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Growtopia|Ready For Harvest Fest!
Hi guys im back Im officialak and i changed ky name are you guys ready in harvest fest? i have new intro thankyou for sinakt4n he gave me intro guys i think i upload video tomorrow Bye guys!
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Growtopia 2017 |Got scammed\report makati|
hi guys well im back with another video now guys i got scammed by makati can u please report him or spam him scammer visit his world makatii and please guys like all my video im doing my giveaway entry in march 22,2017guys cuz im going airport bye guys subs for more!
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Growtopia(Finding song Maker)
Hi Guys its Me XDerpys 2nd Vid Im Finding Song maker so if u want to Write in Message World:Xderpysgt Song:Cuzycat21 Subscribe And like Stay Awesome amigos
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Growtopia#meeting derpmoto#Dhorn giveaway entry SOON!
hello guys finally i meet derpmoto and he got only 1subs now soon maybe he higher than me i will giveaway dhorn soon just type your world and subscribe and thumbs up and 1comment down below only 1comment bye guys!!!....
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Growtopia|Donating Noob|
Hi youtube Publish march6,2017 Donating noobs Or poor Just wondering o love being nub Nub will be pro to So dont say Noob To growtopians
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my intro for growtopia or videos!
hi guys published march 9,2017
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growtopia#not opening 2months#changed name #shoutout to derpmoto
hello guys sorry not opening 2months but im still alive heeheh just post in youtube i have a new loptop its asus now later or tomorrow ill record to know derpmoto bye guys!!!.....
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Growtopia|Hello Fans
Hi guys I’m back I was uploading that I video in giveaway but I accedentally cut it in the middle of it sorry guys I don’t have proof but I text in that video I will giveaway soon!bye guys
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My first intro for my vids!
hi guys published march 8,2017 hi guys this is not my intro i just download it its my first intro its dumb please subsribe and like for more!
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growtopia|intro|new intro
hi guys this is my new intro again cuz this is the better right??? just comment below if this is the good intro or the other 2! subs for more!
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Growtopia|giveaway entry|interview|first time on pc|
hi guys published march8,2017 i wanna help or just do something put ur world and ur name in gt ill pick 3 player subscribe for more!!!world:xderpys and guys im doing it in march 21,2017 omg be prefered
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Growtopia|Harvest Fest!
Hey guys im back i recorded it on october 4,2017 but ill downloading it today because it super duper slow wifi now guys its already harvest fest keep pro its always october see you guys! Peace!
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Growtopia|Harvest Fest Over
Hi guys harvest fest is over you guys enjoyed xD so this is only my vids see ya in halloween!!!!
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Growtopia|Excited?Harvest Fest
Hi guys its not yet harvest fest but theres is new IOTM its ghostly robe its kind a cool but this is only the video for today see you on harvest fest bye Peace!
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Growtopia First time on Youtube!
Guys Its me XDerpys First Time on Youtube actually Ill restart Guys i forgot how to Set intro can please message me? Subs And like:)
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