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CPPS Tutorial - How to make a Localhost AS2 CPPS (Working 2017/2018)
Hey Guys in this video i show you have to make a fully working cpps in 2017/2018 on localhost ► DOWNLOADS! • http://vortexhd.us/ ● Last Vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ckMzzI6YoU&t=2s ► SOCIAL MEDIA! • Twitter - https://twitter.com/VortexHDYT All opinions expressed are my own, if you respect them, i'll respect yours - Jack (VortexHDGamer)
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CPPS Tutorial - Custom Rooms
Hello! Today i have for you a tutorial on how to edit/ make your own rooms! Downloads: http://vortexhd.us/
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CPPS Tutorial - Setup (AS2)
Hello Guys Im gonna show you how to make a CPPS 2016! Next time i will show u how to use hamachi! Downloads: http://vortexhd.us/
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CPPS Tutorial - Hamachi Setup (AS2)
Hello, This is part 2 on how to make a cpps and i show you how to turn the localhosted one into public with hamachi! Next time I will show you how to edit rooms and fix the map! Downloads: http://vortexhd.us/
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CPPS Tutorial - Fix Player Saving
Hello, How to fix Player saving issue and fixes coins! This tutorial was made by Braden Cook
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CPPS Tutorial - Fix Register
Hello, Today im showing you how to fix the register to let others join!
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CPPS Tutorial - Map Fix & Change Rooms
Hey! This is how to fix the Map and change the rooms! Link: http://vortexhd.us/
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CPPS - Change Room Music!
Hey guys its been along time since my last video so heres another! I did record the vps tut but when i went to render it my pc crashed and the file got corrupt so i will do one when i get a new vps. I'm also gonna do a CPPS 2017 video with alot of the issue already fixed!
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Lineage OS - GPS Spoofing - Pokemon Go - 2017
Hey So today im going to show you how to gps spoof on lineage os after the march security patch. Importent Links: Root download: https://download.lineageos.org/extras GPS Spoof: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gsmartstudio.fakegps&hl=en_GB Link2SD: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.buak.Link2SD&hl=en_GB Pokemon Go: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nianticlabs.pokemongo&hl=en_GB
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Im giving away my Linx vision gaming tablet! This is for reaching 100 subs. To enter: 1.Subscribe 2.Like this video 3.Comment why you want to win. Winner will be announced 23rd Dec Music: LFT - NCS Captured using: Nikon D5100 Edited with: Sony Vegas Pro 13
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Club Penguin - It Flipped after years!
I have been playing since 2008 and they only just made it flip!!
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CPPS Tutorial - Fix Igloos
Hello, How to fix igloos this time sorry for all the probs that the cpps is giving!
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CPRW - Unlimited Coins Hack
Hey Guys i decided to make this quick tutorial for those of you who want Unlimited Coins!!!!! ► DOWNLOADS! • WPE Pro - https://mega.nz/#!cfQCnZ6K!rJVF4pG2UsHFe6PV41micK6GsPOdjoHfGqGol3fphcQ • Coin Hack - https://mega.nz/#!ZW4kFarR!CpxhhsyR8WbrLhbrKER_1OqLhiHGU2QVj3XYym8mEFo ● Last Vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCEPn... ► SOCIAL MEDIA! • Twitter - https://twitter.com/VortexHDYT All opinions expressed are my own, if you respect them, i'll respect yours - Jack (VortexHDGamer)
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My ikea Trip 2017
Hey guys I went to ikea on sunday 5th febuary 2017 and i tryed recording some of it. I was planning on holding my phone higher however there was alot of people and they kept looking and it was annoying so i held it low. This is Ikea Bristol in UK. I will be going to ikea again in the easter holidays and i might record that too! Channel News: I will be uploading a video soon called "How to make a AS2 CPPS 2017" It will be more updated then the last one and all the fixes will already be done! It will include nameglows, Prompts and other stuff. The VPS tutorial will be out this month idk when but it will! Lastly i will also be doing a Room tour/Gaming setup video soon! Music: Heros Tonight by NCS
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Tekkit - My Factory Tour
Hey Guys! I have been gone a while and want to show u why! I have been Playing Tekkit Classic for a bit and This is what i Built! Please leave a like and dont forget to subscribe!
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Minecraft Parkour - #2  I hate Slime Blocks!
This is the Second Episode of Parkour! I fixed the Map but still got stuck on the slime blocks. This is the Final Episode on: The Parkour Puzzle I Hope u all enjoyed and I will c u later Bye! Vortex OUT! :P
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Minecraft Mods - Camping Mod In Vanilla Minecraft!
Hello, Today im Showing you the Camping Mod in Vanilla Minecraft No mods! Just Op or Creative to get command Blocks. :P
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Club Penguin - All my items!
Im bord so im uploading some random club penguin vids. Enjoy! If you want me to do more cpps vids since it is closing.
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Minecraft Parkour - #1 I broke the Map!
Whats Up Guys Its Vortex Here Bringing u some Parkour! This is the first episode in the Playlist it will Prob be 3 videos. Im Hoping to do More of these Videos :P Thx for watching please dont forget to slap that Like Button and Punch that Subscribe Button cya!
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Upgrading + Rebuilding my Nephews PC
Hey Guys sorry for not posting :( In this video i upgrade and rebuild my nephews pc :) I upgraded the cooler and the Hard Drive!
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How to make Money Fast!
Hey all! Today im gonna show you how to make money fast and simple! Qmee is a browser extention that will pop up when there is monry to be made usually 8p - 25p it also show coupen codes! Link: http://qm.ee/2D295AD8 This is a referral link meaning i will get 50p when you join! I would be so happy if you use this rather then googling qmee! :) plz Im broke :(
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Upgrading + Rebuilding my Nephews PC Part2
Part2 of Upgrading + Rebuilding my Nephews PC In this part i show the overclocks and ingame performance.
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CPRW - Operation Blackout Hack
Hey Guys i decided to make this quick tutorial for those of you who want to get into the other part of the party room! ► DOWNLOADS! • WPE Pro - https://mega.nz/#!cfQCnZ6K!rJVF4pG2UsHFe6PV41micK6GsPOdjoHfGqGol3fphcQ • Room Hack - https://mega.nz/#!ZLQmwZLb!jj7Ejjv_uOa1Apa8yOOBhr1s1vUmKCnmsR8VYoY9Jjg ● Last Vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCEPnX7pPqI&t=6s ► SOCIAL MEDIA! • Twitter - https://twitter.com/VortexHDYT All opinions expressed are my own, if you respect them, i'll respect yours - Jack (VortexHDGamer)
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