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EDC Grounds Walk
Felt like taking a walk around the event before we got down to business on the last bay. Awesome show and awesome setup Ignore the odd conversation.
American Soccer Guy - Champions League Final 16 review
Watch great games we had on display for the final 16. Thoughts on the end result. Follow the social outlets Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/The-American-Soccer-guy-Channel-116881768454212/?ref=bookmarks Twitter - https://twitter.com/alchemic_rb
Lightning hitting transformer
Just recording a random Video of a random storm rolling into Kingman, Az when lightning stikes out of no where
Free Kicks American Soccer guy Edition
Taking a few free kicks with my u-11 soccer eam. Always a good time.
The American Soccer Guy - Chinese Super League
My thought on the ever growing Chinese Super League.
Kansas City Cow Streaker
First game in Livestrong Sporting Park. Home of Sporting KC. But who scores the first goal on tv there during the game? A man in Cow suit!
Camaro Burnout
Notice that the smoke turns yellow when cody gets on the center divider line. Also there was a divit in the pavement 1/4 deep after this. Crazy!!!
Calvin Harris EDC 2014
Just a snippet of Calvin Harris at EDC 2014
The American soccer guy #1
My thoughts on a few of the games February 13 2016. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-American-Soccer-guy-Channel-116881768454212/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/alchemic_rb
HIN Phoenix Drifting
Donovan Free Kick
Another killer shot. Working on curve
Donovan Shot
Got good form for a 9 year old!!!
WP7 Samsung Focus HD Video test
Testing the HD video recording quality of the samsung focus vs. The 4th gen Ipod touch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEyP-ZFv_Aw
Rob schnieder 2
Rob at the tropicana
Ipod HD Test soccer game
Got the new windows phone 7 and I wanted to compare the HD video quality
EDC day 3 fireworks show
Arty got with Insomniac and staged some pretty awesome visuals to go with the EDC 2:30am fireworks show. Pretty damn awesome actually/
Donovan working that Roulette!
Donovan working on some spins after practice. Kids getting it quick at 8 years.
Alchemicrb's God of War
To many times do I get shut down on my feelings about the beautiful game. After awhile you harden up and decide to just go with it. This channel is to vent my feelings about the game as an American!
American Soccer guy March week 1 recap
I finally got some time to watch some games this last weekend!!! I loved it and wanna share my thoughts....even if you don't care
Let's talk #1 Coach swapping
An American soccer guys look of the recent coach movement in the EPL.
Teenage fallout
Teenage dream kid gets fallout new vegas
Galaxy vs. Revolution
Just some action from said game. Rained during the game and 4 hours prior. You can tell
American Soccer Guy Champions League Quarterfinals Review 2016
What a quarterfinals we had this year!!! My thoughts on the results!
Sunderland pulled a mini Leicester!
The relegation battle is over and Sunderland have survived.
ASG  - Can Tottenham Steal the Title
The EPL took a turn the the exciting this weekend!!
ASG Leicester Win It!!
The Foxes have Done it!!! At a perfect time as well. Congrats to Leicester and all the fans!!!
American Soccer Guy Arsenal 2015/16
Arsenal are Arsenal-ing again and its a damn shame
The American Soccer Guy Channel Intro
Hate us if you want, but soccer football is growing in the U.S. and our opinion is more valid then you thin. Hope you enjoy. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-American-Soccer-guy-Channel-116881768454212/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/alchemic_rb