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View-tv fatal failure within 20 minutes of first power on. AT-300
In this video you will see that the box is stick on a channel 38... Doesn't matter which 38, or 39 group of channels. Generally this failure starts while deleting channels that you don't want. Once you get to 38 series it freezes. For posterity I I'm deleting channels in Hough to low order... 61-x, 59-x, and so on. Sorry I don't have editing tools. All of this is being done through my phone. I'm going to make a secondary video on the AT-300 as I have found a way to get it out off loop, but once it goes through a thirties channel it freezes again. The trick to get out of loop is to rapidly hit channel up while the box says boot on it. The cycle of boots is 1-3 minutes. So if you need to, induce boot by pulling the power cord.
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