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Loli Zero Two cute sounds
cute little zero two making cute sounds
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boobs song
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Work truck
We got us a new work truck to help in making money we are extremely excited about it. 170k miles on it and mostly freeway miles. It was a sheep commissary truck. They used it on a farm to haul food to sheep. But when they parked it they just left the food in and it got over ran by mice. But we will clean it more.
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Nice little clip so cute
Tokyo ghoul re music added
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Volte fix on Xfinity mobile
This goes through how to activate volte calls on non Xfinity phones. Also I cover how to fix calling if they deactivated LTE Calling while out and about.
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Funny anime
This is funny
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He's a dude stiens Gate
this is rick and morty watching stiens gate
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kim running with spongebob
lol kim running with spongebob. sorry i had to speed up the music.
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