you like, like and subscribe, thank you.
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How to make a secure no slip threading tap holder for lathe or drill chuck.
How to make a secure threading tap holder for lathe or drill chuck to hold and drive a tap in the tail stock of the lathe to keep it centered and not relying on gripping the shank of the tap that can slip. The tool is made from Hexagonal stock with a slot milled to accommodate the threading tap square drive. It is then drilled to match the diameter of the plain shank on the tap. It can be used in the lathe or drill
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Mt Buller Little Buller Spur GoPro HD 720
Mt Buller Australia Little Buller Spur Thursday July 22nd 2010 GoPro HD 720 Chest mount
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2 stroke expansion chamber outlet bleed pipe and port plugging pressure explained E7
Explaining the functions of the 2 stroke expansion chamber outlet stinger or bleed pipe. The function of exhaust back pressure to port plugging. Intake timing factors into the expansion chamber pressure.
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Unlocking the secrets of 2 stroke expansion chamber exhausts E1
This is the first video in a series looking at the science and mysteries of 2 stroke expansion chamber exhausts. First we look at how the initial sonic compression wave is created during the blow down phase when the exhaust port just opens. Then moving to the diffuser taper cone showing how the initial compression wave reflects a negative signed expansion wave back toward the cylinder to the open exhaust port to aid exhaust scavenging. And then initial compression wave proceeds on at the local sonic velocity to the baffle cone taper and is then reflected back in the opposite direction toward the cylinder, meeting the exhaust port at the moment the pistons closes it to port plug escaping intake fuel air charge. This video series will seek to explain exactly how those wave actions occur and the timing of them to match peak power output from a 2 stroke spark ignition engine thus unlocking huge gains in horsepower output..
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Active Demo of Wave Timing through 2 Stroke Exhaust Cone Sections.
Using software we show the timing points along to length of the 2 stroke expansion chamber through the diffuser and baffle cone tapers to while displaying the wave arrival points over the port timing periods. Also showing the difference in timing when the engine is operating at lower RPM off peak where the suction wave arrives too early as does the port plugging pressure wave reflected from the expansion chamber end. Thus showing how the pipe is tuned to a specific range of power.
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2 stroke power valve, gas v acoustic velocity, exhaust port timing for expansion chamber. E2
In this second video of the series on 2 stroke expansion chamber exhausts. We look at how the exhaust port timing edge is determined by the port in relation to the top of the piston and how that translates to the Yamaha YPVS power valve system as well. Then looking at how the wave velocity is effected by the gas velocity in the pipe and why it is important to distinguish between the two. A reference to two books written on the topic of 2 strokes by Gordon Jennings and Gordon Blair and how I will refer to them. And then we show some images of exhaust leaving an open pipe end using the Schlieren method to visualise the gas and acoustic waves.
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How to test and fix ABS easily on Holden Opel Vectra, no parts required.
Fixing ABS and Traction Control lights on dash of Opel Holden Vectra. This video shows how to test the wheel sensors that if out of electrical range will cause a fault condition resulting in the ABS and TC lights staying on with engine running. Once the wheel sensor at fault is isolated and tested the fault may be caused by some debris on the end of the wheel sensors.
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The two tuned lengths of the 2 stroke expansion chamber, photo of compression wave formation. E3
There are 2 tuned lengths in a 2 stroke expansion chamber not only the port to baffle cone taper. This video explains why that is and how the timing of both compression wave and expansion wave is critical to peak power. Also showing the image of the compression wave formation at the end of an open exhaust pipe. I provide a simpler calculation to that found in the works of Gordon Jennings and Graeme Bell that does not require conversion to Metric or Imperial and is self explanatory.
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Wave timing for diffuser taper in 2 stroke chamber, how wave action creates a vacuum E5
This covers the differences between the compression wave timing from the baffle cone and the expansion wave timing off the diffuser cone in the 2 stroke expansion chamber exhaust. This is due to the higher temperatures of the header end of the expansion chamber, the peak operating point of the expansion wave in the RPM range. Also how the wave shape stimulates a pressure or vacuum ahead of the peak a bit like a surfer on a wave.
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Destructive Resonance in 2 Stroke Expansion Chamber Exhausts E13
This series of videos covering the various types of resonances and how they effect the performance of the ehaust system. This video covers resonance that can be destructive and reduce power. Spring hook mountings and proper rubberised mountings are needed to ensure the pipe remains de-coupled from engine vibration and does not transmit vibration back to the engine.
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2 stroke expansion chamber comparisons, multi taper and diffuser timings E9
Diffuser taper timings for 2 stroke expansion chamber explained allows for some visual assessment of an expansion chamber to determine basic performance characteristics of it to compare one to another. Explaining how the timings and lengths of the diffuser cone are determined by simple calculations. Also describes how 2 stroke software calculates these dimensions.
