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Lionel Messi playing champions league anthem on a piano 🎹❤ (adidas #here to create)
Lionel Messi Messi playing amazing piano .what can't Messi do ,can play basketball, can play piano, can play table tennis,and rules football ❤❤ The greatest #la_pulga❤ Like and subscription will be appreciated
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World's funniest Justin beiber's "Baby" cover✌
Better than Justin beiber✌
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Messi's 30th birthay celebration!!! watch till the end!!
Here is a video of our celebration on messi's birthday!!! Help me to grow my channel ,your subscribe ,like ,and share will be appreciated!!
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Mesut Ozil'house tour by ozil himself| Adidas here to create|Smart house of Mesut Ozil😱
Here is a tour of Mesut Ozils house,and check the videos on my channel,like and share please
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Money can't buy you a" brother" Neymar. Anyone cannot be like Messi. The psg incident 😎
Neymar left Barcelona to get out from Messi's Shadow and he is now in cavani's shadow.karma is a bitch
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SHEKHARMESSI 2017 skills(AlanWalker-force)ENJOY!!!
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Messi playing with is son Mateo|Neymar visits his house|HD|
Messi playing with his second son Mateo and neymar visits him. like ,share, support!!!
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This is a tutorial to help you gamers to download fifa 17 without any problem.. if you have any problem comment down below and i will help you.. a like and subscription will be appreciated!!! here is the link just download install and enjoy:-- https://1337x.to/torrent/2312615/FIFA-17-STEAMPUNKS-rarbg/
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Most bizarre and satisfying lightning ever|God's miracle|
Watch the lightning 😱
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See what Carvajal and Marcelo did after Ronaldo's goal against Barcelona 😡
See what Carvajal and Marcelo did after Ronaldo's goal against Barcelona 😡.No one kicks own teams Jersey ,royal club player my ass😁 Like ,share and subscribe will me appreciated ❤
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Ronaldinho birthday(the begining) legendinho
One of the greatest football players ever born ronaldinho❤
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Messi motivation slow motion
Slow motion video of some basic football trick
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how to play fifa 18||| enjoy guys|||fifa 18 watch till the end!!!
how to play fifa 18 by shekhar messi!!!! links are:- https://1337x.to/torrent/1291208/FIFA-15-Ultimate-Team-Edition-RePack-By-MAXAGENT-NASWARI-ZOHAIB/ and moddingway link is :- http://www.moddingway.com/search.html enjoy guys!!!!
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Durga puja Best pandals hopping|bike race|night out Kolkata Vlog❤
Here is my full night out on panchami of Durga puja 2k17
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LIONEL MESSI Dancing at his Wedding with his wife Antonella.Martin Garrix Animals song.
Lionel Messi dancing with his wife at his Wedding on the song animals of Martin Garrix. Like,share and subscribe for more videos like this.
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Neymar played his last game and ignored MESSI and laughed with real madrid players!!
Thanks for watching | Like,Subscribe & Stay Updated!!! Neymar played his last game and after the match ignored MESSI and other Barcelona Teamates and laughed with real madrid players!!! will he leave??? hope he doesn't leave!!!
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Football News Updates #1 - Barca's test vs Bilbao,Cavani's brace,All Matches info, Neymar's drama.
Hello guys,in this episode of the football Updates I'm going to share some important news of the footballing world.I feel that you would like this video . Share, Support, Subscribe!!!! About: Shekharmessi is a YouTube Channel where you will find videos related to footballing world everyday,New videos is posted everyday.
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Chath puja Scene|Feel the Beauty|
The night scene in our area during chath puja , beautiful just beautiful.
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KAKA in Tears after his Last Match and the Whole STADIUM Cries😥😝
Kaka retired from Football and cried like a child in his last match😥 Like ,share and subscribe for more videos like this
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How to get out of friend zone| How to not get friend zoned|Real life example|
If you love someone who friend zoned you then you must have to see this video. This video is about how to get out of friend zone and what makes you placed in friend zone.
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Leo Messi Doesn't dives|Never Dives|The greatest
Compilation of Messi s strength..he doesn't dives,he is a role model to all footballers.. Like,share and subscribe plz
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Real Madrid vs Girona(1-2) - Match highlights|HD|Match Review
Hi guys,in this video im going to give you all a review of all the important matches of the day and the Match review and the highlight of the Match Real Madrid vs Girona,I hope you will like this. Like,share, support!!!
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7 things that could happen if Neymar FLOPS at PSG!!!
As Neymar completes a history making and roof breaking transfer worth £200 million to Paris Saint-Germain, the critics will surely be waiting to watch his every move and bring him down on every given occasion. With the pressure being sky high, here are 7 the things that might happen if the Brazilian fails to deliver at the French Club. A like ,share and a subscribe will be appreciated!!!
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Barcelona vs Athletic Bilbao (2-0)-Match Highlight Review, Results of imp football matches !!
Hi guys,in this video im going to give you all a review of all the important matches of the day and the Match review and the highlight of the Match Barcelona vs Athletic Bilbao,I hope you will like this. Like,share, support!!!
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