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Baja Doodle Bug Trike
Stretched frame 6 inches, added 32" axle, grab bar and pegs for a small child passenger. Torque converter with 7"driven, 66T axle sprocket, 13T jackshaft sprocket . Removed governor
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Coleman min bike Ct100u 6.5 HP engine upgrade
I got a package deal on 2 Coleman mini bikes, when I bought a CT100u and a Ct200u. Since I am putting my predator engine in the CT 200u I decided to put the 196ccengine in the CT100u. This was very simple and did not require any drilling or measuring. Swapped out the clutches swapped out the engines, super simple and easy.
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Weiner / Weenie pipe on Predator 212
Feel free to Comment - Like Subscribe Thank you OMB! I love the box art too. This is the weiner pipe exhaust header OMB warehouse sells. The fit is great on my Baja Doodle Bug mini bike. If you're looking for an exhaust pipe for a Baja warrior, heat, or carbon check out these... https://youtu.be/H55L6orgcR4
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Az mini bike riderZ west valley riding
Small group get together this weekend to enjoy this beautiful state and these addictive little motorbikes.
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Az mini bike riderZ  1st flat Track race West World Scottsdale
Racing the West World flat track. We were the 2nd to last class to race. The track was so deep rutted by the time the minis took the spot light. Our group was pretty intriguing to our fans and fellow racers. We had a good time. Be on the look out for the Az MB riderZ
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Part 5 Baja Mini Bike done
Halfway through the build... Now just the 2 seater sidecar. I was talking about using the 8T jackshaft sprocket, and how my top speed is 38-42 mph. But this bike will be used for sidecar and flat track racing.
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Arizona mini bike riderZ at Cardinals stadium
Big storms and torrential downpours can't us from getting in a ride around the Arizona Cardinals stadium.
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Carbide 150 buggy
short ride
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Making fire extinguisher fuel tank
This was my attempt at making a new gas tank for my minibike.
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Wheelie Bar for the MiniBike.
You some scrap pieces of metal from yerf dog go kart roll cage and basketball hoop.
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Baja Warrior 212 Predator Exhaust pipe header mini bike
I have been looking for sometime, trying to find nice exhaust pipes for my Baja Warriors. Awesome quality new school pipes made by an old school guy. https://www.robertsonstorquetubes.com/ Rex is cool and helpful. You can call the phone number you can place an order. Old school...
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Ezgo marathon power and torque loss questions.
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Manco Vortex Jackshaft sprocket slipping
go kart jerking then stahling manco vortex 6.5 hp robin subaru. Jackshaft sprocket was ground to a nub. That was causingthe problem
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Yerf Dog 3203 front wheel upgrade
I did not see any info out there about putting bigger front wheels on the yerf 3203, so I decided to be the guinea pig.
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Added steering damper to the trike.
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DIY Special Needs Swing Build
My son was in need of a handicap - disability - special needs- swing. I did not want to pay the "handicap" prices - so I decided to build one.
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Harbor freight air compressor trouble shooting
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Baja Doodle Bug MiniBike Trike
Just goofing off on the mini trike. I really enjoy the smooth tires on the street and they do not ruin the lawn ;)
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Mini Bike Tricks
Ahhh can't believe I didn't see the misspell at the end - dohh. I had a day off during the week, the mood struck me to ride my mini bike for a few minutes, and well... this happened.
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DIY pallet hack for MiniBike transport skid tie down
Repurpose a pallet for transportation needs of my minibikes
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Coleman mini bikes CT100u & CT200u Frankenstein
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Arizona mini bike riderZ over landing at 7 Springs
Dally Dog, Mountain Man, and 2Slick... Recon. mission success. These little bike conquered the Az. terrain with ease at 2000-3500 rpms and torque converters, We found the 8T jackshaft sprocket to be well worth the investment. Torque for dAyZ...
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Predator Honda Clone exhaust header pipe
This exhaust header will fit the 212 Predator, the Honda gx200 and the 196 Clone engines. This will only fit without the stock gas tank and the use of a remote fuel tank. https://www.robertsonstorquetubes.com
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Az mini bike riderZ at AKA flat track
Small but fun turn out at AKA Feb. 3. Phx flat track and QC flat track have teamed up to create the Copper state flat track championship series.
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Part 3 : Minibike 2-Seater Sidecar.
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Yerf Dog 3203
Bought for $100. Added the Harbor freight predator 212, new tires, tie rods, and made seat.
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K&H brake calipers on MTD mud bug questions
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Az mini bike riderZ Cave Creek parade ride
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2018 Arizona Hood Ride
Az mini bike riderZ, Groms, pit bikes, go peds, and even a mini trike hit the streets of south Phoenix for our 2nd annual Az. hood ride. Bigger turn out this year and even a little run in with " The Law " . After being asked to leave we found a local bike club out drag racing and they welcomed us... So this is just some footage from my point of view and my battery seemed to die, but I still have some decent footage. Enjoy...
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Baja Warrior  Go Kart - Sidecar build part 1
Building a 2 seater leaner sidecar from a Manco gokart and Baja Warrior Mini bike. I am entering this build in a competition and thought I would share my progress. After a lot of reading I decided to improve on the dynamics, geometry, and relationship between minibike and sidecar. Stay tuned...
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Need help Identifying this MiniBike
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1991 Ezgo marathon reverse switch problem
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Go kart Id? Klipper Kart
The go kart has been identified as a Klipper go kart. I don't have any other info about it.
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Surveyors vs Engineers 2016
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MiniBike Sidecar - Baja Doodle Devil
1st ride with the sidecar since I upgraded the Doodle Devil with suspension and street bike tires.
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Using heat to remove bolt - failure
Bolt is rusted / solidified on A-arm, went out and bought a propane torch to try and remove bolt with heat but failed.
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Briggs with Chinese made parts Lol
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Things Land Surveyors see
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Minibike Drag Race
Az mini bike riderZ drag race, located in a valley East of Phoenix. We had 16 bikes and 14 racers.
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MTD Mud Bug trike.
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Az mini bike riderZ at QC flat track
Just a little test and tune day. Great place and always fun.
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Starting problem ezgo marathon
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Part 7 Mini Bike trailer
Since the sidecar build had a delay, i tried to add a trailer too, but didn't think things through...
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Ezgo Marathon 1991
Just an overview of the cart. A little make over, maintenance, and tune up.
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8hp Tecumseh and torque converter
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