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Mt Buller Summit run GoPro HD 720
Mt Buller Australia Summit run to Howqua lift. Thursday July 22nd 2010 GoProHD 720 Chest mount 8000 kb/s compression
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Mt Buller Australia Summit Slide morning 50 year old skier using GoPro HD 960
Skiing down summit slide at Mt Buller Australia - 9:20 AM Wed 27th of July 2011 GoPro HD 960 Chest mount
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What is the effect on 2 stroke expansion chamber tuned length after raising cylinder ? E11
Viewer questions answered covering an IAME 100 cc Reedjet Kart racing Engine that runs a restricted class. We take the specs given in the regulations and allowed modifications and run the numbers through my model software to see what the resulting engine specs are. Also what effect the port timing change will have on the RPM peak of Expansion chamber at a fixed tuned length. The model software is simply a basic simulation of specifications and timings with port timings and heights shown in an animated diagram. It is based around the Port Position program as provided by Blair et al 2 stroke engine study and published articles from SAE.
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Dont poison yourself with toxic anti spatter MIG welding
Anti spatter chemicals are highly toxic, welders spray the stuff around and then burn it and inhale the fumes and there is no need to expose themselves to it. A non toxic alternative is canola oil in spray pack normally used for cooking, its dirt cheap and works to stop spatter and slag sticking to work and it wont kill you. downside its it is smokey and takes something like sugar soap to clean it off, but your life is worth it.
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Reed Valve V Rotary Disc Intake and why small 2 stroke engines favor the later.
The reasons why small 2 stroke engines favor Rotary disc over Reed valve intake systems. The main reason for this being the large capacity engine has more gas inertia to overcome back flow in transfer port during low speed operation. At higher speeds the Rotary discs has better gas flows due to the fact a Reed valve has a pressure differential each side of it. that is also somewhat overcome by the large capacity 2 stroke engine. For these reason you will only find rotary disc valve intake system on smaller capacity 2 stroke engine and reed valve on all large capacity 2 strokes form about 125 cc per cylinder upwards.
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Diameters for belly and stinger on 2 stroke expansion chambers, tapered header pipes E10
How we arrive at the diameters of the Belly section or Neutral chamber and the Outlet Stinger pipe. As well as determining the degree of taper to use on a tapered header pipe Unlike the similar timing wave calculations the calculations to decoded pipe diameters is highly complex and lengthy. Fortunately the author of the most widely know SAE papers on 2 strokes has provided empirical values alongside the complex calculations used to model those dimensions. So these can be used as a guide to what dimension are needed for an expansion chamber or are those on a chamber you have suited to its use. This also relates to tapered header pipes in as much as it being also dictated by gas pressure factors.
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Measuring and modifying 2 stroke expansion chambers, superposition of waves. E8
Now it's time to use the information and get into measuring up your 2 stroke expansion chamber to see if its right. The video covers how to measure up and what to measure and the calculations required. With that you will be able to see any parts of the pipe that may benefit from modification.
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Mt Hotham Skiing Imagine Run 50 yo skier using chest mount GoPro HD 960
Skiing Imagine Run - Mt Hotham. GoPro HD 960 chest mount - 2nd August 2011
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12 volt "AC PRO"  brand Vortex air compressor manufacturing faults.
12 volt "AC PRO Vortex" brand air compressor manufacturing faults. Made by Projecta Part number VTX200 This video covers factory assembly faults with these 12 volt air compressors. They perform well when they work and seem to be designed ok and components ok but it seems the assembly is very poor. I fit these compressors to the product system I sell and use them because they provide a large flow rate at a reasonable cost. (under AUD $300) They are operated for 1 minute at a time and only up to 10psi so do not get a hard life at all so there is no point spending ten times as much for a similar flow rate compressor. Initially like the "typhoon" twin compressors I used for about 7 years were good but at some point they went downhill fast because of very poor assembly. These likewise, good for a while and no with faulty ones, then they start producing faulty ones. I hope the maker of them can resolve this issue with poor assembly because they are otherwise a decent compressor for the price. There are some other faults that include the plastic chrome plating flaking off inside the air filter area going into the compressor. The air filter foam is not rigid enough and collapses inside allowing air to bypass it. Some also leak down with low air pressure due to the reed valves not sealing properly so I need to use a one way vale in line with them because I use them to 75kpa maximum.
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G Blair 1997 2 Stroke 3 stage diffuser exhaust dimensions. 2T Chamber Pt 7
Part 7 covers Professor Gordon P Blair 3 stage diffuser expansion chamber dimension equations circa 1997 Detailed equations for lengths and diameters of each section and taper of the 2 stroke expansion chamber tuned performance exhaust.
