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Area 51 hiding caves or hangers
Look at the video and out side the cave there’s something man made see if you can notice it
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Pubg Mobile
We were that bored we started baiting the head off each other with the pans 😎😎😎
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Pubg on mobile
This last dude had a gillie suit and didn't know how to use it .he hasn't a chance with what I was using ,well that's not true he nearly killed me 😎
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Pubg on mobile
The vans are bomb proof lol but your man I knocked down wasn't
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S7 edge more great features
There is lots of great features on the s7edge and one or 2 of mine is the way you can make gifs and the way you can edit videos not like iPhone. where you have to buy a tweak from cydia on iPhone that's only if your jailbroke but if you ain't you have buy from apples store that would cost you. The s7 edge or the galaxy S range has it all free so you can edit videos make gifs or just post them the way they are and if that isn't enough you can watch them with videopane were you can watch a video and still do what you want on your phone while watching the video. So yes I really think samsung brought there A game when they done the s7 edge and I'm guessing it's better than it's rival iPhone 6s plus in more ways then the 6s plus bets the s7 edge
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whats up people
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S7 edge live recording camera
Ok I've been a big fan of jailbreaking iPhones because of the tweaks like cameratweak any many more tweaks but now samsung has smashed that out of the park with the live recording camera Wow and the other settings in the camera are amazing aswell now remember I've only started using s7edge there's the s8 and s8+ that must be amazing if there to compete with the s7 edge now I don't know about the s5 s6 s6edge so if anyone that watches this has one and wants to leave a comment please do and if you can please leave a like and please help me get my channel started by subscribing I'd be very grateful . So I'm hoping to get more devices to compare to the s7 edge and the iPhone 6s plus I'm hoping to try out a Umi I heard there the next up and coming wild card android devices so I'm looking forward to trying one out. Thanks for watching
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GTAV Treasure found from New Update
I found the treasure it’s another gun but from Red redemption
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s7 edge setup theme 2
Ok when I was jailbreaking iPhones Apple always always wiped your warranty if you done anything like what I'm doing on this s7 edge and I don't get why Apple never used there heads like samsung did - so well done samsung for getting ahead of Apple in design the UI and the hole theme and icon themes well done so I'm looking forward to more android devices to see if I can change the way the look. Now don't get me wrong I'm a phone lover but I want a fast phone an easy phone but i don't want a simple phone I want to be able to find new things on it I don't want the first week I have it that's it I'm bored. So I know the galaxy s range is in competition with Apple in what the next best device is. But I've seen some amazing looking android phones and I'm hoping to try a few of them out like Umi and elephone and there is the new Nokia and many more out there is like to check out
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This is my s7 edge setup
Ok I'm trying out s7 edge and it's my first android phone I was always a iPhone user but I only used iPhones for jailbreaking tweaks like themes and most of the things an android has so I said I'll try an android device and I'm happy I have I don't know if it's just the galaxy or if all android phones have these settings but the camera on a s7 edge is amazing the shots I can take I don't even need a digital camera Wow so I'm hoping to try more android phones because if there is better android phones than the s7 edge I'd like to see it
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