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18 and life karaoke
I got talked into doing some karaoke with a friend. I wasn't warmed up and my voice was dry, but it was still a lot of fun. :)
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Lalaito's Song- Kajiado South, Kenya 2017 MP
2017 Lalaito for MP, Kajiado South, Kenya 2017 John Lalaito is a good friend of mine of the last several years. Even though I'm an American and can't vote, I urge Kenyans who can to vote for this great man. He has been there for my wife and I, as well as our friends in times of great need.
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WarHammer (Band) -The Deadlands
This is a song from the perspective of bassist/vocalist, Terry Lee Richards II, travelling across the vast, open regions of Kenya, East Africa. It is about taking notice of how the tribes in the most inhospitable areas come together in times of drought to survive.
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Driving in Mombasa
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Daddy Loves You......Even Though You Poop!
This is me getting goofy after loading myself up with sinus medication and attempting to sing a heartfelt song to my gorgeous daughter. :)
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Cheeseburger in Paradise....Kenya
It is so hard to find a cheeseburger in Kenya, but I finally did.
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Wife's braids pt.2
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Too close to elephants
Yes, I'm crazy and got too close to elephants. It's amazing what a khaki outfit and adrenaline can make a person do. (R.I.P. Steve Irwin, my wildlife hero.)
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John Lalaito for MP Kenya
I am an American who has found a good friend of the past several years of John Lalaito. He has been there for me in times of need, along with my Kenyan wife and my American and Kenyan friends when we were in life threatening situations. This is not a paid advertisement for him, but simply me asking you to vote for him since I am unable to. Kazi Iendelee!
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Trans Am
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John Deere Gator 855D up a creek and steep hill
This thing is an absolute beast and unstoppable. It was probably a 45 degree angle or better on the hill, loaded with loose rocks.
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Lost in the Indian Ocean
I think I probably watched Open Water and some of the cheap knock-off movies a few too many times. Haha.
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Someone found a destroyed nest and these babies laying helpless, so we relocated the fallen little critters so that they didn't get killed. Of course, I had to have a little fun in the process......:)
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Breakfast with Mr. Brett
Parody of Breakfast with Mr. Pete.
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African Crocodile behind the fence.
This was about an hour from Mombasa, Kenya. I finally got to see one of my favorite animals in Kenya.
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July 27, 2012 4:57 PM
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Breakfast with Mr. Brett 2
Parody of Breakfast with Mr. Pete
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I can't remember the name of this snake. I just know it wasn't poisonous. Too bad I can't find any videos of me with the poisonous snakes.
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SDV 0016
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Kilifi Bay Pool
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Relocating the snake
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Oak takedown
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Hanging out with the monkeys in the trees in Kenya.
My wife thought I was crazy. Even the monkeys in the trees were looking at me kinda strange. Haha.
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msg for pst Chuck
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WarHammer(band) Blood Moon Rising/Frontline Massacre
WarHammer, one of the pioneers in the New Wave of American Thrash. Terry Lee Richards II- Bass and Vocals Jesse Gonzales-Lead Guitars and backing Vocals Mike Krugman- Rhythm Guitar Rich Campbell- Drums We actually had a Spinal Tap moment on this one. The intro before we go into Frontline Massacre was supposed to be the Rifleman's Creed.....but what came out of the P.A. was a scene from Full Metal Jacket....... :0
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Off road in Kenya
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The Hippo Whisperer
Way closer to hippos than anyone should be, I attempted to make friendly communication with them by speaking their language. It is too bad my video memory ran out before they gave their replies.
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