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Mt Buller Australia Tyrol and Cow Camp 50 yo skier on moguls using chest mount GoPro
Skiing Tyrol from top of Emirates Chair via Cow Camp to Tyrol T bar. - Mt Buller - 11:57 27th July 2011 GoPro camera on chest mount facing backwards for rear view.
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How magneto timing advance works, how to read spark voltage on oscilloscope E31
How magneto timing advance works and why setting rotor air gap is important. How to read spark voltage on oscilloscope to see spark time and spark voltage.
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Falls Creek Australia Skiing International Poma to Summit Chair
Falls Creek Australia Skiing International Poma to Summit Chair This is a video from 2015 season. Day after this it melted fast and that was the end of 2015 season. Not much of a skiing video I know but the views is nice. I apologise didn't get much video in 2015 but will try to get some more this year in 2016 season.
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2 stroke Ignition, solid state triggers,TCI and CDI E28
Covers 2 stroke Ignitions, non points type solid state triggers, differences between TCI and CDI and how to identify them
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How cone angles effect power in a 2 stroke expansion chamber E6
How the diffuser and baffle cone taper angles are calculated for straight or multi tapers. The effect of angles on the amplitude and wave length of the reflected compression wave and mirrored expansion wave. Positioning of the wave to exploit the moment of pressure increase or decrease to the port timing and RPM of the engine power band.
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Mt Hotham Australia Skiing Cornice to Snake Gully 50 year old skier using GoPro chest mount 960 HD
Skiing Cornice to Snake Gully - Mt Hotham. GoPro HD 960 chest mount - 2nd August 2011
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How to measure 2 stroke exhaust port timing. 2t Chamber Pt 1
This is a new series that provides step by step instructions for designing a tuned 2 stroke expansion chamber exhaust. This video covers the intro to the process as well as Step 1 with instructions on how to measure exhaust port openining period in degrees. Next video Step 2 will cover how to calculate tuned length of the exhaust using the exhaust open period.
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Kadenacy effect (Inertial Scavenging) has nothing to do with 2 or 4 stroke exhaust tuning
There is an abundance of theories around are based on the velocity and Inertial exhaust scavenging of the exhaust system. This is derived from an out-dated theory before the function of sonic wave scavenging was properly understood. The videos details how inertial scavenging is a function of initial sonic exhaust gas flow expended to reduce pumping losses if the piston rising. And how thereafter wave scavenging does the rest of the work dictated by the header pipe.
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Honda CVT drive bike - crash
Honda GX35 CV transmission Attached (sorta) to a bicycle.
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Holden / Opel Vectra Steering Clunk fix 2016 update
How to fix Holden / Opel Vectra Steering Clunk in minutes. 2016 update. Covers the lubricating of the steering clover leaf joint and a few details on what else to check in case of a steering clunk. Use comment below if you have any questions. Original video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYQ0VlR-sPs
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AuMechanic YouTube channel Intro video 2017
Updated introduction video to my YouTube channel. I do mostly technical how to video lectures (not "infotainment") Covering advanced motor mechanics for motor cycles and automotive. Some others covering the day to day works of my manufacturing business I run now. If you subscribe be sure to click the bell icon or you may not get my videos on your subscriber feed or notified otherwise of uploads.
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The Secrets of Resonance Tuning in 2 Stroke Expansion Chamber Exhausts E12
There are a number of resonances that occur inside 2 stroke expansion chamber performance exhausts. Some of those serve no function at all while others do within certain limits. But above all none are fundamental to the gain provided in performance and power by the expansion chamber. That function is driven entirely by sonic wave scavenging. This series of videos covering the various types of resonances and how they effect the performance of the ehaust system.
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How to fix Holden / Opel Vectra Steering Clunk in minutes.
This is an issue that covers a few models with this type of steering coupling at the column. There is some discussions about the issue online that I read about after encountering it. I am a qualified mechanic of 20+ years experience and inspecting the column and the issue I found the sliding section of the column binds that tranlates as a clunk on steering. To fix this requires only some lubricant down the shaft, silicone spray is a lquid that can run down the shaft and will dry and adhere to the surface and stop the binding and remove the knock. It also makes the light steering off centre slightly smoother as the binding causes and irregular sensation of tension at the steering wheel. No parts to replace or remove.
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Simplified 2 stroke expansion chamber calculation software side project E9B
A side project to the 2 stroke expansion chamber series. Basic simplified calculations for measuring 2 stroke expansion chambers outside of complex 2 stroke design software. Breaks each part down to allow those simple dimensions to be measured and checked for example on an existing expansion chamber.
