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Most intense dubstep drop ever "this is why we cant have nice things"
remix of "this is what dubstep sounds like to parents"
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This pretty much sums up my experience with flying in Planetside 2
I usually have good runs in the reaver, but this is just rediculous.
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2 Rockford p3s playing hypnotize
my 2 p3s in my civic. theyre powered by a kicker zx750 amp. i had a jvc headunit, but its sent in for warranty right now... this was recorded on a iphone, so please dont even begin with the whole "it sounds like crap" thing
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ITS OVER 9000! (Dubstep remix) - "I think its right"
my first attempt at remixing something. that would be awesome if i could get over 9000 views :D
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xXRaftingXx No Scope Montage
Collection of Rafting videos. Very Informative.
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Flux Pavilion Cracks (remake)
My attempt at remaking the first minute and a half of flux cracks. made on fl studio
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Made this on Fl 9 a few weeks ago. was thinking about doing vocals since i just got ableton but not sure just yet. Tell me what you think
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I Love Jesus (Airhorn Edition)
In case any of you guys were wondering, I did this all in Windows Movie Maker.
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This Cant Be Happening - The extremely average thunderbirds
some stuff i wrote on fl 9 a while ago
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Planetside 2 massive galaxy warpgate crash
After winning the alert, we got our whole platoon to pull galaxies and crash into the TR warpgate. Skip to 2:40 if you just want to see the crash.
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driftwood20 - Black Ops Game Clip
Game Clip
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Quad Grenade Kill... (well, almost)
I know it only killed 3 ppl, but the fourth guy shoulda been dead.. bastard
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In Case You Forgot
My first song on fl studios.
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How to sufficently own a camper in black ops
A guy kept camping in the stairs and killing me so i did a sneak attack 1080... i dont know if it was actually a 1080, but there were a lot of turns
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Call of dutys amazing spawn system
I get killed by a guy and spawn on the opposite end of the hallway and kill him about 3 seconds after he kills me... COD spawn points ftw
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Dont Fear The Reaper Remix
My house remix of Dont fear the reaper. Everything is original except the vocals. And sorry for the absence of cowbell, i personally wanted more cowbell but my friend wouldnt let me. If this is an issue, please voice your concern in the comments below
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