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Mariska and Peter - How Long Will I Love You
This video is about Mariska and Peter from the first time and till forever! I OWN NOTHING NO MUSIC NONE OF THE CLIPS! I used them to make this video i hope you love it as much as i loved making it!!!
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Law & Order SVU Inheritance Season 3 ep 8
The beating and rape of an Asian woman leads detectives to suspect members of rival gangs.
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Bensler E/O
Just a little Ellot/Olivia #Bensler (I OWN NOTHING)
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I'm your partner for better or worse- Olivia Benson & Ellio
I own nothing video belongs to nbc & svu
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Mariska Hargitay Sledding In The Snow
Mariska playing in the snow on 2/16/14
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Beautiful Mariska Hargitay
Thank you to Mariska who has not only saved my life but changed it for the better and yet continues to inspire me everyday thank you so much!
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Mariska Hargitay on David Letterman
Mariska Hargitay on The Tonight Show With David Letterman October 3, 2014
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Mariska & Peter - Your Song
I made this video for Mariska and Peter and there beautiful love!
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Mercy Me: Flawless
Mercy Me concert in raleigh NC! Stand up tour! I do not own the song but I did take the video!
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Children Go Where I Send The @SGHS
The wonderful Christmas show at South Granville High School!!
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Olivia Benson
When she was upset after she had to shoot a rapist
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