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How your oil filler cap may cause poor fuel economy, low MPG
How your oil filler cap may cause poor economy. Easy to check. Applies to many cars, particularly those with MAF sensor snorkel
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Real time wasted spark ignition system demo, combustion spark line analysis E33
Covers reasons why a wasted spark system works and is used in many applications from motor cycle and cars. Lean more about reading combustion through spark line analysis
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Simple Tuned length calculation 2 stroke chamber baffle cone, temp, gas effect on sonic velocity E4
A simple calculation for tuned length of the baffle cone at the rear of the 2 stroke expansion chamber. Using some code to demonstrate how changing exhaust port timing, RPM or temperatures effect tuned length calculations. The effect on wave speed of temperature and gas composition.
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How to measure 2 stroke expansion chamber cone taper lengths and angles E14
A few equations to use measuring the cones lengths and tapers of a 2 stroke expansion chamber that viewers who are working on expansion chambers to make or modify asked me about. These will provide values given some known measurements of the cones to incoporate into calculating tuned length of the pipe. First one is for finding the centre length of a cone by using the small and large diameters of the cone as well as the angle of the cone. Second one is the find the angle of a cone by using the small and large diameters of the cone and the length of one side of the cone. Third one is to find the angle of a cone by using the small and large diameters of the cone and the centre length of the cone (the reverse of first equation)
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Stump Love - Vermeer SC60TX Cummins turbo diesel grinding stumps
Vermeer SC60TX Cummins turbo diesel giving stump love after repairs made. Still issues that will involve deep exploration of the whole wiring harness and at this stage the owner has spent enough and the machine was working better then ever. There are more videos covering the repairs made in much details and the list is long of faults and issues I had to fix. Much of it due to questionable designs in a machine that vibrates itself to bits. See the playlist that includes all videos or repairs done. No thanks to Vermeer who refused to supply the CANBUS codes displayed on the units ECM.
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Exhaust port area for odd shaped ports and chordal correction of port maps. 2t Chamber Pt 5
Part 5 is second part of calculating 2 stroke exhaust port area accounting for the radius corners of the port. How to measure and calculate odd shaped ports and how to correct flat paper port map area to account for bure curvature.
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How to make parts quickly on a Mill Drill
Making up parts on the mill drill the quick way. This video covers making a latch clamp part to replace rubber hooks. The job is a quick short term fix so the aim is to get it done in minimum time while still doing a reasonably decent job. I tried to keep it as quick as possible and not too much verbal detail to avoid boring you so if you have any questions please comment and Ill reply.
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How to measure and calculate 2 stroke Exhaust port window area. 2t Chamber Pt 4
Part 4 detail how to measure 2 stroke exhasut port window area to convert to a diameter to be then used to dimension the diameters of the Expansion Chamber Exhasut. Includes converting flat paper port map arc widths into chord widths as required by chamber calculations.
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Old Dudes Ski Falls Creek 2017 Day 2
Back again for day 2 at Falls Creek Australia. Found the best runs and the best coffee and donuts.
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How to  easily test for lead contamination in Chinese steel.
Some unmarked imported steel has lead in it and it's easy to test.. This makes the steel heavier and weaker and it takes more heat to MIG weld and distorts more and the fumes off it can't be good.
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Vermeer SC60TX stump grinder alternator harness fault and repair
Vermeer SC60TX stump grinder alternator harness fault and repair. This machine has an unusual wiring harness with diodes and resistors used in the harness that break and cause faults. If the alternator is not charging you may assume it is faulty and replace it to find out that didn't fix the issue. You need to test the harness to make sure it has power at the wires from Batt and Ignition power. If not the cause may be broken diode or resistor leads that are single strand and hidden in the harness. I replaced the single resistor with a pair in parallel to get the same resistance value to give that strength and use crimp terminals not solder that fractures. The wire was then potted with silicone to hold the components in place and to isolate them from vibration. More faults were found in the control system and more broken resistors found, that is covered in the next video in the series playlist.
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Mt Buller Skiing - Follow me or crash
Got somone else to wear the GoPro and ski behind me. 27 July 2011
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Welders Eye View, see from behind the welding helmet.
Views taken behind auto welding helmet of various types of MIG welding.
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Honda CVT drive bike dual sprocket rear update 1
Honda CVT drive bike dual sprocket rear update 1 CV transmission bicycle The video is 2 parts and is long and covers doing the whole job. I don't know what detail viewers want to see on it so I just uploaded the lot and you can scan through it to find the bits you need. The multi cog rear sprocket was no good because of the teeth shape which are meant for changing gears. We fitted a hub to the rear with threads of both sides and screwed on 2 ratchet one way sprockets, one for the motor and the other for the pedal chain. One sprocket is clockwise drive and the other anti clockwise drive. This setup worked well. Comment below if you have any questions. If you like, like and subscribe, thank you.
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